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Just a Little Push

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Where To Now". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith convinces Buffy to let a witch-y slayer help her find the heavenly warmth that she once had but had taken away. Unfortunately the girl seemed to spend more time on her slayer side.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterEmeralEmberFR15516,7221103,4289 Mar 0813 Apr 08No

Just Do It

STORY TITLE: Just A Little Push
AUTHOR: EmeralEmber
SPOILERS: Buffy all the way for the beginning to the end. Kind has to with the fact that Buffy jumped into the big glowing ball of purple. Not sure about what I’m going to do with Supernatural, but I shall post before chapters if there are any. Random tid-bit’s from the Angel series.
DISCLAIMER: The characters that are in this story belong to Whedon and Kripke, as well as the past history of the characters and anything that was taken from the shows.

“B, it ain’t that hard,” Faith said as she was training with her mentor in their private gym. She had been trying to convince the smaller slayer that a witch could help. While Buffy had conceded that a witch would be able to help, she made it very clear that she did not want Willow to know anything about it. Saying that she ‘already felt bad enough’. While she didn’t want to agree, she had to accept that. Telling anyone else would be up to Buffy. And there was no way she was going to break Buffy’s trust. While it hadn’t taken long to earn it back, it meant something to her now. She was not going to lose it.

Getting a punch to the jaw, the darker slayer fumbled ever so slightly. Unfortunately it was more than enough to give Buffy the advantage. She gave Faith a small shove, and the girl hit the ground. Only to have Buffy practically straddling her the next moment. Faith looked up at Buffy-breathing slightly erratic due to the shock of being pushed around-with a tiny smile on her face. “Well, B. Never knew you wanted me like that. You really shoulda’ told me. I wouldn’t have gotten so wrapped up in Wood. I mean. If you can make a vamp lose his soul. Damn.”

“Ha ha, Faith,” Buffy said standing and offering the laying girl a hand to lift herself. Taking the hand with a nod of thanks Faith told her that she needed to talk to a witch. “No, Faith. I don’t. If I needed to, I would, but I’m not talking to one, so I obviously don’t need to. Besides,” she said slowly as if thinking up a good reason. “I think I’m dealing with the whole ‘lack of’ thing.”

“You. Are such a liar.”

“No. I’m not.”

“Right,” Faith said, beginning to walk in circles around Buffy, “And what did you dream about last night?”

The response she got was not the one she had expected. She was expecting some kind of out lash about how dreams don’t mean anything. A comment about how people can’t control what they dream about. Her lying and saying nothing. But none of those was what she got. No. Instead of some half-assed comment, she got a deep blush. That had shocked her. And caused her to stop to Buffy’s right “What’d you dream about Buffy?” Faith asked with nothing but curiosity in her voice. There was no way that the older girl had dreamed about something that bad.

“Well…” Buffy started, only to trail off. She was looking around, then put her head down and crossed her arms like a child throwing a temper tantrum. While it was entertaining for Faith to watch Buffy act like this, she really needed to know. Well…more wanted to know. Really, really, really wanted to know so that she could use it on her later. Like the way she used the fact the Buffy was having dreams to begin with. “It’s not that bad. Really. I mean. It was just…it wasn’t like we…what I mean is…well we…”

“Spill it.”

The blonde’s hands flew up to her face, as she mumbled out an answer. She didn’t want Faith to know. She’d get everything ten times worse than she already did. She wouldn’t be able to restrain herself from killing Faith if she went on about this new addition to the whole ‘kinky warm feeling’ as Faith had taken to calling it.

With her hands still in front of her face she mumbled once more when Faith asked her to repeat that, “It wash uh belly got vex cream.”

As soon as Buffy had said that Faith started laughing. While she was sure of what the girl was saying this was just becoming more and more fun. She was saying that her belly got washed in vex cream. Though that really made no sense…and it wasn’t the right order of words…plus there was no such thing as “vex cream”. It was way to fun to pass up. “So…. You got your belly rubbed? Was it like….a kinky belly rubbing? Was it like an orgas-

“Alright, alright, alright!” The now full embarrassed girl said taking her hands away from her face. “I said: “It was a really hot sex dream.” Are you happy now? Are you?”

