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Through Noble Intentions

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Never Never In The Black". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: She was beautiful, her face smooth and expressionless as she moved with a fluid grace.

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Firefly > Drusilla-Centered(Past Donor)CharlotteFR1524,9070121,56110 Mar 0812 Mar 08No

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: This story is intended for entertainment purposes only and provides absolutely no financial compensation. Recognizable characters from BtVS or Harry Potter belong to their prospective owners/writers. Some lines from the show are used either as is or altered to fit the story. Songs used are not mine.

In plain speak: I don’t own anything, just my imagination.

This is #3 in the Series Never Never In The Black and will have 2-3 chapters… Maybe.

Translations *most of them* are in (parenthesis) at the end.

Never Never in the Black

Pt 3 of Series

Through Noble Intentions

Ch 2

Dru approached the large man with as much tranquility as she could muster. She knew she should be concentrating on the more needful of her tasks at hand, but Mr. Jayne Cobb was proving to be a nearly irresistible distraction. He was, by far, the largest man she’d had the pleasure of seducing. Not that he’d need much in the way of seduction. Information plucked from Inara’s open thoughts indicated that their crew hadn’t had personal time in months and if his body language was anything to go by… well the new Miss Edith would need to be blindfolded.

The heated interest in his eyes was intoxicating and she suppressed an inner quiver. No time for that yet. Thomas would scold and Peter would pout. Her Children were priority. Big muscles would have to wait. ‘Shàng dì, please may he be blessed all over.’ Pushing her naughty thoughts away, she looked up at Captain Reynolds with a smile and tried to swallow the giggle at his obvious discomfort.


Mal strode into the main hall to see Miss Drusilla eyeing his merc like a piece of meat. From the rumors he’d heard about some of Haven’s residents, he wondered if he should be worried. She looked like she was fixin ta take a bite. The way Jayne was returnin’ her attention, Mal figured the big guy would probably return the favor.

‘Run-tse duh fwotzoo, save me from the antics of a lustful merc.’ Mal thought and then slapped on a smile for his host as she turned to face him.

Drusilla smiled and Mal was reminded of Inara. It was that particular ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth in hell’ smile his brown eyed Companion had used on him all too often in the years they’d known each other.

Jayne looked very disappointed when Miss Drusilla turned her attention from him to Mal and the Merc sent a halfhearted glare his way. Mal smirked and then gave his crew member a half shake of the head to try and reassure the man he wasn’t interested in steppin’ on Jayne’s toes. Not that he should really care, but Jayne could get a mite whiny when he’s gone too long without female company.

“Captain Reynolds, so glad to see you after such a long time.” Her eyes caught his and Mal felt like she was sayin’ a lot more than the words she’d just spoken in that smooth voice of hers. The fact that this was the first time he’d met her in person completely passed him by.

She took his arm and Mal instinctively crooked his elbow like his mamma had taught him so many years ago. Bein’ the gentleman always made him twitchy, but it wasn’t something that he would ever forget. He remembered all of the lessons his mamma had taught him. Miss Drusilla guided him through the corridors. “Just where are we goin’, if you don’t mind my askin’?”

“To see your warrior woman dear Captain. She is the Wendy in our sad little tale. Thomas was sent to bring her to us.”

She tilted her head to rest on his shoulder and Mal felt a chill. Zoe had been on edge since Serenity had touched down and now his host, who was starting to sound a mite feng le; had told him the one person Zoe should never be left alone with was responsible for escorting his SOC to meet up with them. A sharp pinch to his wrist jerked him out of his building rant and he looked down into laughing blue eyes.

“She can’t hurt him Captain Yan Ku zi. Thomas is more than he was.”

‘Captain tight…’ “What kinda go-se is goin’ on here?! Zoe better be unharmed and in one piece when we get to wherever the hell we’re goin’ or… Ow woman! That’s some grip you got!”

“No worries my stalwart commander, all will be revealed… just about … now.”

