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You Belong With Me

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Summary: Severus has come into his demonic inheritance, now he must search out a mate. His search brings him to the Hellmouth where he finds Xander. SLASH, Kidnapping, Mpreg

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeSioFR181516,0171415675,69810 Mar 0823 May 09Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Part 20

Disclaimer: See part one

Warning: the baby’s coming!

Rating FR-15

Author: Sio

A/N: There may be a lot of mistakes in this chapter as I only had half an hour to proof read and post it. I’m going to England for three weeks to visit some of my family there and I wanted to get this posted before I left for the airport and not leave you all hanging. J

There are two other stories that I have started working on, so hopefully when I get back I’ll have a complete fanfic for you all to read!

One more thing, Does anyone know of a purely Harry Potter M-preg site I could post a story at? (not this story, I have a different one I want to post :P )



Xander screamed in pain, truly screamed no manly yelling for a guy in labor. He whimpered as the contraction stop. A man’s body isn’t made for that kind of abuse, and certainly having a baby because of a stressful situation is never a good thing. Severus held his hand tightly as if that would solve all their current problems. Xander wasn’t so sure he wanted to do this anymore, its not to late to call the whole thing off, is it? Xander felt guilty for that thought a moment later, its not the baby’s fault, Xander decided to blame Giles and Buffy for the three week premature delivery. He also reserved the right to blame Severus as well.

Poppy cast several spells readying him for a Wizardry C-section, after all it would be quite impossible for the infant to come out the way he went in.

“Xander can you feel me poking you?” asks Poppy trying to discern if the feeling numbing charm had worked.

“No” Xander said, he felt a lot better now that the contractions were feeling distant and not as powerful.

“Everything is going to be fine, Poppy well make sure of it.” Severus informed putting every ounce of certainty in his body into his voice. Poppy casts a precision cutting spell opening Xander’s abdomen cleanly, without much further ado she reached in an pulled the baby from Xander’s body. The baby was covered in blood and he didn’t cry. Xander was terrified that his baby was born stillborn, but Poppy casts two other spells, cutting the umbilical cord and suddenly the room was filled with the deafening squawks of a very unhappy little baby. Xander laughed out loud feeling so very relieved. Poppy laid the baby on Xander’s chest as she turned to deal with the afterbirth and incision.

Not for the first time Xander was so very thankful that he is in the land of magic as Poppy made sort work of fixing his stomach back to its original uncut state, though there was a red and tender line at the incision site, she reassured him that it would fade in the coming weeks and that it never gets healed completely by tradition, as evidence that the ‘mother’ had given birth, but also to remind the mother not to go jumping around as she has just given birth. Xander didn’t really care, he was to busy studying his little miracle. Was this the baby from his dream? How could he be sure? He does know that he wants more kids, enough to fill the entire manor, more kids than the Weasley’s. The Weasley’s that’s it!


“Yes love?”

“How many kids do the Weasley’s have?” Severus looked surprised.

“How do you know about the Weasley’s?”

“From a dream, how many kids!”

“Seven in all. Why?” asked Severus not sure what it had to do with the situation that his mate and he found themselves in.

“The dreams are true Sev! Which means that this is Tobias.” Xander looked down at his baby boy, but for Severus, he’d never been filled with so much love. “Hello Toby, your daddy and papa love you very much.”

Severus decided that his mate either heard the name from him in his many hours of commiserating about his teaching of dunderheads or that his dear mate had had a vision. It didn’t really matter what Xander called their son, as he is healthy and precious, though small.

Giles watched from the other side of the room, Buffy was slumped over one of the hospital beds having fainted as poppy cast the cutting spell. It was obvious that the new little family had forgotten all about them. It was if they didn’t exist and certainly were not important. Giles smiled at the picture Xander made with his tiny and perfect son, Giles couldn’t help but feel like a proud Grandfather. He decided right then and there that he will do anything to say in Xander’s life, he will even tolerate his kidnapper. As it was plain to see that they love each other. However if Severus ever hurt them, no one would ever be able to find all the body parts.


Three years later

“G-pa here do babies come from? Daddy says he has a baby in his tummy, how did it get their?” Toby asks his favorite grandpa, he loves the way the older man winces when he says G-pa, but he’s never been told to stop so he just keeps saying it, Toby’s sure that G-pa will grow out of the wince eventually.

‘Oh dear lord’ thinks Giles the question having just re-registered after that horrid, horrid nickname. Giles bends down and smiles at his grandson. “I think that your Papa is the only one qualified to answer that question.” Toby nods understandingly his Papa is a very smart man.

“I’m gonna go ask right now!” Toby runs off, never seeing his Grandpa’s smirk. Giles does love to torture his son in law.

The End


A/N: Point out any mistakes and I’ll fix’em. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! See you next time.

The End

You have reached the end of "You Belong With Me". This story is complete.

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