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Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes: The Sequel

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Summary: After leaving the Spook Squad, Buffy thought she'd be able to settle in with her friends and enjoy her new life, instead everyone seems to be plotting against her. Her only comfort is the fact that she no longer has to go out and fig...FullSummaryInside

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Chapter One

Full Summary: After leaving the Spook Squad, Buffy thought she'd be able to settle in with her friends and enjoy her new life, instead everyone seems to be plotting against her. Her only comfort is the fact that she no longer has to go out and fight every night of her life, though that would certainly be easier than having to deal with the vampire Asher who wants to be a father to her. Or the Master of the City, Jean-Claude, who wants her involved in an orgy of power and sex, then there's Willow... Being pulled in so many directions proves to be too much for Buffy and she realizes that she needs the help of a new old friend to sort things out. Of course, for Buffy things rarely go according to plan.

WARNING: This story is the sequel for Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes - you should read that fanfic before attempting to read this one.

Note: I admit I was and still am very happy with the last chapter of S,L,&AU, actually I'm personally happy with the entire story, but I've always been aware that the story wasn't over. In my wildest dreams I never thought it would take over two years for me to get to this, and I do feel terrible about that, but if the inspiration ain't there it ain't there.

DISCLAIMER: A: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer - B: I do not own Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter - C: I do not own the X-Files. Nor am I in any way associated with anyone who does, nor am I making any profit off of this.

One last thing - I've rated this fanfic PG-13 for now, but the rating may go up in later chapters. By the same token it may not, I'm just not sure how violent/sexual things will get right now.

Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes: The Sequel
~Chapter One~
Proofread, but unbeta'd

For one wonderful (blissful even) month, Buffy had been able to put the matter of Asher and being her father out of her mind. As an added bonus they hadn't heard anything from Jean-Claude or any of his people either. Apparently, her time was up and now she was going to have to deal with all those pesky little things she'd been all to happy to ignore.

Before her was proof enough that her time was up. Asher was standing at the door, and if Buffy wasn't mistaken, he looked disappointed. She wondered, for a moment, if he'd actually expected her to come to him.

Asher looked directly and disturbingly at her for several long moments before speaking. "I've been expecting you to come to me."

"Well, I've been busy," she snapped. It was rude, even for her, but she didn't feel like playing nice.

Finally, when it become clear he wasn't going to leave, only stand there and stare, Buffy finally motioned him into the house and moved away from the door.

When she looked back Asher was smiling, almost as though he understood. Buffy wasn't buying it, he couldn't possibly understand.

"You didn't know, then?" He said once she sat down.

"You might as well make yourself comfortable," Buffy said, and knew she sounded grumpy, but there was no help for that. At least her voice wasn't quite so hateful - he should be grateful for that.

"And, no, I only recently learned I was a half-vampire," Buffy paused and sighed. "As far as I knew, Hank Summers is my father."

Asher nodded. "Then I am sorry this was sprung on you so suddenly."

Buffy accepted that he meant that.

"I met your mother when I was visiting California with the council," Asher spoke and while Buffy still wasn't happy, she realized she was actually interested in hearing this, especially because this was something about this reality she didn't all ready know. "I'm afraid I was feeling lonely..."

Buffy tensed, and wondered if he was about to admit to raping her mother. For his sake, Buffy hoped that wasn't the case. Father or not she would kill him on the spot.

"Otherwise I would not have, how do you say? Had a fling with your mother. She was the first person," a long pause, "in a very long time."

Buffy allowed herself to relax a bit, clearly he hadn't raped her mother.

"Who looked at me and didn't care about the scars. She saw them and proceeded to inform me that she hoped the people who did this to me were dead, because if they were not she would seek them out and take revenge for me."

Buffy smiled, while she knew her mother had been a little wild in her younger days, she hadn't realized how easily the Powers could use that to make everything make sense. And no matter the universe, Buffy could easily see her mother saying and doing exactly what Asher was telling her.

"I'm afraid that I was not able to resist her. Your mother was quite forceful when she put her mind to something."

Buffy almost laughed. Boy, did she know that.

"When I told your mother that I wouldn't be around long, she informed me that she didn't care," now Asher frowned. "I did not know until you came to town that there had been a child. For that I am sorry, had I known I would have broken away from the council and stayed and helped her raise you."

