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Consequences - So It Begins

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Consequences". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The battle with the First is long over and the gathering of Slayers under the new Watcher's Council is almost complete. The Sunnydale gang (including Spike) get together for a short reunion, made even shorter by a gate-crashing demon...FullSummayInside

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Movies > Pirates of the CaribbeanEmmaLoveFR13512,6101514,32311 Mar 0827 Mar 08Yes

Chapter One

Note: This is the first fanfic in a series, and the series itself will have multiple crossovers, but if all goes to the current plan each single part/story will not be a multiple crossover. For example, this first part is Buffy/PotC, but the next part will be Buffy/Anita not Buffy/Anita/PotC, which is why this fanfic is listed as a Buffy/PotC crossover and not multiple.

Anyway, this fanfic begins over a year after Chosen for the BuffyVerse. With Pirates we begin shortly after At World's End ended.
This will be completely ignoring the comic season eight for Buffy, because I haven't read it. I've been considering picking one (or two) up, but haven't yet done so and it'll probably be awhile before I do.

Finally, and then I promise we'll get on with the story, though you should have seen my notes on this one before I decided to just say what needed to be said instead of giving a running commentary on how this story/fanfic developed. *cough*
Spike didn't run off to get his soul - he just left for awhile and only returned because he decided to help the gang. In the end he still played bitch for the First and all that, he just didn't have a soul for it all, and Buffy still had his chip removed. I know, but my thinking is that she needed all the fighters she could get, and since the chip was messing up anyway...
Mostly this is just because I never actually liked that Spike got a soul - I hated it, at least the way it was done - I always thought it would have been more interesting for Spike to play the hero without getting a soul. He did show that he could do that back in season two. Um, so apparently even when I try I cannot stay completely true to canon.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, nor am I remotely associated with anyone who does. Second verse same as the first - I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean, nor am I remotely associated with anyone who does.
Summary: The battle with the First is long over and the gathering of Slayers under the new Watcher's Council is almost complete. The Sunnydale gang (including Spike) get together for a short reunion, made even shorter by a gate-crashing demon that may have actually been invited, but by whom?
Pairing(s): Buffy/Jack, Buffy/Xander/Spike
Series Title: Consequences
Story Title: Consequences - So It Begins

Consequences - So It Begins
~Chapter One~

Buffy felt her eyes glazing over. She knew she should try and pay attention to what Giles and Willow were saying, but it was the same ol' same ol'. A demon scaring people that needed killing. It was a bit odd that the demon was only scaring people rather than killing them, but other than that the demon was nothing special.

Of course, that wasn't stopping Giles from trying to make it something special. But Buffy had enough information; this demon could be killed in many ways, Buffy would settle for a good old fashioned beheading, or at least she would once Giles finished talking about it and she could get out there and actually do it.

Had Giles always been this wordy? Buffy asked herself, because it seemed like Giles was even going so far as to repeat himself and that seemed unusual.

It wasn't that it wasn't nice to have the gang plus Spike back together again. Though Buffy wasn't looking forward to the awkward conversation with Spike that was sure to happen between them sometime soon. However, it wasn't like she needed to run out and kill something just to avoid a certain awkward conversation. Spike had been here several days and this was the first time they'd actually been in the same room together for longer than a minute, mostly because this was the first time the whole gang had gotten together since separating after the destruction of Sunnydale.

Buffy smiled. She had trouble believing almost a year had passed since their last day in Sunndale, but it had. She'd also had no idea that Spike was among the living again until he'd turned up in Rome. Buffy frowned. She was happy to know that Spike wasn't gone for good, not that she would ever admit that to anyone, because she really didn't want to go through the Spike Years again, even though honesty forced her to admit that much of the badness of those years were as much her fault as his.

She looked at Andrew, he'd known Spike wasn't dead and he hadn't told her. Wasn't even telling her now, just acting as surprised as everyone else, he was fooling no one. Buffy really wanted to hit him, it wasn't a new desire though the strength of it was a bit of a surprise. Though that probably wasn't a mystery, she could have used the warning instead of almost fainting when Spike appeared on the doorstep.

Finally, Buffy turned to look at Spike, he looked no worse for wear. Though he wasn't acting like the Spike she knew and loved/loathed. In fact he was being more like Angel with the brooding and all. All he'd said was that because of the amulet he'd ended up in Los Angeles, and one of Angel's gang managed to free him completely from the amulet, and that was all he was telling. But Buffy knew something had happened or changed, because Spike just wasn't the brooding type.

