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A Scooby in Space

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Summary: What if Xander was hired to train River to fly Serenity?

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Firefly > Xander-Centered(Recent Donor)TubbsMcGeeFR18620,19727435,52313 Mar 084 Dec 08No

Fists & Bruises

A/N: All Chinese swearin’ is followed with an English translation with * * on either side.

A/N2: This has been rattling around my head for the last few weeks and I've been writing this instead of my other stories (Sorry everyone!), I will get back to my other writings in due course, I just needed to get this one started to make way for the rest!

Disclaimer: Firefly and Buffy both belong to Joss. All hail the Man!...

Spoilers: Everything to do with Buffy and Firefly, if you know nothing about both... your kinda screwed!
And needless to say this comes after Serenity and Buffy season 7, period.

Please don't sue me, I don't have any money. This Christmas I was thinking, instead of spending money for gifts... I'd give everyone a hug, that's just as good as a brand new iPhone or Big screen TV, right...? Right?


His heart stopped at the thud, like an ice cold chill that run down his spine, worry crept into the pit of his stomach.

“Try it again!” Mal yelled.

River had Emma’s arms pinned in front of her with one hand, the other balled into a fist, repeatedly smashing into the girl’s face.

“It didn’t work the first time!” Simon yelled at the Captain. “Eta Kooram Nah Smech!” Simon yelled again.

His mind raced, pulling over all they had told him, there were so many, would they work? He tried to remember the others, other phrases he had been taught in case of more out bursts like this.

“Ain’t workin,” Mal turned to the merc. “Jayne!”

“Now girls...” Jayne growled grabbing River around the waist, pulling her away from Emma.

The merc was about to move her into a bear hug, but River turned a quick fist to his chin, cold cocking the big man. Jayne’s grip on the young girl instantly went slack, stumbling away as River continued with her assault on the other teenager.

“Il mio aeroscivolante è pieno di anguille!” Simon yelled trying a different phrase. “Qui habet aures audiendi audiat!” He shouted another. “Ta çhengey ny host ny share na olk y ghra! Nothing’s working!” he yelled as Emma threw River into the common room and out to the cargo hold. “Luga moja haitoshi!” Simon tried the last phrase he could think of as he watched with horror as they left his sight, his hands deep in the man’s insides. “River!” he called.

“Do as they said!” Mal yelled, pointing to the Doc and then his patent. “Close him up, Now! We’ll handle the girls.” He said nodding to Zoe as he stepped over Jayne as he slowly tried to get to his feet.

“I’m a’right, I’m… a’right…” Jayne mumbled from the floor as he fell back down.

“Fine!” Yelled Simon. “Just don’t shoot her”

“River…” Kaylee whispered.

“Kaylee, weave kit, now!” Simon said as he began to release clamps.


Blood was in the air as they tumbled into the open area of the cargo hold. Emma had River’s arm pined behind the small girl, throwing punch after punch into the pilots ribs. River gritted her teeth as each blow landed before elbowing the other girl in the face, Emma stumbling back into a pile of crates.

“I thought I heard a noise...” Inara said, stepping from her shuttle and out onto the catwalk, stopping instantly as she saw the two girls fighting. “River!” she called out, to the young girl as she was fighting a small blonde. No, wait, not blonde, she was a brunette now. Brunette hair, straight and in a pony tail. And then before her eyes the girl’s hair changed again, this time a darker shade, long and curly, free to move about as she fought. “River! Stop!” she called out again, grabbing the hem of her skirt as she began to run down the stairs.

River leaped again, her foot flying through the air and towards the other girl, the large heavy army boot aimed at the girls head. Emma blocked the kick, but wasn’t fast enough for the fist that followed a second later, the blow catching her in the side of her jaw. Emma grabbed her face as she staggered back before an almost feral grin began to form.

“This is so fun R!” Emma laughed as she dodged attack after attack. “Getting the blood pumping, almost as good as getting some thrust.” She said, throwing in a gyration of her hips to emphasise her point.

