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A Faerie bad thing

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Summary: Buffy get's some assistance from an unlikely source, by unlikely I mean from the underground.

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Movies > LabyrinthStardustFR731,9120103,92312 Mar 0823 Mar 08No

And then there was dancing

Disclaimer: I think by now you should all know what it is. Me no own, because me have to work at video store for living.

fic here-

Buffy looked up as something twitched at the edge of her slayer sense, something was off but it wasn't a bad thing just different. She looked in the direction of the twitchy feeling and noticed the crystals floating there. One held an image of a fluffy ball gown with all the trimmings and sparkles that any dreamer would desire but would also be a pain to fight in should a fight be necessary. The second held a gown similar to the one she wore for senior prom, also summarily dismissed because of the unsuitability for any sort of actual fighting. The third though, the third crystal contained a dark green dress with what looked like a detachable skirt. For whatever reason, Jareth had something important involving her and she wasn't going to disappoint. "I like the way you think Jareth. Always thinking ahead of the pack." She said before reaching for the third crystal which had floated closer while it's siblings had changed and then merged with the crystal obviously chosen.

Then she was standing at the edge of an immense ballroom, where there were people dancing and smiling and a few were talking quietly at the scattered tables. Still not sure what to make of it all, and well nervous about what reason Jareth had for sending the crystals in the first place, Buffy made her way towards one of the emptier tables, her eyes darting around the celebrating throng as she wove her way through them.

Twice she thought she had spotted someone familiar, either Jareth or Dawn, but upon closer inspection of the female she had thought was her sister she realized it wasn't. In point of fact she truly wasn't sure what to think of the dark haired woman in pink, other then that she smelled of flowers and growing things. And then the thing that the woman had said, "The Labyrinth thanks you for coming." As though the maze was a living entity, but then again considering this was Underground, anything was possible.

Jareth smiled at the representative denizens of his kingdom. Water maidens were dressed in shades of blue and white, the Fae queen had emerged from whatever work she had been doing to welcome Buffy to the kingdom. And of course the Labyrinth had sent a representative, one of the flowers that bloomed in the maze was in attendance. Simply because while the Labyrinth was important to the kingdom, it was also a very big spirit and it was hard to contain in any normal spirit plane. He nodded to the flower who had spoken to Buffy, the only one to do so thus far, before touching Buffy on the shoulder and greeting her. "I'd paint you mornings of gold."

Buffy turned and found the blonde haired goblin king smiling at her, and looking handsome in the dark top and tight black pants, he was trying to make her more comfortable by not wearing glitter or sequins... or what she had termed horrible 80's make up that should have been phased out quite a while ago. She nodded at his unasked question, "Death is my gift, I think I'm ready to take a break from it."

Jareth seemed a little stunned by what she had said, "From what your sister said and what I've observed, there are many slayers out there for whom death is also there gift. And you've also died a few times already. Underground is usually very peaceful, I could use a queen who is ready for anything."

Buffy chuckled at his proposal, "How about we go sit and talk about this whole you wanting me to be queen thing. I had heard from Sir Didymus that you had gone above ground to woo Sarah. Did something occur to make that wooing difficult."

"She grew up and found someone who makes her happy, they are eccentric and creative together." Jareth shrugged, "she found and fulfilled a different dream then the one I had offered her."

Buffy nodded, "Teenager's do that sometimes. I know I thought I had found my happiness first with Angel, then with Parker and Riley and I know I had found some measure of happiness with Spike. But even then the happiness was tainted." Buffy tucked her hand through the crook of the offered arm. "Let's go sit and talk. I'm very interested in what's going through your head."

As the pair walked off the dance floor those who had been watching and whispering, drifted onto the floor in hopes that maybe, just maybe Jareth had found a suitable companion and queen.

And then there was dancing while at one secluded table, two blonde's sat and talked about propositions and proposals.

-end part.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Faerie bad thing" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Mar 08.

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