Her thoughts turned to Angel, and while she understood his reasons for taking the position of CEO of Wolfram & Hart, she couldn't help but feel deep down in her gut that the whole thing was a really bad idea. Despite Spike's assurance that Angel was handling things okay, Buffy wasn't sure she believe that because it was clear Spike didn't want to talk about it and it seemed to Buffy that Spike actually felt guilty about something. This morning, she'd even called Angel, but he didn't have any idea why Spike left, he informed her that one day he was there and the following night he was gone.

Two nights ago, one night after Spike arrived, she'd caught him drunk and even then all he'd said was: "I saw the thing play out, love. It wasn't pretty, so I stopped it from happening." Then he'd looked into her eyes. "Angel can never know," after which he'd passed out.

Buffy didn't know what to make of it, especially because he'd used Angel's name, usually Angel was Peaches, when Spike started calling Angel by his name Buffy had no idea what to make of it.

One day Buffy was going to get an answer, but for now she was mostly content to let it go. Spike might not have a soul like Angel, and one couldn't deny that he was dangerous, but he had chosen to help her and the gang stop the First in spite of everything. Plus, Buffy knew she could trust him, at least to a certain extent, because even without a soul Spike liked the world the way it was and was always happy to help her keep it that way.

Speaking of which, Buffy heard Spike sigh. Interesting trick for someone who didn't normally breath.

"Still a wordy lot, I see. Here's all that needed to be said, Jeeves. There's a demon needs killing - no special method, just kill it. See, short sweet and to the point."

Willow flashed a grin, and Buffy realized that her friend had also missed Spike. Giles pulled his glasses off and began cleaning them, Buffy almost laughed, it was just like old times.

"Well, yes. But there's something..."

Buffy frowned. "And that something would be what?"

"I don't know," he replied almost sheepishly. "But there's something about this Trinus demon... There's something."

"Yeah," Spike said with a smirk. "We got that part, mate."

Buffy grinned again. "It's big and ugly. That's something."

"Buffy," Giles said, and Buffy realized she'd actually missed his 'bad Buffy' tone of voice.

"Look, you've looked through all your books, and you haven't found anything. Maybe, just maybe, that means there's nothing to find."

Giles finally nodded. "Perhaps you're right."

~ * ~ * ~

An hour later, and Buffy couldn't remember where they were. Oh, she knew they were somewhere in England, but the forest they were trekking through didn't look any different from any other forest she'd ever seen.

Apparently after an evening of scaring locals this thing retreated to the woods for the rest of the night and the following day. Strange, because according to Giles this demon wasn't hindered in any way by sunlight.

Buffy looked around and realized she missed Rome - not to mention the Immortal, who'd promised to watch Dawn while she was away. Buffy knew she should relent and let Dawn join things more, because her sister had proven time and again that she could take care of herself, but Buffy just wasn't ready to stop playing the over protective sister.

A rueful grin as Buffy realized that she might never be ready, Dawn certainly didn't think she'd ever be. Still Buffy knew Dawn would be okay while she was away. Her bigger concern was whether or not Dawn would attend school without someone standing over her shoulder, but that was the reason she'd left Dawn in Rome, and the main reason the Immortal was watching her.

Buffy almost sighed. Thankfully, Willow and Xander were planning to stop in Rome for a visit before heading off to continue the search for Slayers. Otherwise Dawn might never forgive Buffy for leaving her behind.

Pushing thoughts of Dawn away, Buffy felt herself grin. She could barely remember the time back when all she'd wanted more than anything was to not be a vampire slayer and just be normal Buffy. Those days were long gone. Though Buffy hadn't acknowledged that until after every Potential on Earth became a Slayer.

It was only after Sunnydale when she'd had the chance to just sit back and be Buffy - that had lasted almost a month before Buffy found herself very bored. She was the Slayer, a hunter, and she was no longer capable of being normal Buffy. Now Buffy wondered if she'd ever been capable of being normal Buffy.

So, being hot on the trail of a big ugly demon was making Buffy happier than she'd been for awhile. The thrill of the hunt and all, even Spike at her side didn't dent her happiness. His being here wasn't a big surprise, he liked the hunting and all even more than she did, Buffy was simply grateful that he was hunting and killing demons instead of humans. Buffy didn't believe Spike wasn't feeding on humans, but she could almost make herself believe that he was feeding without killing, and as long as the bodies didn't pile up too high, she believed she could continue to believe that.

The surprise was that Xander was with them. As near as Buffy could tell Xander actually enjoyed the laid-back lifestyle of a Watcher.