“You always were one for words.” River grinned back.

“What can I say; my hands and fists talk better.” replied Emma as they both flew around each other.

Inara reached the bottom of the stairs, watching the girls fight before blinking a few times. The other girl’s hair had changed again, back to the light brunette ponytail as before. Inara stood staring at the two pound on each other as Mal and Zoe entered. “Stop them!” she turned to Mal, making eye contact with the man, shooting him a look of worry before looking to Zoe.

“And how do you suppose I do that?” Mal said with a growl. “Jayne’s laying on the infirm’s floor after gettin involved.”


“Cut here!” Simon barked at Kaylee as he pulled the weave taught.

Kaylee moved quickly, snipping the bio-thread. “He still don’t look good.” She said, looking the man up and down.

‘That’s an understatement.’ Simon thought as he dropped the weave forceps down, before taking his gloves off. Xander’s belly was a mess, weaves everywhere, all red and swollen. If the man so much as thought about moving the wrong way he would split his gut wide open.

“It’ll have to do,” Simon sighed. “Wrap the weaves, bandage them, I’m gonna see if I can help…” he said dropping the dirty gloves into the bio hazard bin.

“Go!” Kaylee waved him off. “I’ll look after him.” She said picking up a roll of bandages from a shelf.

Simon took one last look at his girlfriend, gave her a warm smile and hurried out of the room, jumping over Jayne as he tried to get up again.

“Gorram girl’s a death of us…” he muttered as he got into a sitting position.

“To die… N-now t-that would be a… A g-grand adventure!” Xander grumbled from the table as Kaylee gasped, jumping backwards from the pilot. “D-don’t mean ta… Ta scare ya Willit.”

“No, no Alex, ya didn’t.” Kaylee said moving the bandage around the man’s belly.

“Liar…” Xander sighed. “Could always catch y-you in a lie Mei-mei.” He smiled.

“I never lied Alex,” she said as she continued to bandage him. “Bent the truth ever now ‘n then.”

“Don’t think ya Pa s-saw it that way,” he gave a pained smile.

“Yeah, well he ain’t ‘ere. If he were I’m sure he’d give you a talking to,” Kaylee said sternly. “So just lie there and let me finish up.”

“Where… Where’s Em?” he asked, the pain killer still coursing through his veins.

“Ahmm, talkin with River?” Kaylee sighed as she tightened the bandage. The words were barely out of her mouth when a loud crash of crates resonated from the cargo hold followed by grunts and Mal, Inara, Zoe and Simon shouting.

“What was...?” Xander murmured his eyes half closed. “There… Noise?”

“OK, not so much as talkin but as in screamin with their fists...” Kaylee cringed.

“What...?” Xander’s eyes snapped open. “Screamin Fist? Em’s where?”

“Out in the Cargo hold getting beat on by River.” Jayne grunted, pulling himself onto his feet. “Fugies all over again!”

“What?!?!” Xander yelled before grabbing at his belly, a sharp pain pushing through the medication. “Get me up!” he ordered, trying to stand.

“You’re not going anywhere Lallix.” Kaylee said pushing him back down. “We ‘moved the bullet frags, but Doc didn’t get to weave your insides back up. Looks like a 2300 Settlemont after a full rewiring job in there.”

Xander closed his eyes, muttering to himself as he lay back down again. “How long?” he asked, his hands holding his gut. “How long I been out? When they dope me?”

“Not sure, you don’t need ‘nother pop, do ya?” Kaylee said picking up the inoculation gun.

Xander’s hand shot out grabbing her wrist as she began to load a dose. He moved the gun above his head, her wrist unsteady in his hand as he tried to read the small bottle.

“Hiydrabenz...? Hellothyzzz...? Methometle...? Ok, big… Word… Dope.” He pushed her hand away, grumbling as he tried to sit up. “It’s-it’s always somthin...” he said to himself. “Big guy with the girl’s name!” he pointed to the big merc. “N-need ta get to t-the cargo h-hold...”