They passed through some sort of invisible barrier and Mal found himself staring out over a rather impressive training room. At the far end, an obvious scuffle was playin’ out and Mal was surprised to see Zoe elbow Wood in the face, sending the man to the horizontal and then start whalin’ the Shen sheng gos-se out of some blond… haired…

“Wuh de tyen, ah!”


After landing, Simon had immediately headed to the Med-wing followed by Kayley. As she was of a habit to do, River wandered off, toward Shepherd Book’s old quarters it looked like. Jayne went toward the general direction of the mess hall and Inara followed Miss Drusilla with Mal following at a distance.

Drawn by the renewed sound of childish laughter, Zoe made her way to the playground and watched with a twinge of melancholy. They hadn’t made a conscious decision against children, but Wash had made noises about wanting one just before that last bank job prior to the Miranda incident. Her cycle coming late, just after patching up Serenity, had almost undone her. That tiny hope that her beloved husband had left her something more than memories had dried up and blown away as she rocked and shed silent tears in her bunk. She knew Mal had ordered the crew to leave her alone, but Simon’s quiet offering of medicinal oblivion had been the first step to her recovery. Zoe had quietly refused and he nodded and left with a quiet, “We need you Zoe.”

The hair on the back of her neck stirred and she tensed, whirling around to aim her firearm at the bridge of Thomas Wood’s nose. They stared at each other for several minutes, and Zoe felt a niggle of unease. Most men would flinch, at least a little, when a hand cannon was aimed at their head. Wood just waited calmly for her to decide on shooting him or not. It gave her pause to realize she might not come out on top should she give vent to the rage she still harbored for this man. Zoe had learned to listen to her instincts with an even closer ear in the last few years. She cocked her brow at him and holstered her weapon. Just cause she wasn’t shootin’ him didn’t mean she had to talk to him.

“Miss Drusilla asked me to escort you to the training room.” He inclined his head in a semblance of a bow and led the way.

Smart man. It was sayin’ somethin’ about his observation skills that he would realize she’d never leave her back open to him. They entered a large area and Zoe stopped in her tracks at the sight of the largest armory she’d ever seen. The collection of weapons was such that she knew Jayne would probably suffer from an orgasmic coronary on the spot if he ever walked in here. Wood was waiting patiently at the far end, his hand on the security panel and Zoe stiffened at the look of poignant regret in his dark eyes. Former operative or not, he better stop looking at her like she was some charity case or she’d… The door opened and the sensation of awareness, so much stronger than she’d felt before they’d landed, washed over her in a wave.

Deep down, though she’d never admit it, there was a spark of fear like a dead weight in the bottom of her gut that told her she really didn’t want to go through that door. So Zoe did what she’d always done. Pulled herself up by her bootstraps and strode through to face whatever had set off her warning bells. There was a figure standing in the center of the large room beyond the armory and her gaze was so focused on that distressingly familiar set of shoulders that she didn’t take note of her immediate surroundings.

There was a roaring in her ears that increased with each step and her knees were strangely wobbly, like she’d taken a hit and was actually bleeding out all over the floor through the hole in her gut and… ‘Oh god…’

Zoe stopped within a foot of this man that had to be… but couldn’t possibly be…

She took a deep breath and choked as Wash’s familiar scent filled her nose. He was standing rigid with his back to her and it couldn’t be him because that Reaver grappling hook had run him clean through and his hair was too long and… Why wouldn’t turn he around?

Zoe watched her hand reach up to touch the man’s shoulder and it was solid and his head dropped forward as he turned around. Her Wash had been slightly taller than she and this man; that smelled like her Wash and so far looked like her Wash felt more solid than her Wash. The muscles in his arm bunched in her grip and then he tilted his head up and looked into her eyes and damned if Zoe didn’t feel the blood rush out of her head like a noob private set to his first frontline mission.

This man had her Wash’s eyes, blue and bright as the ocean on New Melbourne and they were filled with love and grief and fear and desire and then they were pressed together from hip to lip and he even tasted like her Wash with an additional tang of something she didn’t want to think about… not now. Wash was here. There hadn’t been a body to bury and they’d all believed that had been due to the Reavers. Mr. Universe’s body had been gone as well and the love bot had been torn to pieces so Serenity’s crew had made the logical assumption that Wash’s body was gone for the same horrifying reason.