Even knowing that it would have been impossible for him to do such a thing, Buffy couldn't stop the feeling of warmth that washed over her. It was nice to know that at least one father actually wanted to hang around.

Asher was getting to her, and she realized that if she weren't careful she might start to accept that he was her father and completely forget about her real father. She simply couldn't let that happen, because it was just wrong. Even though Hank Summers hadn't been a large part of her life, he'd still been a part of it, and to completely forget him would, Buffy believed, be a complete betrayal.

Asher seemed to realize she was tensing up again, because he proceeded to change the subject, which was a plus and a minus. He was asking about her life, and while Buffy was reluctant to reply at first, then her sense of fair play kicked in. Since he'd told his story, it was really only fair that she tell hers.

Finally, they lapsed into silence, and Buffy realized with something of a shock that she wasn't uncomfortable with Asher right now. Perhaps she could let him into her life a little bit without betraying her father. She could tell that Asher really wanted to be a part of her life, and at the moment, she wasn't as against that as she'd been since learning the truth.

Out of the corner of her eye and standing just outside the door, Buffy saw Willow standing there wearing a big grin.

"My reason for coming is two-fold, I'm afraid," Asher said and he was looking serious enough to worry Buffy now. "I did try and warn you before that Jean-Claude wouldn't let things rest long. I was correct. He has finally convinced Anita to test the connection and power between the six of you."

Buffy tensed and was pleased to note that Willow was no longer smiling. She decided that she just loved being contrary sometimes, and that this was one of those times.

"To be honest, I am a bit surprised that Anita gave in to him so quickly. I expected her to hold out for at least three more months."

"Lose a bet, did we?" Buffy couldn't resist teasing him a bit.

Asher nodded, and then turned serious again. "My main purpose here is to warn you - Jean-Claude will turn it sexual if he can."

Buffy frowned. "Why?"

"There's a persistent rumor going around about you spending a weekend with Narcissus," Buffy was glad to see that while he didn't look pleased, he wasn't going to lecture or judge her. "I suspect, that has made Jean-Claude more curious about you than he would otherwise be."

~ * ~ * ~

The next evening, upon waking Willow's face was the first thing she saw. Before Buffy could move, Willow said that when Buffy was ready to meet she and Xander in the living room. They needed to talk, she'd said, and with those words Buffy wanted to remain in bed. While she couldn't be sure, she suspected what Willow wanted to talk about just wasn't something Buffy was remotely ready to address - let alone deal with.

Once they were all seated, Buffy took a moment to feel just a tad defensive about the way they were seated. Xander was beside Willow on the other side of the sofa, while Buffy was all alone on her side. Okay so they'd already been seated, and she had chosen to sit opposite them, she really shouldn't be this upset.

Willow took a deep breath and Buffy braced herself. Xander, to Buffy's surprise, was sporting a knowing grin.

"You know," Willow said. "Before we test our power with Jean-Claude and friends, we should really resolve some issues between the three of us."

"Such as?" Okay, Buffy knew she was being dense on purpose, but a part of her knew this would change everything between them, and she just wasn't ready for that. Wasn't sure she'd ever be ready for that.

The look Xander and Willow were giving her wasn't pretty.

"Okay," Buffy finally said. "But why do even need to meet Jean-Claude or work this out right now? Just because Anita finally agreed doesn't mean we have to."

"Your... Er, Asher's right, you know," Willow said. "Jean-Claude isn't going to let this go for much longer. Honestly, like Asher, I'm a bit surprised he's waited a month," she paused.

"I just think we should work our issues out before involving ourselves in theirs," Willow looked directly into her eyes, and Buffy barely suppressed the urge to squirm. "Eventually Jean-Claude will force the issue, and then... Well, it could get messy, especially if we haven't worked things out first."

Xander nodded, and Buffy knew they were right, but she still wasn't ready for this.

"Fine!" Buffy snapped, and almost flinched, she hadn't meant to sound so harsh. She modified her voice when she spoke again. "But I don't see why it has to be sexual. And, if it does, why that has to be an issue for us."

Again, she knew, she was being dense on purpose, and again it was clear her friends knew it.

However, for a moment there was blissful silence, but only for a moment.