“I ain’t a girl!” Jayne growled.

“Don’t care!” yelled Xander.

Jayne grumbled, looking the man up and down, a look of distain at getting orders barked at him, especially from someone he just met.

“I’ll pay ya!” Xander yelled.

“Well, if it’s for coin…” Jayne moved to his side.


They were messing up his hold, no one was allowed to mess up his hold but him, and he sure as Sihnon wasn’t gonna be the one to clean up after ‘em. They needed to be stopped, and not just for their safety, he was worried they’d damage his cargo even more then they had already; there were expensive items in here. Protein, water, couple fuel cells, not to mention the few spare parts Kaylee had begged him to keep stock up, and if any of them got broke... Well they had better not. Mal had to stop the two girls and fast! But then again, what could he do? He’d already tried to grab them both and had received a double fist to the stomach from both girls. And short of pulling his gun and firing on them... Wait, that wasn’t such a bad idea. Well, it was but...

“I can’t watch this...” Inara squealed, and yet to her credit the woman didn’t turn away from the two girls.

By now Emma and River were circling each other, both waiting for the other to attack again. Each using the lull in the fight to rub bruises, move sprained joints and stretch tired muscles.

“Been a long time since I’ve stretched.” Emma said, cracking her back.

“That explains it then.” River deadpanned. “You’re a ruan mian mian.”

“I’ll show you a limp chicken!” Emma shouted as she stormed her opponent again, her fist catching River in the chin before the trainee pilot moved with the attack and elbowed her in the gut.

“We have to do something!” Inara said again, watching the two girls before turning to Zoe and then Mal.

“Short of shootin the two, I’m all ears.” Mal said pulling his gun, Zoe doing the same.

Both soldiers never saw them move, they only felt their hands empty as each gun was liberated from their grip. Mal and Zoe both looked in shock at their empty hands then at the two fighting girls as they spun around to face each other, Mal’s gun in River’s hand, Zoe’s in Emma’s, both firearms aimed at the other girl’s head.

“River!” Simon cried entering the hold. “Put the gun down Mei-mei.”

“Listen to your dear brother little one.” Mal said calmly.

“You gave her your gun?” Simon turned on the Captain.

“No!” Mal said sternly. “She snatched it from me.”

“Emma got mine,” Zoe added. “Weren’t nothing we could do.”

“That makes it all better, Mei-mei, Emma,” the doc said turning first to his sister then the other girl. “Stop, please… We’re all friends here.”

“Yes, Friends,” Inara added. “Enough fighting, there is no need for hostility.”

“Right, yes, what she said.” Mal let out a breath before taking a step towards the two girls.

The sound was quick, no one truly believing what they were seeing or hearing, but each person knew what had just happened. Both girls had pulled the hammers back on the guns, the firing pins locking in place with a click so large it seemed to weigh a ton; the dual clicks echoed around the large room, everyone drawing a large unison breath, each spectator holding it, everyone’s blood running cold from the noise.

“Enough!” a shout from behind the group yelled. “All of you, enough!”

“I tried to stop ‘im,” Kaylee sighed as Jayne hobbled into the hold with a struggling Xander hanging off of him. “But he’s gotten stubborn in his old age.”

“We don’t use guns!” Xander half coughed, half yelled.

Everyone gave him a strange look at his comment.

“Well, ok… We do, but only when we have to. When we fist fight we don’t use guns. Guns, Bad, Fists, Good…” Xander bellowed as Jayne lowered him onto the bench press. “Both of you, drop ‘em.”

Simon, Mal, Inara and Zoe each turned to the man, then back to the girls as they heard the guns fall to the ground at their feet.

“How in the…?” Mal said as he quickly snatched his gun from the ground and began to remove the bullets, Zoe doing the same.

“Her Watcher…” River said looking at the wounded man, her face bloody and swollen.

“I ain’t been one of them in a long time,” Xander wheezed sitting up straighter, holding his belly.

