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The Ties That Bind

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Summary: Jessica Harris has been hiding her past. In true Hellmouth style, the past comes back with a vengeance, bringing a family that Xander knew nothing about.

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Anime > NarutoRebelgirlFR1523,8593186,58814 Mar 0817 Mar 08No

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Right, I'm working on the assumption that the ER layout is the same as an A&E setup. I've absolutely no idea of the American system, but I've spent enough time in various A&E depts., (both sides of the curtains to have a very good idea of what goes on in the English system.)

*** *** ***

At the clatter of the nurse fainting on the floor, Baki turned around, and seeing who it was, dashed across the room, reaching her before the other members of staff could.

“Ya don't think this is who we're looking for, do you?” Temari asked, shocked to see so much emotion on the stoic ninja's face.

“Yukio, Yukio. It's Baki. Wakeup,” Baki was saying as he gently patted her on the face. She came round slowly, clutching her head.

“No, it's got to be a dream,” she whimpered to herself. “Claire, call Xander. I need Xander here.”

“Ok, I'll get Xander,” one of the other nurses said to her, and shot a frightened look at Baki as she ran for the phone.

“Yukio, I'm really here,” Baki said softly as he picked her up. “Where do you want me to put her?” he asked one of the doctors who was hovering protectively nearby.

“Oh, er, this way, please,” and he led them towards an empty cubicle, and then promptly tried to kick Baki out. Who was having none of it.

“I've come too far to leave now. So forget it,” he said fiercely, glaring them into submission.

At that moment, Claire popped her head round the curtains. “Jess, Xander's on his way. He was only two blocks over, so he'll be here really soon.”

“Thanks Claire,” Jessica said with a watery smile, then the smile vanished as a commotion started outside. “Xander,” she whispered.

*** *** ***

Xander had run all the way to the hospital, his heart in his mouth when he'd received the call from the ER that his mother had collapsed at work. He was on one of his solo patrols, so he had no choice but to take his axe with him.

As he skidded in to the ER, he had no idea of the wild picture that he presented, or how the rest of the people in the waiting room might react to seeing a teenage boy armed with an axe. And as no one had warned the younger three sand ninja's that Xander was coming, never mind that he was armed, the results were spectacularly, loud.

Temari attacked first, ignoring the fact that the ER staff hadn't batted an eyelid at Xander's unorthodox entrance, and were actually on their way over to greet him, when she threw three kunai's at him. She was mildly surprised when he caught one, blocked another and dodged the third. So she unslung her fan and swung it at him, knowing that she couldn't use a jutsu in a hospital waiting room.

“I don't fucking need this,” Xander snarled at her as he used his axe to block the fan that would've beaned him right across the head, the resulting clang of iron on iron bringing security running. The resulting shouts from security brought his mother's friend Claire running out of cubicle 2.

“Xander! Oh my god!” she cried as she saw Xander fighting with Temari. “Stop it! Jessica's asking for you!” She turned then and ran back into the cubicle, “can you stop that girl? She's fighting Xander!” she screamed at Baki.

Jessica sat up then and screamed, “Xander!”


Baki shot out of the cubicle then and bellowed “Enough!” It was enough to stop both teenagers from fighting, and the security guards that were fighting with Gaara and Kankuro to get to Temari and Xander.

Xander then took advantage of the lull to dart past everyone to try get to his mother, but Baki took him down. Hard.

As Xander lay wheezing on the floor, Jessica climbed off of the trolley and walked up behind Baki, and brained him one.

“What did you do that for, woman?” he shouted at her.

“That's my son, you fool!” she screamed at him, taking satisfaction in the way that he blanched and stepped backwards. He remembered her temper. Problem being he didn't go back far enough. The next hit he took off of Jessica sent him to his knees.

Temari unfolded her fan and stood in a fighting stance as Xander climbed to his feet, “mom, are you ok?” he asked her, axe held loosely in his left hand, ignoring the chaos around him for the moment.

Jessica smiled at him, “I'm fine. I just had a bit of a shock is all. Claire,” she turned to her friend who was looking at her like she had two heads at this point. “Is family room 1 free?”