“Yeah,” Faith said simply. That was all she wanted to know. What the dream was about. She didn’t need the whole details thing. She was not that girly. She was never going to be that girly. Except for maybe for Halloween. Or she’d just go as Buffy. But even she wasn’t that girly. “Look, it’s ain’t the big a deal.”

“I know,” Buffy said with a sigh, letting her head fall as far back as it could. “It’s just….a sex dream? About some guy I’ve never even met as far as I know? It’s just so….” She tailed off. What was she supposed to call it? Exactly what it was. That was what she was supposed to do. But she couldn’t. It would give Faith even more ammunition on her. That and seriously make her think about talking to a witch.

Faith began to circle Buffy once more as the girl reached a point of mental defeat. She was always one to take advantage of a person’s state of mind. Buffy did it with demons, why couldn’t she do it to Buffy? It was only fair. And watching the other slayer was gradually getting more amusing. She really thought Faith was talking about the sex dream. Ha. As if. She was talking about the witch thing. She meant that the other girl really needed to talk to one. Get one to do a locator spell. Something. Anything. It would be too easy to go on about the dreams. Even with the new addition of sex.

Buffy continued to talk about the dream. About how it was awkward. And about how it didn’t make sense. She had been having the dreams for almost a year now. Faith knew that. Faith could tell something was up the first time Buffy had had a dream. But recently it seemed to be taking a new toll on her. She wasn’t training her slayers as much as she used to (much to the girls’ liking). She was off on her fighting, even if she could still take Faith. “And what’s worse?” Buffy asked as she too began to walk in circles with Faith, “It wasn’t any of those things at the exact same time.”



“I was talking about you seeing a witch.”


Kimberly was not doing what she was supposed to be doing. She was supposed to be training. Or practicing. They were actually two different things. Though the other slayers didn’t get that. She was one of the few slayers that were witches, too. Training was for the slayer side of her. And she did that with Faith. Practicing was for her witch side. And she did that with Willow. And the both of them would be mad at her if they knew what she was doing. She was just doing magic. A spell she had been trying to get to be perfect for a long time. Not the assignment that Willow had given her.

She was trying to work a truth spell. It wasn’t that big of a deal. All she needed to do was add the things to the pot, make sure the lights were off, light the incents, and chant in Latin. Not in that order though. The hard part was trying to make sure it only worked in her room. Not throughout the entire compound as it had the last time she worked the spell. Lucky for her she managed to reverse it before Willow asked her if it was her. If she hadn’t, she would have gotten in so much trouble.

But, she had been working on it. And managed to get it downsized several times. From the size of the compound to the size of the dorms. From the size of the dorms to the size of a few floors. From the size of a few floors to the size of her floor. Now was the final step. “Just do it this one more time. And then when it’s up on just my room, I can leave it up,” Kimberly said happily as she began her Latin chanting in the dark room the smelt like lilac.

When she had finished an orange glow came from the pot and went in spirals around her room. It went up from the floor to the ceiling, growing lighter as it did. By the time it reached the far right corner of the ceiling by her door it turned white and disappeared. A small smile crossed her face. While it was small it was also a little smug, self-righteous, arrogant, and egotistical. But who could blame her. She had just done what she had spent years trying to do. And no one would ever know.

It did appear to have worked. But it needed to be tested. She needed to find someone to have a conversation in her room to be absolutely positive that it had worked. With that thought, Kimberly stood up and poked her head out of her room, looking for someone to talk to. No sooner did she look both ways in the hall did she see her friend Eliza walking out of her room. She would be perfect. All of the girls knew that Eliza had a crush on Andrew. Every time they had to go to a history lesson, she would pack her things faster than when they got to go train. “Hey, Hopkins!”

The other girl turned and looked at Kimberly. “Yeah, Franks?”

“Can you come here for a minute? I wanted to ask you a question.”

“Can’t you ask me right now. I have to get to a tutoring lesson.”

“With Andrew?” Kimberly asked lifting an eyebrow and tilting her head slightly.

Eliza scoffed, rolled her eyes and groaned slightly,” Yeah right. Giles. He’s been saying that I ‘need to work on my translation skills if I ever want to get a chance in the field again’. It’s really kind of pointless. When am I going to need to know how to translate a book when I’m killing something?”