“Teacher?” River asked, cracking her sore neck.

“Yes.” Xander began to rub his belly.

“In more ways than one,” Emma gave a pained smile, her face as broken and swollen as Rivers. “In more ways than…”

“You be quiet!” Xander almost growled, turning an angry look at his half broken assistant. “You should know better, letting emotions well over you. Why would you let that happen?”

“I’m sorry Xand…” Emma began.

“I don’t want you to be sorry; I just want you to be careful.” He said fatherly. “Both of you, to the infirmary,” he ordered pointing behind him. “Doc, can you see to them?” he asked as both girls passed the group slowly, each watching the floor.

Simon watched them go then gave a glance to Xander and finally to Mal. The Captain nodded once and Simon began to follow his sister, Kaylee following him as he strode past her.

“Old age?” Xander questioned with a small smile as Kaylee left his side, she too smiling.

“Old age.” She replied, sticking her tongue out at her old friend.

Mal, Zoe, Inara, and Jayne stood watching Xander for a few seconds, his breathing slowly moving from short pained gasps to longer eased breaths. Mal looked to his gun and the bullet cartridge in his hand. He thumbed them both before opening his mouth.

“How in the Sphincter of hell did…” he began pointing to where the girls had been fighting.

“Would have stopped it sooner,” Xander gasped as he fought to sit upright. “But someone pumped me full of dope.” He said sternly, looking about the crew.

“Dope?” Mal said as if that was the least of the pilot’s worries.

“It’s hard to get a clear head with that stuff floatin round your system.” He pointed at his head.

“That’s the other thing,” Mal pointed at Xander. “How are you ‘wake right now?”

“Or able to sit up?” Inara added.

“And not doubled over in pain?” Zoe added.

“And why the crazy one and the other start beatin on each other?” Jayne added.

“And how did you stop them!?” Mal said again.

Xander patted his bandaged belly, looking at them all then letting out a sigh. He leaned forward and slowly began to rise to his feet. At the last minute Jayne reached forward, stretching out a hand to help the pilot, Xander just slapped his hand away. He stood hunched for a second before straightening, gritting his teeth for a second before smiling at them. “Ah… I’m lucky?” Xander shrugged, rubbing his belly before shuffling slowly towards the med lab.

“Lucky!?” they all shouted as he left.


He swabbed the blood from his sister’s lip, his own face screwed up as he concentrated on the job at hand and not the tirade that was bubbling around in his head.

“Simon sweetie, you need to calm down,” Kaylee said as she scanned Emma’s ribs, her voice full of worry. ‘Their fine.”

“Fine?” Simon yelled turning on her. As soon as he had opened his mouth he instantly regretted it. The look of shock on Kaylee’s face was a knife to his chest. “Kaylee I didn’t mean…” he began to stammer. “You know I would never… I, I…”

“No… It just… You shouldn’t…” Kaylee began to tear up slightly as she went back to scanning Emma’s ribs.

“What are you snapping at her for?” Emma shouted at Simon, grabbing her side in pain. “It was me and River who were beating the crap out of each other.”

“Emma,” Kaylee smiled sweetly to the girl. “I know he didn’t mean nothin by it.” She sniffed.

“Kaylee…” Simon began.

“Boob!” River said hitting him on the shoulder.

“You’re no better,” Simon rounded on his sister. “Fighting? You both were beating the living daylights out of each other. And for what?” he said going back to swabbing his sister’s lip. “Why did you start anyway? Was it Xander’s injuries? All the blood?”

“No!” Emma answered.

“No,” River shook her head. She instantly regretted the action, her head feeling like her brain was rattling around the cockpit of an out of control skiff. “No… Not at first.”

“Yeah…” Emma agreed. “Not at first… But after a while…” she said biting her bottom lip and wiggling on the bench. “It was just, uagh!” she thrust her hips forward. “Getting the blood pumping, its better then Se…”

“Oh my god...” Kaylee interrupted as she watched the almost feral grin wash over Emma’s face.

