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Kingdom Faith: Doorway to Darkness

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Disney Mania". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And who knows: Starting a New Journey may not be so hard or maybe it has already begun. Faith was in a Coma, someone decided to USE Faith.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Kingdom HeartsSithicusFR1528,441051,7069 Mar 0820 Oct 09No

When you Deal with the Devil you will get Burned.

Author's Notes: I really shouldn't start a new story when I've got some incomplete ones already, but my muse was begging me to share the first chapter and I wanted to gauge readers reactions to this tale. So please be kind, Read & Review. P.S. This is Faith Centric, no other characters will become involved. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square-Enix & Beuna Vista Games a subsidary of Walt Disney Studios. Faith the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions I the writer of this fan fiction tale make no claims otherwise as to their ownership and heartly request that nobody sues me. That is all.

Full Summary: This world has been connected. Tied to the Darkness... Soon to be completely eclipsed. Famous last words, or are they? Faith is about to meet a world unlike any she's ever seen before and unfortunately for her there's no going back. Will she find her redemption here or will her continued desire to serve the wrong side of the equation lead her down a road from which few escape?

The conspirators watched as the dark haired girl fell off the roof after sustaining the knife injury; one of them laughed at her fate and turned to his fellow on the right.

“She’s going to feel that one in the morning.” He mocked.

“Quiet.” The leader ordered her anger causing the others to flinch. “This girl might be the key we need to disrupt the one coming dangerously close to stopping us.” She mused softly.

“How are we going to get her?” The farthest shadowy figure to the left demanded hotly. “Her world isn’t even connected to our dimension; we can’t exactly send any of your little playmates to fetch her.”

“Not her body at any rate.” The leader commented with a dark smile. “But if we were to remove her soul.”

“Ah yes, claim the essence of the beast.” The turban wearing man observed. “Highly complex magic will be required, should we pool our resources?”

“Now, now you know as well as I that this will require a more. Subtle approach.” The leader returned smirking.

“Hey and I’ve got just the ticket in mind, Mal-Baby hold on to your hat I’ll get that soul here before you can say Bibbidy-Bobbidy Boo.” The crass figure said snapping his fingers and vanishing in a puff of sulfuric smoke.

“Is it wise to trust him?” The turban clad man questioned leaning over the table in their center.

“Of course, he has greater sway then us.” She returned. “Now shouldn’t you be getting back to Agrabah, the boy is almost there.”

“Speaking of boys why not rely solely on the scurvy brat?” The one-handed man spoke up.

“He is still seeking out the girl.” The leader reminded. “And I happen to believe to break his spirit will require the feminine touch.” She added smiling darkly.

Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
And who knows: starting a new journey may not be so hard or maybe it has already begun.
There are many worlds, but they share the same sky---- One sky, one destiny.

Faith was in a coma after her battle with Buffy; she was sure of this because she couldn’t feel the pain of her injuries and was standing back in Linda’s apartment before Kakistos came and destroyed it all.
But for some reason something about this room felt completely off, she couldn’t place her finger on just quite what it was, but it was definitely off. As she stood in the room wondering what she was doing there something almost moved turning to find the thing she’d caught in the periphery of her eye she was confused when nothing was there. A flash of something blinded her momentarily and she almost seemed to be standing in two places at once, a large stained glass window of some kind with the picture of a beautiful brunette in an elegant gold colored ball gown, and Linda’s apartment.

“Ok I don’t want to play this messed up game, come out right now or else.” She ordered reaching for a weapon that wasn’t there.

“We got a proposition for you.” A voice spoke up from out of the shadows beginning to dance across the room as the sun slowly set outside.

“Sorry already got a sweet ride goin’ here, so tell your boss or whatever no dice.” Faith returned.

“No way, he’d kill us if we didn’t come back with you.” A second voice blurted trembling with fear.

“Yeah well to bad.”

“You’re gonna listen to us or else.” The first voice snapped, Faith laughed and once again tried to see who was doing the talking.

“Oooo you’re not helping.” The second voice complained. “Look miss, we could just take what we want, but better to show you instead.” Faith watched astonished as the blue lamp that had been sitting on one of the end tables next to the couch seemed to shudder and morph its shape into the body of a blue colored imp. The imp was thin with buggy wild eyes and sharp teeth, which he was showing off in a big toothy smile.