Kimberly laughed slightly. It was true. Buffy didn’t know how to translate a book that well. Neither did Faith. So the rest of the ‘new’ slayers shouldn’t have to learn how. “Well…It’s kind of a private question. It would be easier to ask you in here. I’ll even write a note telling Giles it was my fault.”

Eliza got a slightly nervous look on her face and looked around the hall. There was no one there, but Kimberly was sure Eliza would come in. She was a very private person and if something was personal then she wouldn’t even risk someone else finding out. “Okay. But only for a minute.”

“Right,” she said as the other girl walked into the room. Kimberly’s smile stayed relatively plain happy and inviting, but she couldn’t keep all of the egotism out of it. She was about to test her new spell. And it had better work. As soon as the door was shut she asked her question quickly to catch her off guard.

Of course it worked with catching her off guard and a quick, almost casual, “Yes,” escaped the girl’s lips. Then a look of shock came across her face.


“Because he’s so quirky! And it’s cute. And he used to have blond hair! How can you not like that?!”

“He’s not blond anymore.”

“I know. But I don’t care. I can picture him with blond hair,” Eliza said with a dreamy sigh and a distant look in her eyes.

The smile on Kimberly’s face grew. It had worked.

Faith was right. She needed to talk to a witch. But who? She couldn’t talk to Willow. She wouldn’t talk to Willow. It was beyond out of the question. There had to be someone else that she could talk to. But there wasn’t anyone Buffy could think of. All of the slayers that showed any signs of extra supernatural power were having sessions with Willow to work on that power as well. There was no possible way that Willow wouldn’t find out from one of them.

With an frustrated sigh Buffy looked around her “office”. While it was supposed to be an office, it wasn’t much of an office. It was more of a room. With a desk. And a few chairs. And a window. And a cabinet. And was where she did work. “Is there anything that makes this not an office?” She asked herself as she began to spin in her wheelie chair. It was one of her requirements. She needed a chair that spun around.

“Well, there is the arsenal that is in that other part of the ‘office’,” a highly educated British voice came from behind Buffy as she was facing the back wall.

Why? Buffy thought to herself as she made her chair come to a complete stop while still looking at the back wall. I mean really. Could my day get any worse?

“What are you doing here?”

“Do you really need to ask yourself that?”

She couldn’t help but smile at that. In reality? She didn’t need to ask herself. It was quite obvious, if truth be told. There was nothing that was going to keep him away. No matter how many times he moved on as he clearly had. And had made reasonably evident. Even if it was meant as a subtlety. The last time they had had a run in; it was to save the world. She found out a dimensional portal was going to be opening, again, and it was one way. A loving amount of demons would be coming out onto the world she had died twice to save. Now she was not going to let that happen so of course had taken the best of her best to go make sure that didn’t happen. After which making it quite clear that him and the rest of his group left her and her’s alone.

“Look,” Buffy said, turning in her chair to face the intruder. Her smile growing as she saw him. “I would love to help you. Really. I mean… may be a pain, but you know me.”
“Very true, Buffy.”

“Wow. A fragment sentence. Wow. I knew that,” Buffy said with a slightly surprised look mixed with dreamy worked its way onto her face.

A grin appeared on the Brit’s face as she made her comment about his grammar, and her look turned to one that he remember all too vividly. “Buffy. You know me as well, and know that I wouldn’t come if it were not of dire importance.”

“Yeah. I get that. But…me? Havin’ my own issues at the moment.”

“I am sure you are. But, Buffy this is-“

“No. I can’t, really. I have Faith trying to get me to talk to a witch. Too many slayers to count to make sure they do what they’re supposed to do. I have to run an entire world’s worth supernatural activity. I have no personal life. And have no free time. I am at no capacity to help you right now. I really wish that I was. Really. I do. I just. Can’t.”

“Buffy, I am sure that you really do—“

“Look. I got Will to do the whole saving you thing. The whole saving Winifred thing. Making sure Wolfram and Heart didn’t completely take over our world. The whole kicking Angel’s demon-y ass for making an empath kill a human. And the whole saving him thing. And in return, all I asked was that you all work on your own, and don’t get in my way. And I am playing that card here, Wes.”
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