The fury that had been bubbling just under the surface erupted like one of those legendary volcanoes on Earth-That-Was and Zoe reared back and punched Wash right in his nose with every once of strength she could muster. She felt more than heard Wood rush up behind her and he got her elbow in an upwards thrust that hopefully sent a shard of bone into his Alliance trained brain. Five years. Five years of unending grief, never being able to vent the acid boil of rage that ate at her from the inside was finally flowing free and Zoe could not see her way through it. A firm hand on her shoulder had her whirling around and aiming a haymaker to that someone’s head. He went down without a fight and she couldn’t stamp it down, the anger she’d fought against, because she was beyond reason.

The sight of Wash kneeling on the ground, shaking his head, his gaze shifting from her to a point behind her eased the fury somewhat, but she was going to kick someone’s ass and since Wood was out, it looked like her dear not-so-dead husband would bear the brunt of it. She pounded on whatever she could reach; her blows vicious as she rained her wrath down on him.

Now… before all that was Miranda, Zoe would have never thought to lay a finger on Wash. Not even when he he’d made her so angry by merely existing. Back before she’d admitted that she really did like him and they’d had to hide their involvement from the Captain. Not even when he and Mal had got themselves snatched by that fung le bastard Niska.

But right now? Someone was going to pay for the agony she’d endured for so many years. It’s not like he didn’t know where to find her.

She reached down and hauled Wash’s unresisting body up and a small part of her brain registered the increased density of his form. He just stood there, waiting for her to hit him and she did, furious that he would be so passive; just let her beat on him even though he deserved it and angry with herself because she’d vowed so long ago she would never be one of those people. A Shee-niou hwun dan who took their anger out on someone weaker than themselves because they had no self control.

Zoe froze, her fist raised to strike again and all of the fury drained out of her soul at the sight of Wash somehow kneeling before her again, tears running down his face and loving acceptance shining out from his stormy blue eyes. She heard someone shout and then she was tackled to the ground. Her head hit the floor and she musta been seen’ things because she could have sworn she saw Wood’s eyes glow yellow before she heard an infuriated roar and his body was hauled off of her. Zoe shook her head to clear it and she saw Mal up on an observation deck with Miss Drusilla; red faced and yelling. Wash’s face filled her field of vision and he looked her over with a worried expression.

“I’m okay.”

He nodded and then turned away and she watched him stalk to Wood a few feet away. He stalked. Not ambled, walked or strolled… stalked. Like a predator. Zoe watched her husband pick Wood up by his shirt front and bring the other man level with his face. She hadn’t heard his voice in almost five years and when he spoke to Wood, she couldn’t help but wonder what had happened in that time to give him such a hard edge.

“You shouldn’ta touched her Thomas.”

Wash’s back was to her, but she could see Wood’s face and he paled as much as a man of color could. The whites of his eyes were showing and he stammered. “I thought she was going to take your head off.”

Wash growled and then pushed him roughly and bunched his fists; the clearing of a throat drew their attention to the observation deck.

“Boys, it’s time to show our guests what we’ve been doing here.”


Despite numerous protests and a few not so veiled threats, Mal and Zoe found themselves seated on the observation deck with the rest of the crew. Miss Drusilla had had a brief and disturbingly vague discussion with River and then as his little Albatross made her way down to the training floor, Drusilla turned to address them.

She smiled with a mixture of sadness and glee that made everyone shift in their seats.

“We have a secret here on Haven. Several juicy secrets that if revealed too soon would spoil the play. So we kept the secrets, Thomas and I.” She approached Zoe cautiously and Mal kept a sharp eye on the woman. She was stronger than she looked and she had a definite air of feng le. “One secret had a very painful revelation." Drusilla reached up and stroked the side of Zoe’s face and Mal was shocked to see that his SOC didn’t flinch or knock their hostess’ hand away. They seemed to stare into each other’s eyes and then Drusilla murmured, “Pain fades Tian mi Wendy. Let him heal the hole now that he is able.”

