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A Faerie bad thing

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Summary: Buffy get's some assistance from an unlikely source, by unlikely I mean from the underground.

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Movies > LabyrinthStardustFR731,9120103,92012 Mar 0823 Mar 08No

Chapter One

General disclaimer: all properties herein described belong to either the property holder for Labyrinth or Joss Whedon. In other words, not me because then I wouldn't be counting every hour I work.

fic here-

Buffy looked down at note she had found on her sister's pillow a few days ago, apparently someone was willing to bargain for a slayer and while they did indeed go about it oddly, she'd been in the mood for something different to do battle with. However she wasn't expecting her guide to be so... what's the word? Oh yes non human. She wasn't being lead to the battle by a demon or anything quite so obvious, it was just a fox terrier, with an eye patch who like defending and doing battle, and riding into battle on a dog named Ambrosius. "So what happened again?" She asked her guide trying to clarify exactly why she was needed.

"The Goblin King went above ground in an attempt to woo the fair maiden Sarah. During his absence the faeries rebelled and took over the castle and have begun attacking en mass any time someone taller then a toddler's height attempts to enter the throne room. You are the best hope we have for reclaiming the castle and the kingdom for his majesty." Sir Didymus whistled for Ambrosius to come forward so that he could mount, "Brother Ludo has been unable to lure any of them outside to the gardens that are their home. And Friend Hoggle is trying to develop a more permanent faerie spray."

"And you want me to what, say I don't believe in faeries?" Buffy asked incredulously following beside the mounted Sir Didymus.

"Well no, most likely that would only infuriate the pesky brats into swarming and attacking you." Sir Didymus looked up at Buffy, "we would like you to do this slaying thing that has been whispered and screamed across barriers. Once the castle is free of the faeries, Jareth will be able to return and send you back above with whatever reward you set your heart upon."

"Do you lack in courage or fighting skills?" Buffy asked suddenly, "it'd be nice to have a partner again while facing these faeries. I think I might be interested in taking one of the carcasses home to have Dawnie examine."

"I am not lacking in courage milady. I would gladly fight beside you if it will allow the rightful king of the goblins to return."

"Then let's get going, I'm feeling hungry."

end fic.
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