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Just a Little Push

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Where To Now". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith convinces Buffy to let a witch-y slayer help her find the heavenly warmth that she once had but had taken away. Unfortunately the girl seemed to spend more time on her slayer side.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterEmeralEmberFR15516,7221103,4289 Mar 0813 Apr 08No

Ding Ding Ding

Author: EmeralEmber
Disclaimer: Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. No infringement intended. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.
A/N:T_T It took a long time to get this up. I had to write three research essays. Now only two! WA-Hoo! Once the school year's over I should get them done faster.

Chanper 5: Ding Ding Ding

Buffy sat on the bed with her legs crossed Indian style watching her ‘new friend’, as she had taken to calling him. He was trying to do research on his computer, while she sat there. She wasn’t quite sure if she could trust him. Sure, he knew all about magic and all the things that could take on The Hulk. If anything it made him seem more suspicious. Normal people didn’t know about that kind of thing. Well, that was not completely true. There was that ventriloquist dummy that claimed to be a ‘hunter’. But he said that he was one back in the thirties. What were the chances that they were still around? If there were any so called hunters someone would have run into one by now. She had girls all over the world. Her and her close friends had been all over the world and they hadn’t seen anything. Not a thing. They had met people that were skilled animal hunters. But none that seemed to have any knowledge of the supernatural. Yet here she was in some random motel room with some random guy named Sam, who was probably going to say killing demons and such were his thing. If she asked him, that was.

As she watched him typing on the computer, reading things on the screen, he reminded her of Willow. When she realized that, Buffy wondered if he was using Google as Willow often would to find the things she wanted. Or if he used the site that Wesley and Cordelia used to use called “Demons Demons Demons”. With that, her thoughts carried her further and further. Wondering if he was like her friends. If he was like her and wanted the ‘normal’ life. If he had been doing this kind of thing his whole life, or had gotten pulled into it like some. Wondering, if he had been pulled into this later in life, what happened to do it?

Then her thoughts turned to her friends. Wondering if they were alright. If they were trying to figure out what had happened. If they were with this Dean person trying to piece together why he was there and she wasn’t. Or if they were just talking and ‘bonding’ with the new comer which Andrew liked to do. Then of course she wanted to know if they were going to be doing exactly what Sam was doing for his brother. Sitting on a bed typing away on a computer doing his best to try and find him or figure out what happened. That had to be what they were doing. She ran that damn compound and no one else could do what she had to do. Yes, it was self-centered, but it was true. She had gone on vacation for two weeks and come back to find the place in shambles. Faith, Robin, Willow, Giles, Andrew, Xander and even Wesley had been trying to run it. They had failed miserably.

“So,” Sam said pulling Buffy out of her deep thoughts. “Do you have any idea what the place you were at looked like?”

“Why?” Buffy asked wearily. Of course there had to be a reason. Anyone would think that after all the years of her doing what she did, there would be no need to ask why. But, in keeping up with her act of dumb blonde, she would need to ask. “Is it that important?”

The man turned to face Buffy without a sigh or strange look. Either he was very used to this or was just giving her lack of understanding the benefit of the doubt. “Well, it could help me figure out where you were and what demon it was that did this. Then I can figure out what it did specifically and—“

“Specifically. It switched me and your brother. I only thank whatever gods are out there that we didn’t switch bodies. Last time I switched bodied with someone, she did bad things with me. “

He seemed to be thinking as if he may have had an idea of what it was that did this and then went back to work on his computer. Buffy sighed and laid down on the bed that she was on. Instantly she relaxed and closed her eyes. Silently she hoped that she wouldn’t fall asleep. While it wasn’t that she would not like a chance to sleep and get more clues as to who it was she was going to track down, she didn’t want to get moved somewhere else again. Buffy Summers did not want to get poof-ed to another part of the country, or world, or dimension.

Willow sat in the Scooby Hall at the head of the table. The seat which was usually reserved for Buffy, but seeing as how she was elsewhere, Willow seemed to be the person that was put there. She was the one that was going to be using the computer to get as much information as she possibly could. She was going to be the one that was going to have to go through hundreds of boring pages that too many people just made up. She was going to have to determine real from ‘person-with-too-much-time-on-their-hands’. Yes, Faith, Xander, Dawn, Andrew, Robin, Kimberly, and some random guy she had never met before were going to have to go through books, but at least they knew everything in them was real.

The red head typed furiously on the keyboard. There was some demon out there that could switch people’s bodies while they were asleep. This demon had, of course, chosen to affect the Slayer, and they were all going to track her down. And first thing was first, Willow needed to find a good Latin site that was all about demons. And was cleared by the NWC. Turned out, it wasn’t as hard as she thought it would have been. Within clicking the first five sites that popped up on her Google search, she found what seemed to be the perfect site. It was all about demons of the subconscious. While some of them were just your typical nightmare, others were your supernatural nightmare. “Okay….Guy that’s here instead of Buffy.”

“Dean,” Faith, Kimberly, Dawn, Dean and a slightly aggravated Xander repeated for what had to have been the fiftieth time.

“Right. Dean. So, you said that the demon said ‘hide and seek’?”


“Okay,” Willow said as she typed on the computer, “Give Xander your book and come over here. I’m going to need you to tell me what to fill in.”

With that Dean pushed the book he had been supposedly reading over to her best friend and made his way over. The witch typed something in as he leaned over her shoulder getting a better look at the page she was on. Of course she was slightly offended when he scoffed slightly. “Latin?”