“Whoa, what is my mind cookin’ up this time?” Faith wondered.

“We’re not part of your mind.” The imp shot back, Faith quirked an eyebrow at that.

“Ok skinny, you got my attention.” She returned. “Start with the proposing, but I warn ya if it involves gettin’ on one knee I’ll make you regret comin’ into my head.”

“Right, right the deal.” The imp muttered backing away from Faith nervously. “So to start off, I’m Panic. I work for the lord of the Underworld Hades; you see there’s this kid.”

“Yeah, yeah.” The purple sofa cushion piped up becoming a fat purple imp. “He’s all noble and junk and messin’ with the boss’s plans, so he wants ya to come back with us and mess with the kid.”

“Distract him with your feminine charms.” Blue imp added walking across the coffee table with a sway to his hips.

“Like that so worked out with Jerkulese, you’d think Hades would have learned his lesson since last time.” The purple one muttered off to the side.

“Quiet or he’ll hear you.” The blue one exclaimed nervously shifting his gaze around the room as if this Hades guy might show up because they were trash talking his plan.

“Huh?” Faith folded her arms over her chest. “How old is the kid and why pick me?” She asked attempting to get the two imps back on track; she wasn’t patient when it came to this kind of stuff.

“Twelve, ah I think.” The purple imp replied holding up fourteen fingers. “As for why you, well ah, Mal… Oooofff.” The blue imp elbowed the purple one in the gut and chuckled a little nervously.

“Ixnay on the Itchway.” He muttered aside so that Faith couldn’t hear him. “Hades likes your style, your flair. He’s been watchin’ ya and loves your work with the blonde airhead.” He said trying to flatter Faith.

“Cut the bull.” She barked glaring at the both of them. “I don’t do twelve year olds; the kid probably doesn’t even know what sex means let alone what it is.” She stated chuckling again both imps shared a look.

“Who said anything about sex?” The blue one asked.

“I don’t think you can even have it where we’re from.” The purple one added confused. “Or you can, but it’s like censored and junk. Ya know off camera. I mean how else did Zeus and Hera have Jerkulese then?” Faith blinked, what kind of place forbade having sex to such an extent as to censor it?

“Hades just wants you to string the brat along, you know play him.” The blue one explained slapping the purple dude upside the head. “Quit with the sex talk Pain.”

“He’s ah, lookin’ for this ladida true love or something. It’s disgusting.” The purple one added sticking out his tongue at the blue one.

“Oh so you want me to pretend to know where this girl is.” Faith caught on. “I can do that.” She added putting her hands in her pockets.

“So you’ll agree?” The blue one asked hopefully nodding his head.

“Sure, ya gonna wake me up from this coma deal?” She asked knowing that as soon as they did she’d ditch the creepy looking pair and go back to B’s place for the rematch. Laughing mischievously the duo bounced over to her their tails wrapping around both her wrists with a grip that belied even her Slayer enhanced strength.

“Not exactly.” The purple one said ominously, Faith didn’t like the sound of that.

“Treguna Mecoides.” The blue one recited and before Faith could even begin to resist the world around her vanished, her last thought in this world being of course her angry retort at the double cross the imps pulled before she could dupe them.

Outside Faith’s mind nurses and doctors rushed to her room as the equipment beeped incessantly, all of them tried to resuscitate her working at a furious pace, but the girl had flat lined. They tried everything; there was just no response after a few minutes they eventually stopped trying to save the poor girls life.

“It’s no use. She’s gone.” The head Doctor said with a groan.

“But how, she wasn’t even that badly injured and was stable.” One of the nurses pointed out, the Doctor shook his head.

“We’ll never know.” Another nurse said turning to leave, she needed to report this anomaly to Travers perhaps he could figure out who beat them to the punch, if he was interested.

“Call it.” The Doctor said.

“Fifteen thirty-two hours.” His colleague informed looking up from the watch.

“Do we know who to notify? Next of kin?” The Doctor asked, the nurse still present in the room flipped through the girls’ charts.

“Rupert Giles and a Buffy Ann Summers.” She replied nodding the Doctor left the room.