“Oh my God!” Emma gasped, raising a hand to her face in embarrassment. “No… I didn’t mean… I would never… Stuff like that does not turn me on… I’m… It’s just…”

“Felt threatened.” River blurted out quickly trying to cover for Emma. “New girl on board, same age, pretty,” she looked to her feet. “With a new brother with her… New pilot… Might not need the moon brain and her protective boob brother…”

“Mei-mei…” Simon pulled her into a hug.

“Oh sweetie…” Kaylee left Emma’s side and joined the hug. “They’re not here to replace you, or your brother. They’re here to teach you.”

“Yes,” Simon cooed. “They’re here to help you, to teach you to fly as good as Wash…”

“Yes,” Xander said from the doorway. “I’m here to teach you, Wash would have wanted it this way.” He said with a smile. “Well… The flying part anyway, the fist work just would have weirded him out.”

“Are we in trouble?” River pouted breaking the hug.

“Depends on your Brother there.” Xander nodded his head at Simon.

“Are ‘we’ in trouble?” Emma asked.

Xander looked at her and took her hint. “Their asking questions…” He sighed.

“The right ones?” Emma asked worried.

“Only one, it’s safe.” He said sternly to her, Emma let out a sigh of relief, but she tensed back up as he shook his head slowly in disappointment. “And I assume the other question will be ‘how are the girls?’” he said turning to Simon.

“Yes, well…” Simon said going back to the job at hand. He looked from one med screen to another, each with readouts and images of the girl’s bodies. “No broken bones, torn ligaments or internal bleeding, but there’ll be bruises and a few sore muscles for a couple of days. You both will have to take it easy for a day or two.” He said looking over the scans.

“Good, we got a course laid in?” Xander asked River as Simon turned back to treating her lip.

“Straight and true,” River said flying a hand through the air. “Heading back to The Yard.”

“The Yard…?” Xander pondered to himself.

“Days ride at a fast gallop,” River explained. “Back to ones lost.”

“Huh?” Emma cocked her head to the side as Kaylee mopped a cut to her arm.

“Oh… The Yard…” Xander chuckled softly before his face turned sullen. “Oh… The Yard…” he said understanding.

All of them bowed their heads for a moment, Emma looking at them all with a strange look on her face. She didn’t like not knowing about things.

“What are you talking about?” Emma asked.

“I’m done here.” Kaylee said taping the small bandage over the cut on the girls arm.

“Good,” Xander motioned for Emma to hop off the bench and follow him.

“Wait!” Simon said sternly.

“What?” Xander questioned as he stopped mid step.

“I’m not finished with you Mr. Harris.” Simon said sternly. “I want to check you haven’t popped a weave, and I would really like to fix you up properly, it’s amazing you’re even able to stand and walk, let alone talk without screaming in pain.”

“OK, because we just met I’ll say this once,” he said seriously. “One, it takes a little more than my gut being ripped apart for me to stay put for too long. Two, I don’t take too kindly to Doctors tellin me what to do after getting hurt, there have been too many to count tellin me what to do and after a while it just starts getting old, your job is to patch me up quickly, I’ll do the rest. And Three, Mr Harris is my Dad, I’m just Xander… Or Xand, or Alex, or Lallix,” he nodded to Kaylee. “Or X, or H, or XH, or Matey, or Sparrow, or Fury, or Cyclops, or Scott. Or Winters, don’t ask about that one, a friend thought it would be a funny code name for me while travellin with her older sister. And lastly, just plain… Old… Harris.”

“What happened to LaVelle?” Kaylee asked.

“That’s just for family Willit.” He smiled.

Simon looked at the man slack jawed as Xander just smiled back at Kaylee then turned sternly back to him.

“We clear Doc?” Xander reached a hand out for the man to shake.

“Crystal,” Simon said taking the hand reluctantly. “Murky, unpolished, dusty, unperfected specks floating in the glass Crystal.” He said sarcastically.

