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Consequences - So It Begins

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Consequences". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The battle with the First is long over and the gathering of Slayers under the new Watcher's Council is almost complete. The Sunnydale gang (including Spike) get together for a short reunion, made even shorter by a gate-crashing demon...FullSummayInside

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Chapter Five

Consequences - So It Begins
~Chapter Five~

Almost two months later Buffy was back with Spike and Xander, but she wasn't as happy as she should have been, because she'd just held the dying Capitaine Chevalle in her arms.

The Company had taken great exception to Chevalle's actions and had finally moved against him with what was left of their fleet. Thankfully, the Empress had already been moving toward them, otherwise everyone on board the ship would have been killed. Chevalle was good, but even he couldn't win against an entire fleet. Even with the Empress both ships had barely escaped intact.

The first officer had asked her to stay, but there was no way Buffy could do that. In the short time she'd known Chevalle, she'd almost come to think of him as a father figure. He had apparently come to feel the same way about her, because according to the first officer she was Capitaine now.

Buffy had realized that she couldn't outright refuse, instead she'd put together a quick ceremony and announced that at the present time she was unable to stay with them and be their Capitaine, and informed them that the former first officer was the Capitaine now.

~ * ~ * ~

A month later, and Buffy felt it deep in her bones this time:

Take what you can, give nothing back.

It as freeing as Faith's 'want, take, have,' and yet Buffy didn't feel like she would lose herself the way she would have following Faith. Though there was always a part of her that wanted to be Faith, wild and free, perhaps that was why Buffy was finding things she shouldn't be doing so easy.

Buffy shook herself. That wasn't it, because while pirates were lawless they weren't without rules. Sure they took what they wanted, but they didn't just go on random killing sprees, usually, honesty forced her to concede. Still Buffy felt the rules would keep her from going to far, unlike Faith who'd had no rules.

Besides, she thought with a pout, it wasn't exactly fair that Spike and Xander got to have all the fun.

The Empress pulled alongside a merchant vessel, and for the first time since landing in the past, Buffy was eager. She told herself it was because the more of them she took out, the less of them there would be to hurt others like they'd tried to hurt her. Deep down, Buffy knew she was lying to herself, if she were being honest she would admit that she simply liked the fighting and the killing.

Buffy closed her eyes and watched a scene from a week ago take shape behind her eyelids.

She'd turned to see Spike sinking fangs in one of the helpless crewmen, and felt something inside her die when she realized that she truly didn't care. Before she could ponder that, she felt something and looked down to see a sword sticking out of her chest.

Buffy whirled around, a man was standing behind her smirking.

Her knees weakened, and in the distance she heard Xander shouting.

She felt the grin spread across her face, and she reached down and removed the sword.

The man stopped smirking and Buffy delighted in the terrified expression that settled over his face.

"Not possible!" He whispered, which made Buffy smile.

Before he could take more than one step back, Buffy brought the sword around and removed his head.

As his head thumped on the deck followed by his body, Buffy couldn't help but wonder what she was becoming.

Then the time for thinking was over, because more men were boarding the ship.

Buffy opened her eyes, she'd been surprised by the lack of feeling for the man she'd killed, because before that even though she'd killed, she'd always felt something. Though all things considered she probably shouldn't have been surprised by her lack of feeling, because looking back, Buffy could see that her killing a human had almost been a foregone conclusion from the moment she'd woken up in this reality.

Stranger still as Buffy watched the Empress draw the other vessel in closer was the fact that Buffy was eager for another fight; eager to run her sword through another body, or snap a neck and wallow in the sound and feel of it as another body fell before her.

The first part of that in and of itself wasn't surprising, after her encounter with Dracula all those years ago, Buffy had accepted the fact that not only was she a slayer she was also a hunter. It wasn't just the act of slaying, it was also the hunt that excited her. Of course, that was hunting and slaying vampires, but Buffy was learning hunting and slaying humans could be almost as exciting. That should have scared her, she knew, but it did not.

The plunder, or spoils of battle, wasn't important, at least not to Buffy, but apparently it was to Spike, because he'd found a way to use magic to shrink their trunks down to a small enough size to be carried with them at all times. Spike had smirked and said, "just in case the demon catches us again, we won't lose all we've worked for."