“This isn’t going to be welcome news.” He admitted to himself, what none of the Hospital personnel could possibly know was the fact that Faith, last name unknown. Was about to embark on a journey they would have to see to believe.

“You sorry sons of bitches!” Faith screamed as she and her two unknowing murderers arrived at their destination, it was a massive cavern-like room with a large throne on one end and numerous candle stands flickering eerily in the strange greenish tinted lighting of the place. “I’m going to kill you.” She declared looking to strangle the pair of imps, both of them simply smiled at her while someone chuckled in the shadows of the throne.

“Sorry firecracker, but that’s my privilege.” The chuckler stated, turning to this new source of ire Faith was taken aback by what she saw. He might have been a man if not for the fact his skin was grey and his hair was a head of flames, blue flames to be exact. He appeared impressively tall and had long fingers as well as sharp teeth, so definitely not fully human.

“Who are you supposed to be?” Faith demanded causing the man to laugh.

“Never miss a chance for a great opener.” He said. “Hi, how ya doin’ name is Hades lord of the Dead at your service sweet cheeks.” He introduced gliding over to Faith and forcibly shaking her hand. “Of course you already know my minions, Pain and Panic.” He added with another chuckle, Faith didn’t want to admit it, but her senses were driving her into a frenzy. She wanted to slay this Hades guy big time. “Welcome to your new home.” Hades stated indicating the place with a grand sweeping gesture.

“Back up there.” Faith said. “Who said anything about living here? Not to sound ungrateful for you gettin’ me out of that coma ya know, but this place isn’t exactly the Motel Six.”

“True, but you get used to the place. Seems almost kind of homey, plus you’d make a great little wifey cookin’ and cleanin’.” Hades remarked. Faith glared at him.

“Yo I ain’t the marrying type.” She growled, Hades laughed.

“Kinda figured not, but you see this is the Underworld. Only Gods or Heroes can live in a place like this for very long otherwise, well unless I’m missing something here you aren’t a hero, leastwise not anymore kiddo.” He pointed out with a dark smile. Faith took a step back uncertainly and Hades’ smile grew even wider. “Didn’t think so, hate to break it to ya toots, but Pain and Panic over there didn’t wake you up from that quaint and oh so convenient little coma.” Hades began to explain.

“So, like what I’m still inside my mind?” Faith asked hopefully, the looks all three of them shot her made her tremble with genuine fear.

“No sorry firecracker, you are D.O.D, dead, deceased, end of the road, finished.” Hades replied. “My ever faithful little minions abducted you to the Underworld; they took your soul, which is kind of like signing an iron-clad unbreakable contract with yours truly. So you belong to me, now. And you got one of two very pricey options sweet cheeks.” He added placing an arm around her shoulder and dragging her over to the edge of the opening nearest the throne. “You can either spend eternity floatin’ around down there in the River Styx; trust me it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Or you can agree to work for little ol’ me and I give you back your life.” He whispered the last part in her ear and Faith could swear she’d heard that voice before, in her nightmares, she didn’t even know where to start still reeling from the discovery she was dead. “Tick tock my little Faithy-Waithy, this isn’t a limited time offer here, but I kinda need your answer, like now before the River down there wants you bad enough to just take you. Even a Slayer’s soul is only so powerful enough to resist her for so long before, zip.”

“I… I’m dead.” Faith whispered, her life flashed before her eyes at that moment, every bad move and raw deal she’d ever made especially to Xander. She’d just shoved him back out the door after jumping his bones and he’d been the only nice guy she’d ever met.

“Gonna cry about it?” Pain asked mockingly hopping onto her shoulder.

“Little Faithy-Waithy’s gonna cry.” Panic chimed in with a laugh of his own and the two began to dance around her. “Faith is going to cry, Faith is going to cry.”

“Well my dear what’s it going to be, eternity of agony and misery with no hope of parole? Or a second chance at life and doing the whole hero gig, after my teensy little inconsequential favor of course.” Hades pressed. Faith couldn’t think straight, all she knew was she didn’t want to live or whatever for eternity in a big slimy looking green river, not if it meant listening to those two imps mocking her for all time.

“Ok, you’ve got yourself a Slayer.” She agreed turning away from the terrifying sight below and facing Hades, not one to look back.