Buffy almost sighed again as she admitted to herself that maybe she was projecting her own desires for Xander onto Xander. There was slightly less danger in watching than Slaying, and Buffy wanted her friends safe. But once the decision had finally been made to kill the demon tonight, Xander stood up, even before Spike, and announced that he was joining the hunt. Buffy wondered if that meant the laid-back lifestyle was as boring to him as it was her. That made her both happy and sad.

Then the time for thinking was over - the demon was suddenly standing before them. Strangely he seemed to be waiting for something, or searching. He barely lifted his eyes to them, instead they flicked around the ground.

Spike charged forward, but when Buffy moved to follow she saw something shinny out of the corner of her eye, whatever it was was almost buried under a fine layer of dust. Almost as though it had been there awhile.

Buffy didn't know how she knew, but she knew it was important and that it was what the demon was searching for. She reached out and picked it up. It was a clear crystal of some kind, it was also warm to the touch. When she looked up, she thought the demon was smiling.

Suddenly the demon grabbed Spike around his neck and lifted the vampire off his feet.

"A trade then, Slayer," the demon said. The smooth voice and the English skills surprised Buffy, he actually sounded like a normal person. Something that looked like a smaller bipedal Jabba the Hutt should not sound like a rich Englishman. It just wasn't right.

"My trinket for your vampire," he seemed amused, which bothered Buffy.

"What's your trinket do?" Buffy asked. Mostly to buy some time, if the demon had grabbed Xander instead of Spike, Buffy wouldn't have stalled, but Spike didn't need to breath so Buffy knew she had time to ask a few questions before ending this. Spike didn't seem to care for her plan, if the glare he was giving her was anything to go by. He'd get over it.

"That is no concern of yours, Slayer. It is mine and I will have it back one way or another."

"In other words," Buffy knew the grin spreading across was a scary thing to behold. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

The demon smiled, and before Buffy could move more than an inch, the demon loomed over her with Spike still in his hand. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Xander rush forward, Buffy wanted to stop him, because she knew he wouldn't be able to stop the demon.

The demon reached out for the trinket, and just as he touched it Buffy felt Xander's hand touch hers, which was still clutching the trinket, then her mind went blank.

~ * ~ * ~

Buffy opened her eyes and knew immediately she was not in England anymore. She could feel a soft spray of water over her and the air smelled cleaner. It was strange, Buffy thought, how she never realized how badly the air actually smelled until the smell was no longer present.

Buffy took a deep breath and just wallowed in the fresh air. Then the smell of less pleasant things reached her, such as urine and other things Buffy didn't want to think about.

"Bloody hell! What the hell is that stench?"

Hearing Spike's voice brought memory back, and Buffy jumped to her feet ready to slay the demon. The demon was no where to be found. Spike was behind her slowly getting to his feet, and Xander sprawled sleeping on the ground beside him.

Where was the demon? Buffy opened her mouth to ask, when a voice came from behind her.

"Sorry 'bout that," the voice was British. "But me ship got stolen, again. So I've had to borrow this fine vessel here."

Vessel? Buffy thought as she spun around.

The first thing Buffy realized was that the man would probably clean up very well. His hair was long and most of it in dreadlocks, it wasn't a pretty sight, and he looked like he could have been a character in any of the pirate movies she'd ever seen. At least he didn't have a hook and/or a peg leg, that made her think of Xander, and Buffy realized that the only thing this pirate really needed was Xander's eye-patch.

Though if he were cleaner Buffy was sure she would have found him dashing, because with a bath and a serious haircut, Buffy thought he would look quite a bit like Johnny Deep.

A glance, and Buffy was glad Spike was guarding Xander so she could completely focus on the man in front of her.

Was he wearing pink? Buffy shook herself, it was probably red that was simply worn and faded.

Beside him was a somewhat chubby and older man, who looked more like he was playing dress-up than the first one. Maybe it was just because he wasn't wearing a scarf and hat, because the rest of his outfit did scream pirate.

Buffy goggled when she took in the sight behind him. There was another man with an honest to goodness parrot on his shoulder. Buffy realized they might be in deep trouble.

"And you are?" Buffy asked. When all else failed, act like you belonged and everyone else was in the wrong. Buffy couldn't remember how many times back in Sunnydale where that had actually worked. Though it didn't always work, Buffy figured it was worth a shot.

"Captain Jack Sparrow," he replied proudly. "And ye would be?"

"Buffy," she answered absently. There was something about that name, something she thought she should know, but she couldn't grasp what that was.

Jack frowned. "Strange name for such a lovely lass."

Buffy shrugged. "I get that a lot."

"And ye friends?"

If he didn't start speaking normally Buffy was going to scream, which was a bit ironic all things considered. But his butchered English was a bit annoying.