Buffy had voiced a token objection, but they'd both known it for what it was, and so most of the time Buffy now wore a necklace with her full trunk hanging off the end. She didn't know where Spike and Xander kept theirs, and it didn't really matter.

She heard the sound of the planks landing on the ship, and Buffy took a deep breath and started forward.

~ * ~ * ~

They'd served Elizabeth and her crew for almost a year; a year which had been wonderful for Buffy. Not only satisfying her need to hunt, but also because of the relationship between her, Spike, and Xander. However, they'd finally decided to return to Tortuga. Spike had heard rumors that they might find what they needed to work the trinket there, and because of their plunder they were rich.

There were times, though, that Buffy wasn't sure how much humanity she had left in her. Over the course of the past year, Buffy had killed more than a dozen men, and while she was still certain she wouldn't go on a Faith-type killing spree, she could admit that she no longer had the moral high ground, and hadn't had the high ground from the moment she'd first killed, accident or not.

Buffy felt part of what had kept her grounded, aside from Xander, who even though he killed and was sleeping with a vampire, still seemed innocent in ways Buffy simply was not. There were moments, like this one, where Buffy wondered if she'd ever been innocent.

Even Elizabeth, despite being the Pirate King, Buffy thought was a better person than she was, most of the time. Sure sometimes the girl did what she wanted even if another course of action made more sense, but Buffy could hardly fault her for that.

Looking around their dingy apartment, Buffy smiled. Sometimes Elizabeth reminded Buffy of a younger more innocent Buffy, other times Buffy found herself thinking that she would probably grow up to be Elizabeth. Despite the fact that Elizabeth could be as bloodthirsty as any vampire, as with Xander, somehow there was still an air of innocence to her.

As Buffy reloaded her trunk, she couldn't help but grin, while she was sure she would have seen more action over the past year had she remained with Jack or stayed to lead Chevalle's crew, she was equally certain she wouldn't have near the amount of gold she had now. Because even shrunken her trunk was now to heavy to wear around her neck.

Thankfully, her little black dress had hidden pockets, so she could keep it on her and safe even if she couldn't wear it around her neck anymore.

She frowned. She was almost used to wearing the same clothing daily, while only (if lucky) being able to wash it and herself once a week. At first it was nasty, and even now it bothered her more than the thought of killing humans did.

Buffy was a bit surprised that the demon hadn't found them yet, because they'd been here for the past month, and they weren't exactly keeping a low profile either.

Buffy shook herself, that wasn't important right now. Right now she felt that she was very close to figuring out the secret of the trinket. Just this morning she'd watched as the thing pulsed with power. It had something to do with want and need, as near as she could tell, but she couldn't get it to do anything else no matter what she tried, nor could she get it to stop glowing.

That, Buffy knew, would be a problem, because the demon would have no doubt felt the thing activate and was probably on his way.

The door of their squalid apartment opened and Xander entered smiling. "I have weapons. Lots and lots of weapons," he said dropping a heavy bag onto the floor.

As the door closed behind him, Buffy saw that it was almost sunset.

"Good," Buffy practically purred. "I have the feeling we're going to be needing these, sooner rather than later."

"Where's Spike?"

"He said he was going out for a drink," Buffy held up her hand. "No, I didn't ask which kind."

"I don't supposed you've made anymore progress with that damned thing."

"Nope," Buffy replied. "I really wish Giles or Willow, preferably both, were here. No doubt they would have already figured everything out and we'd be home already."

"No doubt," Xander agreed.

~ * ~ * ~

Note: Remember this is just the first part of a series, so while this part has ended the overall story has not.
PS - If I don't chicken out there will be another Buffy/Pirates crossover later on in the story - it's slated (at the moment) for Part Four, but that may be subject to change.

However, I will be taking a bit of a break before posting Part Two. I've been heavily working for the past little while and I believe I've earned a teensy break. I'm not talking a long break, just a couple days, maybe a week.

The End

You have reached the end of "Consequences - So It Begins". This story is complete.

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