“Ah yes, about that. Ya see here’s the thing, you’re not a Slayer anymore, no vampires around these parts so no vampire slayers required.” Hades informed.

“So what, no powers anymore?” Faith wondered.

“Not what you’re used to no, but I can bring ya back to life however you want. You want to keep those fancy little Slayer powers of yours no problem; I could even throw in a little something extra for your troubles.” Hades said. Faith was on autopilot, she was still lost and on that shaky path called coming to terms. First she was killed by the imps, then pressured into dealing with the flaming hothead and now she was discovering she had no Slayer powers anymore. She could start out fresh, without the burden of a destiny, even B would have made a deal with that devil if her ego didn’t get in the way first.

“Just send me back as I am.” She decided, Hades smiled and clapped his hands together.

“You got it kiddo, one normal no strings attached Faith comin’ up.” He said before sending a blast of flames her way, flinching Faith was engulfed by the flames and when it was over she couldn’t believe what had happened. She looked the same even felt a little like the same person, but she didn’t have the exact same appearance as she’d started out with. She seemed more textured, as though someone had animated her with computers, and her wardrobe was considerably different.
For starters her hair was done up in some weird spiky hair style she couldn’t even guess as to the name, it stuck out in three places looking like a triple ponytail or something and was a much darker shade then she’d had previously. She was now wearing what amounted to a sports bra made out of leather with zippers criss-crossing her chest, it was a very dark red in color almost like blood. A low cut red leather skirt completed the ensemble complementing her ass and feeling almost too tight, this to had zippers running along her thighs, red fishnet stockings graced her legs and she was wearing knee-high leather boots, the same red as the rest of the outfit.

“Wow, what’s with the Dom look?” Faith asked smiling up at Hades coyly; the God laughed and once again draped his arm around her shoulder leading her to a staircase nearby.

“Hey what can I say, sex sells, besides if you’re going to distract the little twerp you’re going to need that patented temptress look. Definitely not something those Princesses would wear.” He said with that same dark smile.

“Sure you aren’t lookin’ to hit this?” Faith remarked in a sultry tone as she ran her hand over her body.

“Love to, but can’t. It would kill ya again to have sex with me; the head’s not the only thing constantly on fire.” Hades shot back with a little chuckle. “By the way great approach girly, but you might want to tone it down for the brat; he’s more innocent then that clown Jerkulese. Plus there’s the whole age factor you don’t want to mess with, and his friends. Their idea of a good time is treating their lady friends to a picnic on the Fourth of July, so you’re gonna have to think up better ways to confuse the kid.”

“Fair enough.” Faith returned wondering if she’d stepped off the train in PG-Thirteen land or something, without sex she might just go insane especially if the horny or hungry thing still applied without her Slayer powers. “Does this kid have a name?” She asked. “No offense, but all you three seem to call him is brat, twerp or kid.”

“Right the kids name, it’s Sora. That’s S.O.R.A. Got it memorized?” Hades asked. An uncomfortable silence fell between them as they started down the stairs and Hades blinked as though what he’d just said shouldn’t have come out of his mouth. “Eh, I think he’s in Agrabah right now, so I’ll send ya on over to Jafar, just try not to get killed again because I can only bring ya back once. Got that firecracker?” He demanded eyeing her seriously, Faith shrugged out of his reach and nodded.

“Fine, fine let’s get on with it then.”

“Oh dear, oh dear.” Fairy Godmother spoke up fussing about Merlin’s home.

“What in the world?” Archimedes harrumphed waking up grouchy as he usually did. “Just what are you fretting about now?”

“It’s happened; it’s happened.” Fairy Godmother informed nervously flicking her wand. “Hades has stepped out of this dimension, if we don’t act quickly the Heartless might swarm into a world without the Keyblade. Quick Archimedes you must fetch Merlin back.” She requested, the owl fluffed his wings and hopped down from his perch.

“Gracious. I’ll get him right away; oh I hope he hasn’t left Traverse Town again.” The owl grumbled taking wing, Fairy Godmother grew even more upset after Archimedes left and eyed the Book of Pooh briefly where Sora, Donald and Goofy were just finishing up their little adventure before returning to the Gummi ship.

“If only the Blue Fairy escaped her world’s destruction.” She remarked nervously. “I hope we can close the door Hades’ minions opened on time before any more of the Slayer’s acquaintances become involved.” She added thoughtfully.