Buffy almost sighed as she wondered if this was how Giles had felt upon first meeting her.

"Spike, mate," Spike said before she could answer. "The one down is Xander."

Buffy knew she shouldn't be, but she was happy that Jack seemed to Spike and Xander's names as strange as hers. That didn't usually happen.

"And what business have ye aboard this vessel?" The older man asked, his voice wasn't quite as British sounding as Jacks. Buffy didn't want to be unkind, but she didn't think even cleaned up that the man would look much better than he did now.

Buffy blinked. She should have known that they were on a ship, but it just hadn't registered before now. She could actually feel the floor under her gently rocking.

"Out of the sky, out of the sky," the bird chipped in.

"That's a good point," Jack said, and staggered forward a bit, Buffy wondered if he was drunk or faking it. "People don't usually just appear out of nowhere, now do they?"

Buffy opened her mouth again, but Spike spoke first.

"We're here to help you get your ship back, mate. The Black Pearl, isn't it?"

"Aye," a chorus of voices said together.

"What know ye of her?"

Buffy tensed. If Spike didn't come up with the right answer they might end up walking the plank. Something Buffy never dreamed might happen to her, and considering all the bad things she had dreamed of happening to her over the years that was saying something.

Out of the corner of her eye, Buffy saw movement, she looked. There was a dead monkey moving about, despite only seeing the skeleton, Buffy was sure it was a monkey - an apparently undead monkey.

"What the hell is that?"

"That be Jack," someone replied.


"The monkey's named Jack, you silly bent," Spike snapped. Buffy thought she heard Xander groan, but couldn't take her eyes off the dead moving monkey.

"That monkey doesn't have any skin," Buffy was too distracted to be insulted. "Or internal organs."

But before she finished speaking, the skeleton suddenly vanished and in its place was a monkey looking very much alive. She could only blink.

"Aye," the older pirate said. "He be cursed."

"Now answer me question, savvy?"

Slowly Buffy turned back to the Pirate Captain, but she tried to keep the monkey in her field of vision.

"Look mate, we don't want your bloody ship! We just want to help you find it," Spike said. "We got bored, decided to have ourselves a bit of an adventure."

Buffy was surprised that Jack could smirk almost as well as Spike.

"Why would that be?"

"Lets just say," Buffy said quickly. "That it isn't good for us to remain in one place very long, if you know what I mean," he nodded, though Buffy knew he had the wrong idea, but in this case that worked for her. "So helping you means we help ourselves."

"And what use ye be?"

Spike smirked. "We're pretty handy in a fight, mate. Trust me, you'll be glad to have us when the East India Trading Company catches up with you."

The pirates laughed. "They be no threat no more," one of them shouted.

Spike nodded as though realizing something, Buffy hoped he'd see fit to share once they were alone.

Jack looked them over, so much so that Buffy was starting to get nervous. She didn't know much about pirates, but she knew all about that look in a mans eyes. Finally he nodded, and Buffy felt relief rush through her.

"You'll be earning your keep," then he leered at Buffy again.

"And you'll be keeping ye hands to ye-self, if ye-self wishes to keep them."

"Didn't mean it that way, love," Jack said, and suddenly he looked almost completely different, though nothing about his appearance had actually changed. Buffy was puzzled, but then realized he looked a whole lot less drunk.

"Or maybe I did, but you are on a pirate vessel, and under the command of a pirate, savvy. In exchange for keeping you on the move, you will be doing your share of the work."

"And," Spike said quickly. "Getting our share of any plunder."

Buffy rolled her eyes.

"We have an accord then?" Jack said, and Buffy realized he could speak English even better than she could when he actually wanted to. That caused her to wonder what was up with the dumb blond act.

Buffy took a deep breath. She really didn't know much about pirates, and she knew even less about history, but she did know these men could be dangerous, and that she really didn't have any other choice, but that didn't mean she had to like it. Until they could figure out how to work the trinket, which was still clutched in her hand, they were at the mercy of these people.

"We have an accord," she finally said. They really did need to stay on the move, because Buffy was sure the demon was in this time somewhere, and no doubt looking for them, or rather his trinket. Which they needed to hang on to it until they could figure it out and get back home, which meant avoiding the demon.

"Wonderful," Jack said, then turned to his crew. "Break out the rum."

Standing there with the wind lightly blowing, the air suddenly felt heavy, but only for a moment. Buffy realized she might be asked and have to do things she wouldn't normally do. She made two promises to herself. One that she would not be taken advantage of by Jack Sparrow, and two that she would not kill another human. Those two things she simply would not do no matter what.

~ * ~ * ~
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