"Could you really just have sex with us and...," Willow broke herself off. Aside from her voice cracking on the word you, the tone had been neutral. The expression on her face was anything but, this was clearly very important for Willow, but Buffy couldn't understand why.

"I don't see why not," Buffy said, and was glad that she only sounded slightly defensive. "What's a little sex between friends?"

Buffy actually frowned at herself. She meant to lighten the mood, not what the three of them meant to each other. Thankfully, it seemed, Xander and Willow were taking that in the spirit she intended and not taking offense. On the other hand, Buffy couldn't help but wonder why Willow believed it would be so bad if they just had sex with strings attached, Buffy personally thought it would be better that way.

"Could work," Xander said. "We could be buddies with benefits."

Willow leveled a glare at Xander, and it suddenly became clear that this was a more major issue for Willow than it was Xander, and yet Buffy still didn't understand why.

"Look," Buffy said and took a deep breath. "I love you guys, I really do. You know I do. But I just... I'm just not ready to declare that I'm yours forever, or anything like that. I'm sorry, but I just can't."

Willow's expression softened, and Buffy relaxed slightly.

"I suppose I can live with that," Willow finally said. "For now."

And Buffy knew she meant it, because the tone along with the expression on her face suggested that this would come up again and sooner rather than later.

Still since it was resolved for now, Buffy allowed a grin to cross her face. She was glad that for now even if they had sex it wouldn't automatically become a major issue between them.

Then she almost sighed, she knew part of what was holding her back was her time with Narcissus. She didn't believe Xander and certainly not Willow would ever be able to do those things for her, and she just wasn't quite ready to close the door to them, not yet, maybe not ever. The question was would her best buds understand that, even if (when) things turned more serious between them?

Something about the expression on Xander's face told Buffy that he would be more likely to understand than Willow. At least Buffy hoped that in this instance she was reading him correctly, because if she was that meant he might be able to run interference between she and Willow.

~ * ~ * ~

Anita was not a happy camper. Somehow Jean-Claude had convinced her this little test of the sextet was necessary. For reasons she was still unclear on, she'd finally agreed. Now she was regretting that, but there was little she could do about it at this point; short of simply jumping out of a moving vehicle anyway. And anyone that knew her knew that was an option she'd never take, because she even made vampires buckle their seat-belts.

Which brought back the confusion over who was with them. Jason was driving, they'd agreed to meet at Xander's house for this. Anita suspected Jean-Claude had agreed to their request simply to put them at ease. She would have personally made them come to the Circus, but that decision hadn't been hers to make this time.

Jean-Claude was in the back-seat beside Asher who's presence was a surprise.

Last night before disappearing for the rest of the night, Asher had stormed into Jean-Claude's office and demanded to be there when they performed their little test, his words.

She got the impression that Asher was protective of one of the others, but Anita wasn't sure which one. Okay, she suspected it was Buffy, she just had no idea why. What pissed her off was that Jean-Claude seemed to know exactly why Asher was behaving the way he was, and hadn't yet saw fit to clue her in.

Anita turned her attention back in front of her, when she felt the car stop. Somehow the drive seemed faster than it should have. Of course, that was probably because she was dreading arriving and the fact that she'd been distracted by her own thoughts for most of the drive.

Now she was ready to put her foot down and remain in the car all night. However, she felt herself moving out of the car. For a moment, she wondered if Jean-Claude was controlling her somehow. But she knew that was impossible, because she'd seen enough to know that Jean-Claude couldn't actually control her. If he could, Anita knew there were things she would be doing whether she liked it or not.

No, she was probably moving because she'd never admit to being scared of anything, or at least nothing like this. And she wasn't scared now, not exactly. Where Jean-Claude insisted that he didn't share her lightly, Anita realized that she wasn't ready to share her boys with anyone. Yet here she was about to share with not only another man but two females. Anita and females rarely mixed, and she had perfectly good reasons to dislike the two females inside the house.

The witch, against Anita's wishes, had used her magic to free Richard from her and Jean-Claude, and even now Anita wasn't entirely sure she'd ever be able to forgive that. The other one had tried to take her place with RPIT, and even though the girl hadn't come back when the offer had been made, Anita couldn't forgive her. Because now Anita felt RPIT only called her in because they didn't have anyone else to call, not because she was the best woman for the job.