“It’s the best way to find more accurate information. If you go to pre-translated sites they tend to have something wrong, or don’t have it in context. You have to speak, read and be able to think a language to make sure your using it right. And a lot of English sites don’t. So by going to a Latin one I can use my Latin skills to make sure I have the right information.

“But—but if you don’t want me to use this site, I’m sure I can find another. Actually it wouldn’t be that hard. All I’d have to do is refine my Google search. But then again, I’d have to deal with faulty translations. But I’m sure I could figure out what they really meant if I think about it.” Willow babbled on an on. She was fairly sure she wouldn’t have stopped if she hadn’t put her hand over her mouth, and pointed to the screen. She really needed to work on her babbling thing.

The new comer gave her a slightly strange look, though seemed to acknowledge the way she was. Maybe he wasn’t nuts and did know Buffy, as he said. Or did something along the lines of what Warren, Andrew and Jonathan had done, putting cameras around the places they frequented. Willow highly doubted that what with all the spells she had put up to prevent that from happening, but anything was possible. Slowly removing her hand from her mouth, Willow apologized for her gibberish. The small amount of tension that was left form the one sided speed talking competition seemed to dissipate with a shake the head and typing on the computer. Talking between the two was left at just talk about whatever it was that switched Dean and Buffy. That amount of focus did not, however, apply to the rest of the group.

“What if she’s in another dimension?” Xander asked as the rest of the group-excluding Andrew- gave him odd looks.

“One where Slayers aren’t real!” Andrew exclaimed with a look of worry, “Where all the demons still know who she is, but she doesn’t have her powers! They’d kill her! Then we’d never get her back.”

Faith smacked Andrew in the back of the head for his assumption. “I swear to the gods, you fairy, if you don’t stop with this Star Trek, trans-dimensional bull shit, I will hold you by that hair of yours out a window!”

“Really, Andrew. She’s not in another dimension. The readings on the locator spell would have gone haywire. Not given me fifty million places,” Dawn said calmly.

Dawn and Robin seemed to be the only level heads aside from Willow and Dean. Xander was thinking up all these ridiculous things to have happened to Buffy, in worry. Andrew was getting more and more fearful by the minute and making everything Xander said worse. Faith kept threatening to string the two up or kill them. And Kimberly looked like a paranoid person with serious ADHD problems. She was fidgeting and muttering things as she read her books.

“Faith, relax. He’s just concerned about Buffy,” Robin said to Faith in attempts to calm her down.

“Like we all aren’t,” said responded sarcastically while flipping open a new book.

“Well, Faith. Maybe if you hadn’t been encouraging her to try and find some stupid dream, none of this would have happened,” Xander said quietly looking back down at his book.

Of course this only served to make Faith even madder then she already was. “Oh, I’m sorry. I figured if there was something out there that would make B happy it would be better than her sittin’ ‘round here worryin’ about you guys all the time. Or tryin’ to save the world a few more times. Girls already way part her expiration date.”

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t just assume things like that, Faith. Don’t get me wrong, I trust you even after the whole trying to kill me thing. You did after all help save the world. But Willow and me, we know Buffy a hell of a lot better than you do.”

As the argument got more heated, the two that had been working on the computer stopped and looked up at the scene. Faith looked ready to rip Xander’s head off. Dawn looked about ready to say a spell to get them both to lay off each other. Robin had put his hand on Faith’s shoulder in another attempt to get her to relax. Andrew looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a mac truck. And Kimberly was now looking up at the fight between the older slayer and Xander.

The second senior slayer stood up clearly getting pissed off beyond function at Xander. “Right, Alexander. That’s why Buffy came to you two about all of this. Damn you got me on that one. I guess that’s why she came and told you about Immortal, too, right? It was what, three weeks after they split you found out about it? If I recall right, she told me that night. Maybe you two don’t know her as well as you wanna think you do.”

“No, Faith. You were just the first person she came across. Because if I recall correctly, you tried to kill her, too. Remember, she put you in a coma? Then you decided to do a lovely little body swap and have sex with God only knows—“

“Why can’t we all just get along?!” Andrew yelled standing up from his chair. The room stayed silent for what seemed like hours. Everyone was looking as Andrew with looks anywhere between shock and anger at his interruption. The latter of course being Faith. The massive silence did server to help though. The tension went away and everyone began to relax. Everyone also got to remembering that everyone was on the edge of their seats because of Buffy’s disappearance. Faith even looked almost ready to take back what she had said.

Once the dark slayer was sitting with her arms folded across her chest in a protective manner, Willow stood up and looked at everyone in the room. “What is wrong with all of you? First, Buffy is not in another dimension. Second, Faith, you cannot hold Andrew out a window by his hair. Third, Xander, Faith didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, she was right in what she did. You act like we wouldn’t have told her to the exact same thing. Yes, we would have gone about it another way, but still.”

As she finished, Xander folded his arms as well and muttered a small apology to Faith for the comments he had made; Andrew sat down, placing his hands on the table apprehensively. Kimberly seemed to relax slightly; Robin placed his hand back on Faith’s shoulder; Dawn even started reading again.

Willow looked back over the group and continued to look between them as she started talking again, “Look. I know all of us here was to find Buffy. Faith, Kimberly, I know you to feel responsible. Xander, I know you feel bad about not knowing anything about this. But if we keep fighting we’re never going to find her.” Before anyone could respond to Willow’s heartfelt words her computer made a jingling and everyone looked at her like she would have the answer. She sat back down and looked over the screen smiling as she did so. “I think we’ve got it.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Just a Little Push" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Apr 08.

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