Claire just nodded mutely at her. “Good,” Jessica said as she grinned maliciously, and shot her hand out and grabbed Baki by the ear. “You, with me. Now!”, and dragged him off with her. “Xander, you too.” Then she stopped and looked at the remaining three sand ninja's, “well? Are you coming or not?” she said archly.

Xander decided to keep his mouth shut for once in his life and follow his mother's lead. He walked past her, knowing the room where she was aiming for and opened the door.

“In,” she said to Baki, and let go of his ear and glared at him until he walked into the room. Xander was struggling not to laugh at this point, he got the feeling that it wouldn't go down very well with any of the weirdly dressed strangers.

Kankuro looked at Gaara, “what now?” he asked quietly.

“We follow, and find out who she is, and why she has such a hold on Baki,” his younger brother brother said, equally quietly, as they too went to enter the room.

“Why are you here, Baki?” Jessica asked, standing across the room from the entourage from Suna. “Why now, and why here?”

Baki looked up at her, face blank again, “the Fourth's dead, Yukio. You can come home again.”

Jessica sighed, “I was banished. I have a life here. Not much of one, but a life none the less. And Alexander has to go to school, he has to come first.”

“Who's Alexander?” Temari asked, startling Jessica. She's forgotten that they wasn't alone.

“Er, I am,” Xander said, raising the hand that wasn't holding the axe. “And you are?”

“Temari, and these are my brothers. Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure, and Kankuro the Puppet Master,” she said, pride evident in her voice.

“Uh-huh, and that means absolutely nothing to me, babe,” Xander said at his most sarcastic.

Jessica stepped forward just as Temari was about to get aggressive again. “Are you the children of the Fourth Kazekage?” she asked softly, taking the wind out of Temari's sails.

“Yeah, we are, unfortunately,” Kankuro growled, glaring at Xander.

Jessica nodded, “Xander, be nicer to your cousins.”

“What!” was screeched at her by a shocked Xander.

“The Fourth Kazekage was my elder brother. He was a right bastard,” Jessica said sadly. “He banished me before you was born to live on the Hellmouth. Probably hoping I would die here. Have you found somewhere to stay yet?” she asked Baki, who just shook his head. “Then you're staying with us.”

“I don't need this shit,” Xander said, as he walked towards the door. “Mom, I'll be home later. I need to kill something.”

Kankuro perked up a bit at that point, so Jessica said, “ take your cousin with you. And don't kill one another.”

“Aw, fuck!” swore Xander. “C'mon then,” he said ungraciously to Kankuro, who shot out of the door after him.

As Xander stomped off through the ER, and Kankuro followed him, Jessica started to explain about life on the Hellmouth to the remaining ninja's. Kankuro would get the more brutal introduction. First hand experience.

“So, where we going then, cousin?” Kankuro sneered at Xander, after he caught up to him outside the entrance to the ER.

Xander looked him square in the eye, and shrugged, not really knowing what to make of this new cousin of his. “Well, the nest I was at earlier is probably gonna be a bust now, so we'll hit Willie's instead. Willie's Alibi Room is a demon bar. From what my mom said, you guys have been trained to fight since you can walk. Which is good, but some demons are different from others. Let's go,” and with that, he headed off.

“A demon bar? Cool!” Kankuro said with a large grin spreading across his face as he followed Xander into the night.

*** *** ***

By the time the pair of them reached Willie's, a tentative true had been reached between the two cousins, and Kankuro had agreed to let Xander take the lead, as he no idea what to expect when they walked through the doors.

When the pair of them pushed into the bar, Willie sighed, “What can I do for you kid?” he asked Xander.

“I need information, Willie. And I'm also introducing my cousin Kankuro to the local wildlife,” Xander said with a slightly sardonic look on his face. Kankuro just looked around in interest, filing everything away to tell the others about later.

Willie just shook his head, knowing that there was some hotheads in the bar that would take offense at that comment, and sure enough, at least one did.

“Wildlife are we?” a young vamp said, rising from the poker game that he was involved in. “And who the fuck are you, bloodbag?”