Agrabah was a bustling desert town somewhere Faith had never been before; all of the people seemed to look like they were less real then her. Hades had filled her in on the whole Heartless deal he had going with this Jafar character and other like-minded individuals, Faith couldn’t shake the feeling though that she’d come across Hades before.
She wasn’t on Earth anymore; Agrabah was its own little world. There were a ton of them apparently and all of them were connected because of the Heartless.
Earth in fact was a world all its own and didn’t exist here, Faith had no idea what to make of everything it was almost crazy, and she didn’t like the new look to well. Whatever Hades did to her she was just as un-real as the humans of these worlds, but she was still the same age, the same body-type, the same genes it was really wigged to borrow B’s word.

“If B could see me now.” She remarked. A long shadow fell over her and a tall sinister looking bearded man appeared clutching a snake’s head staff with a colorful parrot perched on his wide-brimmed outfits shoulder.

“I see Hades managed to. Cut a deal.” The man observed.

“Yo what’s with everybody being taller then me?” Faith demanded feeling a little annoyed.

“Obviously you are still merely a child; even the Princess is still growing.” He replied casually.

“Where’s this Sora kid?”

“Sora I thought we were lookin’ for Jasmine.” The parrot blurted ruffling his feathers. “Jafar who’s the skirt anyway and. What is she wearing?”

“Apparently not very much.” Jafar remarked with a malicious smirk.

“Hey, this is all the rage in the Underworld.” Faith shot back swaying her hips as she circled Jafar. Without warning some really strange creatures appeared, three turban clad warriors with long scimitars and practically featureless faces, all they had were two beady looking yellow eyes. Seven or eight creepy looking black things that resembled mutant bugs to Faith with their twitchy antenna and beady yellow eyes and a towering fat creature also with beady yellow eyes a vest that stretched the girth of the creature and an alternately shaped turban.

“Ah the Heartless.” Jafar said with a smile. “Iago lead these charming fellows through the Market, find Princess Jasmine and don’t come back without her.” He ordered.

“These guys creep me out Jafar.” The parrot complained taking flight. “Come on you soulless jerks move it; we’ve got a princess to find.” He squawked flapping off the odd creatures rushing after him looking all the world like gangly children’s’ dolls.

“What’s the story here J-man?” Faith asked turning back to the vizier. “Hades kind of glossed over the specifics, just said you were usin’ those Heartless things to take over.”

“The name is Jafar urchin and you needn’t concern yourself with my worlds’ problems. I suggest you find a place to keep out of sight, it wouldn’t do for Sora to see you with me now would it?” Jafar stated coldly, Faith didn’t like what was going down especially when she didn’t have the full picture, but the pompous ass had a point.

“Fine, whatever, I’m out of here. Keep your little plans to yourself.” She turned and headed away from the impressive palace doors, she’d rather beat somebody up, but without her Slayer strength she doubted she could get away without a scratch.

Creeping through the massive cavern filled with treasure the young man known as Aladdin continued to search out what he was looking for, Jasmine had said it was here, so it just had to be here. Abu his monkey friend hopped down from his perch on Aladdin’s shoulder and rushed at a chest filled with various jewels.