“Yeah, sums it up about right.” Xander said shaking the Doc’s hand. “Willit, can you show me to my quarters? I feel like a bit of a lie down.”

“Sure.” Kaylee said taking her gloves off and moving to the common room.

“Lie down…? No lecture?” Emma asked grabbing their bags.

Xander smirked as they moved towards the guest quarters. “Oh don’t worry Em, the lecture will come, make no mistake, it’ll come.” He warned her, his smirk grew bigger as he heard her groan behind him.


“Sir?” Zoe raised an eyebrow at the Captain.

Mal was standing in front of her, hands on his hips staring her down, his brow furled.

“Are we gonna have a problem with him?” Mal repeated to his First Mate. “Cos if we are… We’re still lickin our wounds from the last time we got caught up in someone else’s battle, and we’re still runnin from the fallout, case in point with Badger turnin Rat!” He said in frustration. “Harris was a buddy of Wash’s from flight, they were the closest of close back in the day, and I get it.”

“Thank you Sir.” Zoe crossed her arms.

“Wash always compared his flyin to only one other man, Harris,” Mal continued, pointing back to the infirmary. “And I’ll admit, he was a dead shot back there with the purple bellies, but his little Charge brawlin with River…? Should we be worryin? Should I be droppin him and the girl off at the closest moon?”

“Was a might unsettlin his shoutin for ‘em to stop,” Jayne said, a small shiver moving down his back. “And them actually listenin!”

“Won’t have any trouble Sir,” Zoe said sternly.

“You sure?” Mal laughed. “Cos I don’t feel like goin on no adventures in the near future.”

“It was kinda fun,” Jayne shrugged. “Fightin, shootin folk, getting shot, runnin for your life, kill the other man for he kills you, all the while ‘splosions goin off.” He grinned widely.

“Running for your life from mad men who want to kill you, eat you, rape you and sew your flesh into their clothes…” Inara looked at the Merc wide eyed. “Yes, I can see the attraction immediately.” She folded her arms looking the man up and down.

“Ok, so fun in a terrifyin, we’re all gonna die kinda way.” Jayne shrugged again.

“If a problem turns up…” Mal warned.

“Air lock and the big black or first clump of dust called a moon.” Zoe said sternly. “Agreed”


“Night ya’ll” Kaylee smiled as she closed the door to their quarters.

“Night Willit.” Xander smiled as he dropped his bag onto the bed.

“Night.” Emma smiled, dropping the rest of their stuff in the corner of the room.

The door closed and Xander turned a stern look at his assistant. Emma smiled weakly, fiddling with a strap of a bag before looking at her feet.

“OK, front and centre,” Xander pointed to the ground. “Right now!”

“Huh?” Emma feint innocence and looked at him weirdly.

“I know your there,” he said looking at the girl. “I can read the body language, You can’t fool me, I know you too well.”

“Come one X,” Emma said putting her hands on her hips. “Just greeting the girl into the fold.”

“Faith, I knew it, I knew it was you.” Xander sighed as Emma shimmered in front of him, the rouge slayer now standing before him. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Faith crossed her arms as she looked the man up and down, her eyes bright, her mouth cocked in a sly grin. “Just seeing what she can do, babe. See what her skills are.” She said rubbing her chin. “Girl can hit.”

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done to us?” Xander threw his hands in the air. “If they were weary of us before with Badger…”

“Badge is a self important rodent.” Faith spat at the name. “Every demon in his clan was, even back in the day. I never liked them and their obsession with you.”

“It wasn’t an Obsession…” Xander smiled.

“Yeah it was,” Faith placed a hand on his shoulder. “Your accident, them swearing to help hide you…”

“You were just jealous; they wanted to take me from you…” Xander smiled sadly.

“Not Jealous per say...” Faith smiled back, Xander just gave her a look. “Ok, fine. Jealous, right word, I was just getting use to you and me and a relationship, opening up in a way I never have with a guy...”

“It was the eye patch, wasn’t it?” Xander pointed to his eye. “Chicks dig the pirate look.”