Speak of (or rather think of) the devil, Anita thought to herself as the young witch opened the door and invited them inside.

Anita looked again and saw that there was a slight blush on the witches cheek. She glanced to her side and realized Asher was exchanging a meaningful look with Buffy. It wasn't a sexual look, which surprised her. Perhaps she was wrong and Asher was actually feeling protective of she and Jean-Claude. She couldn't really make herself believe that though no matter how hard she tried.

"Should we do this here, petite sorcière?" Jean-Claude asked looking around the large living room.

The blush on Willow's face became more pronounced. "This test doesn't have to involve sex."

She sounded defensive and seemed hopeful that this wouldn't involve sex. Anita wished she could believe that herself, but every time magic and vampires mixed it always turned to sex in her experience.

Xander smirked. "If we have to, we can take this down to the basement."

Willow and Buffy were looking at Xander in surprise.

Xander shrugged. "After our little chat, I decided to do a little work downstairs. I've moved things around a bit. Of course, there's still no bed, but I did spread the training mats out over the center of the floor."

"Honestly," Buffy said and Anita picked up a hint of a whine. "I don't see why this is necessary. Can't we all just be happy with the power we all ready have. You know, doing this is just begging for trouble."

Anita saw Xander and Willow share a look.

"Aren't you the least bit curious?" Jean-Claude asked and Anita heard the surprise in his tone.

Buffy shook her head and Anita agreed with her. She herself would be all to happy to just walk away and forget all this. However, she knew short of an act of God this was going forward no matter what.

"Not remotely," Buffy said. "I have all the power I need." Anita heard the I don't need you or anyone else which Buffy hadn't said, though seemed understood by everyone.

Again Anita noted Willow and Xander sharing a look. Apparently, Buffy was being as difficult with them as she herself was with Jean-Claude. Anita suspected, but wasn't sure since she didn't know Buffy very well, that there was more going on than Buffy just being difficult about sex.

Given the rumors she'd heard about the girl spending a weekend with Narcissus, Anita had to admit sex probably wasn't the girls problem. So what was?

Anita shook her head, she really didn't care. What she did care about was Jason, and she realized that he was being awfully quiet during all this.

Of course, he'd been different since Willow's spell, more serious, less Jason. But there had still been hints of his previous character shinning through now and then, usually in a sexual situation such as this one. Okay, it wasn't sexual yet, but had the potential to turn that way. Right now, he was being entirely too serious for Anita's peace of mind.

Anita almost breathed a sigh of relief when Jason looked up, saw her watching and leered at her. He looked around the room, and then shrugged. Anita suddenly knew that Jason didn't care any more than she did whether or not they did this, but unlike she or Richard he was not inclined to argue or stand-up to Jean-Claude.

That thought almost made her smile. There was more than one reason she missed Richard. Somehow knowing Richard had had her back with Jean-Claude had been a comfort that she was only just realizing. Now that it and he was gone, she realized she needed someone with her that would be willing to stand with her against Jean-Claude.

Willow finally moved toward Jean-Claude, and Anita tensed, even though she knew the girl wasn't moving to attack. It seemed, to her, that Willow had decided the debate was pointless, and was going to get this show on the road.

Anita couldn't fault her for that, because it would be best to get this over with so they could all go their separate ways, possibly licking their respective wounds.

Xander moved forward with Willow, while Buffy didn't move a muscle. Anita realized it was a bit strange seeing two of them moving without the third. In tense situations she'd never known them not to move as a unit.

~ * ~ * ~

Note: I confess that I'm having more trouble than I expected getting back into this fanfic/universe. After going back rereading and doing a bit of editing to Sex, Lies, and Alernate Universes I had the feeling that the sequel would be easy as pie - I jotted down over two pages of notes, and everything seemed as though it was good to go... Then WHAM! I just can't seem to drop myself totally back into this universe/story. Hopefully, once I finish off PAV I will be able to devote more time to this fanfic and things will pick up.
Basically, I said all that to warn you that updates to this fanfic will (most likely) be really slow for the first bit, hopefully as I keep working things will come more easily, but if not it could take awhile before this fanfic is complete.
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