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You Belong With Me

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Summary: Severus has come into his demonic inheritance, now he must search out a mate. His search brings him to the Hellmouth where he finds Xander. SLASH, Kidnapping, Mpreg

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeSioFR181516,0171415675,69810 Mar 0823 May 09Yes

Part 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter, I am not making any money of this fanfic, don’t sue me.

Author: Sio

Warning: Kidnapping, SLASH! m/m sex, Mpreg, unbeta’d

Rating Part one: FR15

Rating overall: FR18

Summary: Severus is as human as his student’s think he is. To bad for Xander that Severus nature thinks it’s time to find a mate.

A/N: I wanted to do something I’ve never done before so inflicting pregnancy on Xander it is!

You Belong To Me

Part 1

Severus Snape stood in his dungeon potions workshop, adding ingredients to a slime green potion with a trembling hand. He should not have waited so long, though it had not been his own fault. He had been summoned by the Dark Lord for the entire weekend. Severus could feel the fire in his blood erupt and spark making the concentration necessary for finishing the potion nearly impossible. Dumbledore had restricted him from leaving his quarters, afraid that Severus would become a danger to the students and staff. The headmaster need not have worried, what Severus desired with every fiber of his being was not in the old stone castle.

If the potion was not finished soon, Severus’s instincts would take over and he would be driven to find his mate. No Severus was not a veela, nothing nearly so romantic. A shudder ran through Severus’s body and drops of sweat broke out on his forehead and upper lip. What is Severus? He would be classified as a dark and evil creature in the wizardry world, that is if they found out about him, but he is in fact a type of demon. In English his species were called Forevermore the true name lost to time, and decidedly unpronounceable by humans at any rate.

What was wrong with looking for a mate? After all veelas and vampires did it all the time. Well veelas who are always female did not stalk then kidnap their mate, until the mate accepted their new circumstances. A vampire of course could and did kidnap their mate, but that is just their nature and besides vampires could not get a person pregnant regardless of their gender. In fact vampires couldn’t impregnate anyone since they were dead so that didn’t even factor into their mating strategy.

What’s so bad about being kidnapped and becoming a mate of a Forevermore? Especially one as darkly handsome as Severus Snape? How about the fact that the mate would be kept in almost total isolation until they submitted and even then possibly until they were pregnant. Yeah that’s what I though, not so keen now are you? Not that it really matters to you and me because neither of us are Severus Snape’s mate, yes thank your lucky stars. Who is his mate? Well then let me get back to what is happening to poor Severus, and stop interrupting with your incessant questions.

Severus’s control snapped, he could no longer continue on as he had been. Dark power swirled around him and he collapsed to the cold stone floor. The changes to his human body began and his mind was swallowed by the comfortable darkness of the natural coma that followed. This was how Dumbledore found him a day later. Unfortunately Severus had been tight lipped about just what kind of creator he truly was, the Headmaster thought it best to bring him to Poppy in the infirmary. When Severus woke Dumbledore was standing by his bed.

“Severus, dear boy, how are you feeling now?” asked Dumbledore with concern coloring his voice. Severus took stock of himself and sighed.

“I am feeling much better now, Albus. It seems my ‘fever’ is gone.” Replied Severus who was happy to not have the gnawing feeling twist his stomach for the first time in a week.

“Hmmm you are looking better, if a little different.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled.

“Different?” asked Severus.

“I am afraid so dear boy, it looks like what ever your inheritance is has excreted itself and will not be silenced again.” Dumbledore transfigured a mirror and handed it to Severus. Severus could not believe the change, he looked eerily handsome. His skin was pale like marble with blue veins, but he seemed to have and inner allure that seemed to draw a person closer. His hair was black and shinny, no longer greasy. Well that was a nice change if he did say so himself. Before the headmaster could say anything else Poppy was ushering him out telling him to let her patient rest.

To tell the truth Severus was thankful, he wasn’t sure just how long he would have been able to keep the elder wizard out of his mind. A voice from the back of his mind, which was whispering softly at the moment, but Severus had no doubt that if he ignored the voice if would become louder, was calling for him to find his mate. Who was he to refuse? Before Poppy came back from banishing the headmaster, Severus was already gone.

It took only a twist of his will to open a portal to where his mate was. The swirling vortex opened and Severus stepped through. On the other side it was night the air was still and heavy with heat. Severus took a deep breath and let it go, he felt more alive than he had in ages. Severus took off in the direction that his instincts told him to go, the hunt had begun.


A/N: Please review, and point out any glaring mistakes.
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