“Something like that,” Faith grinned, Xander giving her his own goofy smile. “But then you had the accident, and they came in, whole clan of ‘yes Sir’, ‘no Sir’, ‘what service can I perform for you old one Sir.”

“Yeah, well, times have changed. Badger ain’t quite like the clan members back from your time.” Xander said concerned again. “He’ll help hide me like they always did, but… He’ll look out for himself first.”

“Slimy little…”

“Don’t change the subject,” Xander said. “We were talking about you and how you decide to have a little one on one time with River…” he pointed towards the hold. “Are you trying to sabotage us?”

“No…” Faith said sighing. “I was just… Looking in, making sure.”

“Making sure of what?”

Faith looked to her feet again before moving around the room in a fast pace. “I…” Faith said worriedly. “We’re all concerned, everyone.”

“Everyone?” Xander asked.

“The old gang,” Faith paced. “B, G man, Red, The Littlest Summers…” Faith told him. “There ain’t been a calling in a lifetime or two…”

“Or three.” Xander said glumly.

“Exactly.” Faith turned on him. “You’re the last of the olds, for a calling to happen… We wanted to be sure.”

“And?” Xander asked. “You had to do that by fighting?”

“Well…” Faith looked uneasy. “N-no…”

“You had to do that by taking over Emma?” Xander sighed.

“I didn’t take her over completely.” Faith whined. “I only… Influenced her.”

Xander looked away from her, anger welling up inside. He let out another sigh before sitting down on one of the beds.

“And this was Giles’ idea? This is what you and the others decided was the best way to test her?”

Faith began to speak, then stopped, not sure of her words. “I… well… I might have been working alone in this…” she said hesitantly.

“Faith.” Xander exhaled heavily. “Come on honey...”

“Never liked you calling me that.” Faith warned.

“And I don’t like being thrown from an airlock,” he warned back. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to get back in?” he sighed again. “You need to go Faith, right now.”

“What?” Faith crossed her arms again.

“Giles. Let me talk to Giles,” he said reaching for her hand, giving it a squeeze. “I want to hear from him. Send me Giles.”

Faith looked at him for a second before giving him a small smile. At once her image shimmered again; Emma stood there, her hand still in his. She shimmered once more and the tall Ex-Librarian stood before him, all glasses, neck ties and British stiff.

“Hey G Man,” Xander smiled.

“Evening Xander,” Giles sighed at the retched nickname. “Faith was out of line in her actions.”

“Good, we agree on something.”

“Quite... Ah, why are you holding my hand Xander?” Giles asked looking down at their entwined hands.

Xander let go of the other man’s hand as if stung, both men looking away, Xander let out a small cough, Giles took off his glasses and proceeded to polish them with his handkerchief.

“So, River...” Xander said uneasy.

“Yes,” Giles replaced his glasses. “The girl Wash called you to train, amongst other things, to pilot the ship.” he looked about the small quarters.

“Did you learn anything useful?” Xander asked quickly. “Why he wants me to train her in more than flying?”

“Well... Er...” Giles began. “No...”

“She almost... Kicked off...” Xander began, anger swelling again. “She did this all the time when we were together!”

“Faith was a bit rash I’ll give you that...”

“You think?”

“But it wasn’t all a loss...” Giles raised a hand.

A/N - (Whistles) Whoa, I haven't updated in a while, guess RL got in the way for a while... And its nearly the end of the year too! Many happy wishes to everyone out there (no matter what you celebrate) from me and mine to you and yours... I promise not to get so far behind in the new year, fingers crossed. As always, please review, I love getting the emails in my Inbox saying some one has reviewed one of your stories, I get so nervous, but then I read them and I smile. So thanks to those who have left their feedback, to the rest, come on, give it a go.

P.S. If anyone can guess the languages Simon is speaking at the start of this chapter, you get a cookie! (2 if I've made a mistake with them and you point it out!)

Tubbs McGee

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