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The Ties That Bind

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Summary: Jessica Harris has been hiding her past. In true Hellmouth style, the past comes back with a vengeance, bringing a family that Xander knew nothing about.

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Anime > NarutoRebelgirlFR1523,8593186,58114 Mar 0817 Mar 08No

Chapter One

The Ties That Bind

Own nothing, Buffy is Joss's baby, and Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Time line: sometime in season 3 for Buffy. If you've read anything of mine before, you know the drill, I'll formalize at a later date with a discrete episode, but definitely after 'Bad Girls'. Naruto, post-time skip.


It was evening in Sunagakure, and Gaara was still wading through the library that he'd inherited when he'd taken the position of Kazekage. It was then that he found the most interesting document, well, interesting, for him anyway.

“Baki! Baki, what the hell is this?” he asked, waking the scroll in question around like it was on fire.

Baki just looked at Gaara. “If I could look at it, I'd be able to tell you,” he said mildly to his Kazekage as he put his hand out for it. It was quite a sight for Gaara to see his old jonin sensei go whiter and whiter the more he read of the scroll.

Gaara stood at that point, and dragged a chair over for Baki, and pushed him into it. “Wanna explain what this is all about?” he asked quietly as he poured a cup of sake out for them both.

“No, not yet,” Baki said as he knocked the sake back in one go and reached for the bottle. “I need time to process this information.”

“Ok,” Gaara said, not accepting that for one moment, but not willing to push it just yet.

Two hours, and much sake later, Baki still hadn't mentioned a name, although he'd let slip that she was the Fourth's younger sister. It took an additional ten minutes for that to sink in with Kankuro.

“Wait a minute! You mean we've got an aunt?” he asked as it finally sunk through all the sake that he'd drunk.

Baki closed down at that point, and Gaara sighed as he poured more sake, “I'd take that as a yeah. And I bet they were close too. Keep your trap shut, Kankuro,” he added as his brother opened his mouth.

Kankuro just shook his head mutely and drank some more sake, this news, it just blew his mind.

*** *** ***

A few hours later, on the other side of the world, Alexander 'Xander' Harris was practicing the skills that he had 'acquired' on Halloween the year before when he had dressed as a soldier. This wasn't the first time that he'd done this, but it was the first time that his mother was the target of those skills.

'Wonder why mom's got a safe?' the so called Zeppo thought to himself as he unlocked it, failing to notice the calligraphy tags that were attached, just before they exploded in his face.

Jessica Harris came running in after hearing the explosion, and then exploded herself at Xander. “What do you think you're doing young man?”

“Er, bleeding mom,” he said sheepishly, as he looked at the state of his hands.

Jessica just sighed and shook her head. “What was you doing anyway?”

“Er, practicing?” Xander said hopefully, trying to look pitiful, hoping to get away with it.

Jessica's heart leaped into her throat at that point, 'Oh god, he looks so much like his father,' she thought.

“Where did you learn to pick a safe?” she asked as she helped him to his feet and sat him on her bed to clean him up.

“Er, well. Do you know where we live?” Xander tried to hedge, as he fidgeted.

“Sunnydale,” Jessica answered, being deliberately obtuse.

“Well, it's on an active Hellmouth,” Xander rushed out. “Ow, mom that hurts,” he whined as she started cleaning his cuts.

“Yeah, I know. That's why the Fourth sent me here,” she stated in a matter of fact tone of voice.

“W-what?” stammered Xander, trying to get his head around the fact that his mother knew about the Hellmouth.

“Yeah, I also know that you hang out with the Slayer, so, spill. What happened that you can now sneak around a lot better now, and pick a safe?” Jessica asked, glaring at her son.

“Snyder volunteered us for Halloween, trick or treating with the elementary school kids. Our costumes were cursed, I kept stuff,” Xander shrugged.

Jessica looked up from what she was doing and smiled at him. “Good call practicing then. Just, not on my stuff, please. I've set traps on most of it.”