Mal watched as Zoe stiffened up and pull away from Drusilla’s touch and the other woman stepped back with a knowing smile.

Drusilla opened her mouth to speak, but froze; staring over their heads. She shuddered and turned toward the training area with an almost silent whimper and in the blink of an eye, both River and Wood were there, supporting her and murmuring.

Jayne started grumbling in his seat. “Ah hell, she’s another damn moon brain.”

Mal turned around and hissed, “Hoo-tsuh!”

River turned back to them and pointed at the Merc. “BEE-jway, neen hen BOO-TEE-TYEH duh NAN-shung! She is Mu Qin, sent to lead her Childer against the Blue Sun. No silly words to turn off her brain girlie man.”

“River!” Simon’s shocked voice called out.

River rolled her eyes. “Don’t be a boob Simon. Dru sees things. Sometimes it hurts and she gets confused between now and the before on Earth-That-Was.”

Voices erupted and everyone but Kayley and Inara asking questions; the demands blending together in a chaotic roar.

Inara stood and approached the small group comforting Drusilla. She held out her hand, “May I?”

Wood studied her for a moment and then nodded. Inara turned back to the crew, held up her hands and smiled. The shock of seeing Wash whole and alive had rocked her hard, but she’d quickly pushed back the negative feelings. It had been a brief glimpse in a back hallway and Inara instinctively knew she’d not been meant to see him so soon, if at all. Expectation of something life altering was looming and she knew they would need to band together in order to survive it.

She steeled herself to do something that no one had done in centuries. “What I am about to tell you is the highest secret given to the House of Madrassa for safekeeping. It is a chronicle that is only passed by spoken word as it is forbidden to create written documentation of our most treasured history. Mu Qin Drusilla was one of the reasons that the House of Madrassa survived the Unification War. But she was known to the Companion Guild long before the war. I know that this will be difficult for all of you to believe, but Mu Qin was known to the original members of the Companion Guild.”

Jayne stood. “What kind of kwong-juh duh go-se are you tryin’ to feed us ‘nara? If that were the truth then Miss Drusilla’d have ta be…” he scrunched up his face, obviously attempting to do the math in his head.

“Do you actually expect us to believe that Miss Drusilla is over five hundred years old?” Simon’s voice was incredulous.

Inara sent him a sympathetic smile. “Simon, Drusilla traveled across the Black on the generational ships.”

“Oh well, that just makes it even more believable then.” Simon responded with a dramatic roll of his eyes. He flinched and whispered “Ow.” at Kayley and Inara suspected that the mechanic had pinched her man for being disrespectful.

“There are many legends and stories that traveled across the Black. Many of which were Supernatural in nature. Drusilla was the only of her kind to make the trip successfully. I myself didn’t truly believe the stories handed down to me by the Priestess until we arrived here and I met Mu Qin in person.”

“What are you sayin’ ‘nara?” Kayley’s eyes were large and a little frightened.

“Drusilla is a Vampire Kayley.” Everyone turned their heads toward the new voice. Several shouts and a few screams sounded across the room as the crew of Serenity saw their former pilot, Hoban Washburn standing at the head of the stair leading to the floor of the training room.


Shàng dì (God)

Run-tse duh fwotzoo (Merciful Buddha)

Shee-niou hwun dan (cow sucking bastard)

Shen sheng gos se (holy crap)

Wuh de tyen, ah! (Dear god in heaven.)

Gwai-gwai long duh dong! (What the hell)

Feng le (crazy)

Nao zi duh zhe (mind reader)

Yan ku zi (tight pants)

Guai guai (sweetie)

BEE-jway, neen hen BOO-TEE-TYEH duh NAN-shung (Shut up, you inconsiderate schoolboy)

Tian mi (sweet)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Through Noble Intentions" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Mar 08.

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