Xander turned to face him, face completely blank. “Who writes your lines dude? Cousin, that's a vamp. Corpse inhabited by a minor demon, I'd say a minion at best, easily killed by a wooden stake to the heart or decapitation. You can also kill them by fire and sunlight, highly allergic to garlic and holy water. You want him?” And Xander pulled a wooden stake out of the back pocket of his jeans, and offered it to Kankuro.

“I've got my own weapon's, cousin,” and Kankuro unslung one of the scrolls that were on his back. It was this motion that confused most of the clientèle in Willie's more than anything. With chakra strings extending from right hand, the Ant exploded from the scroll that he'd unrolled on the floor. “Watch this,” he said to Xander with a grin on his face, and with a twitch of his fingers, sent the Ant flying towards the mouthy and idiotic vampire.

“What the fuck is that?” the vampire was saying, as he backed away rapidly.

“Your death,” Kankuro said, as with another twitch of his finger, a set of blades popped out and severed his head, sending a shower of ashes to the floor.

Xander whistled in admiration, “Any other smartass's? Somehow I don't think I'm the only who wants a fight tonight?”

“You're just the Slayer's lapdog!” one of the more idiotic demons shouted.

“And this lapdog faced down Angelus, weaponless,” Xander said evenly, tightening his grip on his axe.

A few of the older demons backed up then and there, knowing the reputation of the Irish vampire, and knowing the sheer guts that it took to do such a thing. “Leave the boy alone, or you'll die. That look in his eyes, that's your death,” one of them told one of the more foolhardy vamps.

“I ain't afraid of no human!” was howled, and the idiot charged. Only to be met with an axe to the chest.

Kankuro summoned another two puppets, and a mini-riot then commenced, laying waste to the bar.

After all the demons had either been killed, or had fled, Xander said forlornly, “we only came for information,” as Kankuro burst out laughing and slapped him on the back.

“It was a good fight cousin. Now, where do you live again?”

“Oh, shit! Mom! She's gonna kill me!” Xander groaned when he saw the state of his clothes.

*** *** ***

When Xander and Kankuro eventually made it back to the Harris household, they were getting on much better. Xander had explained the rules of living on the Hellmouth to him, which he's accepted fairly well, they just needed to see how it went in practice, after all.

Jessica, who was now starting to get used to being called Yukio for the first time in nearly 19 years, looked up when she heard the front door open. “And what the hell happened to you?! Have you been to Willie's again”

Xander had a hunted look on his face as he looked everywhere but at his mother, as Kankuro struggled not to laugh at him.

“I give up, I really do. Baki, I want you to start training him tomorrow if he's gonna be so goddamned stupid,” she said in exasperation. That was it for Kankuro, he lost it and nearly collapsed on the floor.

“But Aunt Yukio, he's quite good for being basically untrained,” he said as he gasped for air.

“I know he's basically untrained,” she said in annoyance. “His librarian friend trains his Slayer friend, Buffy, and to a lesser extent, Willow. But Xander always gets ignored.”

“But you've got some sweet moves there, Xan,” Kankuro said in confusion, “and they look natural, where did you learn them?” Temari looked a little confused, whilst Baki just looked intrigued by this statement.

“Halloween possession last year. I went as a soldier, and everything stayed,” Xander shrugged.

“Good you've got a solid grounding at least,” Baki said. “Yukio, he's not going to school tomorrow, he's mine for the day. I wanna see what I can do with him, and what you've taught him.”

“Fair enough,” she shrugged. “By the way Xander, Tony gets out of prison tomorrow-”

“What about the restraining order?” Xander asked as he went to sit down.

“Don't you dare sit down in those clothes! He'll probably ignore the restraining order, same as always,” Jessica said. “Domestic violence,” she added at Baki's questioning look, “he got 90 days this time, with added time for bad behaviour.”

“Same old, same old,” Xander said with a twisted smile on his face. “Look, I'm gonna shower, I'll see everyone in the morning. Night.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Ties That Bind" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Mar 08.

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