Xander just snorted with laughter at that, “yeah, kinda got that.”

*** *** ***

Two days later, Jessica decided to tell Xander the truth about where she really came from.

“Wait a minute, her son said, pinching the bridge of his nose. “You mean to tell me that you really come from a ninja clan, and could kick Tony's ass?” Jessica smiled at this, because she could hear the sneer in her son's voice. “And you still put up with his shit. Why?”

“For you,” she said softly. “Just another six months, and then I'll kick his ass. Wanna watch?” she asked wickedly.

Xander sat up straighter at that point, “Can you teach me?”

“Of course. I should've done this years ago. I'll make a shinobi out of you yet,” Jessica said as Xander hugged her.

*** *** ***

A week after the scroll was unearthed, Baki decided that enough was enough, and he sought out Gaara.

“Kazekage? Can I have a word please?” Baki asked, being very formal as he entered Gaara's office.

“Of course Baki, what ca I do for you?” Gaara said as he put down the paperwork that he was working on.

“I have thought over the scroll that was found last week, and attempted some research,” Baki started, obviously uncomfortable with the subject matter. “I would like to go to this 'Hellmouth' to look for Yukio myself.”

Gaara just stared at Baki, finally, a name for why he'd been so off this week, not to mention that this woman was supposedly their aunt. “Of course, would you like some company?”

“Yes, yes I would like some company,” Baki said, finally looking Gaara in the face.

“In that case, I'll get Kankuro and Temari together and tell them that we're all going on a trip,” Gaara said standing up.

*** *** ***

Three days later, the four sand ninja arrived at the Hellmouth.

“Doesn't look like much, does it?” grunted Kankuro as he adjusted the puppet scrolls on his back.

“Looks can be deceiving,” was the cryptic response he got back from Baki. “Just watch you backs, ok?”

Temari looked at Kankuro and raised her eyebrows, then moved forwards to take point. Kankuro just shook his head as he fell into step alongside Gaara, as Baki took the rearguard.

By the time they'd walked 2 miles into the town, they'd realised that something was drastically wrong with it. “Is it just me, or does this town seem really fucked up?” Kankuro asked.

“No, it's not,”Temari answered, “And what's with the lighting? It's really spread out, like their asking people to be attacked here?”

“Maybe they are,” Gaara put in as they carried on walking. “Baki, have we got a destination in mind, or is this just a case of walk until maybe we find her?”

Baki looked at Gaara, and saw that the young Kazekage was looking rather on edge. “I don't know what her name is at the moment. I thought maybe going to the police st-”

As Baki was saying this, a scream rang out of one of the alley ways next to a warehouse. “Please don't kill me!” was clearly heard by the four sand ninja.

“I suppose we're gonna have to do something about that?” sighed Kankuro, sounding put out, even though he looked fairly eager to be in a fight, as he loosened one of the scrolls on his back.

“It is the decent thing to do,” Baki started to say.

“To hell with decent,” snarled Gaara as he stepped forward, sand already swirling, clearly in the mood for violence.

Although they badly outnumbered the ninja's, the gang of demons never really stood a chance.

“So, what do we do with little miss helpless now?” asked Kankuro as he sneered at the girl that they'd rescued.

“We can't leave her here. She'll get eaten by god only knows what,” Temari sighed.”Baki, should we take her to the hospital?”

“That might be the best bet,” the older man said slowly, then bent down and picked the girl up and slung her over his shoulder. “Kankuro, you've got point this time.”

Grumbling to himself, the puppeteer headed out, he was sure he'd seen a sign for the hospital further back.

*** *** ***

45 minutes, the four ninja's and their unconscious passenger made it to Sunnydale General's ER, where they wasn't allowed to escape. The nurse's wouldn't let them. Just when they thought they could get away, a new nurse arrived. She took one look at the gathered ninja's and went white. “Baki?” she whispered just before she fainted.
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