“Abu!” Aladdin cried. “Don’t touch anything.” He ordered. “We’ve got to find that lamp.” Abu looked put off and eyed the jewels forlornly, but said nothing against his pal. With the lamp all this could be theirs anyway with just one wish. Together the two continued deeper into the cave, as they passed a large collection of rugs one of them moved, though neither of the pair witnessed it.
The carpet hovered after them observing them despite not having eyes, as it followed them however Abu began to feel like he was being watched; turning around all he saw was an ornately woven rug on the cave floor. Shrugging his shoulders the monkey continued after Aladdin, and the rug floated along again, nervously Abu turned around a second time with a questioning look.
The exact same rug from before was now rolled up and leaning against a tall golden urn, scratching his head confused Abu tried to get Aladdin’s attention. He hopped up onto his friends’ shoulder and shook it, Aladdin turned to look at his friend slightly annoyed. “What is it now Abu?” He asked, the monkey chattered at him and pointed at the strangely mobile carpet only to find it gone now. “There’s nothing there Abu, so quit kidding around and help me find that lamp.” He said. Angry that his friend wasn’t listening to him Abu marched off in a huff, as he did the carpet poked its head, or what passed for a head out from behind a mountain of gold coins.
It snuck up on a sulking Abu and tried to cheer him up by playfully taking his hat, startled Abu spun around and found the magic carpet right in front of him, it waved pleasantly. Screeching in fear Abu ran back to Aladdin and scrambled up his back desperate to escape the carpet, surprised and off balance Aladdin toppled to the floor.
“Abu what in the world has gotten in to you?” Aladdin demanded reaching for his hat where it fell. “Jasmine’s in trouble because Jafar hypnotized her father and tried to marry her, she told us about the genie of the lamp so we could get some help and now.” Aladdin trailed off as he finally saw the magic carpet and stared at it in awe. “Wow, a magic carpet.” The carpet sailed over and gave Abu his hat back, the monkey chattered angrily at it and Aladdin laughed. “Hey maybe he can help us, you see we’re trying to find this lamp.” The carpet silently cheered and spun around Aladdin leading him deeper into the cavern. “Come on Abu he knows where to go.” Aladdin ran off after the carpet and Abu was left behind for a moment, terrified that something else might come alive Abu dashed off after his friend.

Princess Jasmine was hiding from Jafar and doing a very good job of it, Iago and his Heartless followers couldn’t find her at all, but the rest of Agrabah’s citizens weren’t so fortunate. At least those brave or foolish enough to remain outside, ruthlessly the Heartless captured their hearts turning them into Heartless themselves, soon the city was populated by more Heartless then people and still Jasmine eluded them.

“I have to find out Jafar’s real plan and what those things are.” She said to herself watching a group of the odd creatures fade into thin air. “I thought he only wanted to rule Agrabah, but obviously he’s planning something a lot worse.” She ducked down as Iago flew by overhead and then slowly crept off to find Jafar; somehow she knew that only Aladdin and she could thwart the vizier’s plan.

Striding through the Marketplace of Agrabah Jafar followed behind his partner in this endeavor, at first his plans had been simple at best. He’d wanted to rule over all of Agrabah and in order to do this he’d attempted many things, including forced marriage to the Princess Jasmine, but then she had appeared along with a plan that would grant him command of Agrabah and his entire world.

“And the Keyhole?” She demanded softly.

“The Heartless are searching for it now. I’m certain we’ll find it soon enough.” He replied as they both stopped beside one of the many empty vendors’ stalls. “So that just leaves.” Iago’s cry interrupted him before he could continue; his parrot familiar returned from the search he’d been sent on landing on Jafar’s shoulder.

“Jafar I’ve looked everywhere for Jasmine. She’s disappeared like Magic.” The parrot reported slightly nervously. Jafar glared at him, this news was not what he had wanted to hear.

“The girl is more trouble then she’s worth.” Jafar harrumphed.

“You said you had things under control.” She interrupted coldly. Then again Jafar couldn’t recall a time when she didn’t speak with a cold emotionless tone of voice.

“Agrabah is full of holes for rats to hide in.” The vizier returned as though that were an excuse. “But why worry about Princess Jasmine?” He asked. “With her or without her, surely this world will be ours when we find the Keyhole.” He argued.

“We need all seven Princesses of Heart to open the final door.” She retorted. “Any fewer is useless.”

“Well. If the Princess is that important, we’ll find her.” Jafar guaranteed with a sneer. “Find Jasmine and bring her to me at once.” He ordered as another group of Heartless appeared behind them, the more Heartless searching the likelier they’d be in finding Jasmine. Iago flew off with this new group while Jafar remained behind with his guest.

“Don’t steep yourself in darkness too long.” She cautioned. “The Heartless consume the careless.” Jafar laughed as he walked away.

“Your concern is touching, but hardly necessary.” He stated. Unseen Jasmine ducked down behind the fruit stand she’d been hiding behind, Jafar’s plans were even more confusing to her now that she’d heard these two talking together. She didn’t recognize the green skinned woman cloaked in black, but she could feel the evil coming off of her, she was even more powerful then Jafar.

“I’ve got to warn Aladdin.” She whispered to herself. “And try to find out more about that Keyhole.”

To Be Continued
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