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Sin City's New Slayers

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Summary: Now there are thousands of Slayers around the world the Scooby Gang started a new form of Law Enforcement. We follow Buffy and her clash with the Crime Lab in Las Vegas.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasRavenMorbiskFR1838,28923411,15114 Mar 0816 Mar 08No


Author: Raven Morbisk
Title: Sin City's New Slayers
Disclaimer: I don’t own the BtVS characters and I definitely don’t own the CSI characters. I may own a few Slayers and Watchers but they all belong to this story. I don’t make money out of this, seriously.
Summary: Thousands of new Slayers spread across the globe now have a paying job doing what they do best. We follow Buffy and the Nevada Head Quarters in Las Vegas.
Spoilers: CSI up to Season 7 and BtVS up to Chosen.
Author’s Notes: I took the canon... and screwed around with it. The timeline is shot; none of the cases are in the correct seasonal order. It’s my fic, my world.
A/N2: The main crossover is BtVS/CSI but there’ll be mentioning of other fandoms, nothing more than just that.
A/N3: I don't know how soon this'll be updated because I have the tendency of changing whole parts of chapters and am still working out the kinks in the next chapters.
A/N4: This will be femslash but not just quite yet.

Chapter One – CSI Versus SLAIN

“Catherine, DB at the Luxor,” Grissom announced as he entered the break room. He handed the strawberry blonde the slip. “Brass is waiting,” he added seeing Catherine wasn’t moving just staring at him.

“Hi, Catherine, how are you?” she replied with a sweet smile, annoyed at his lack of greeting. “Oh, I’m great, Gil and you?” Grissom looked at her expectantly and she held her hands up in surrender. “Already gone.” She sighed heavily and stood up.

“Take Nick with you,” he called out to Catherine as she left the break room. Nick jumped up from his seat and went after the older CSI. Grissom then turned to the remaining two CSI’s. “Warrick and Sara, B&E on Garden Grove Avenue,” he said as he handed Warrick the assignment slip.

“On it,” the brunette said and drank the last bit of her coffee before following Warrick out of the break room. She’d rather have the DB but if that meant she’d have to work with Catherine she preferred the B&E. It wasn’t that she disliked Catherine Willows but she wasn’t in the mood to fight with the older CSI today.


Nick and Catherine entered the Luxor with their kits in hand and made their way to the elevator. While they knew nothing about the body, Catherine had a bad feeling about the whole thing, like something was going to happen. When they reached the fifth floor both of them were slightly annoyed at the onlookers trying to get a peek at their scene. As they exited the elevator they saw four young women exiting the crime scene with kits of their own. She didn’t recognize them from the Dayshift and even if that was the case, Grissom assigned her and Nick to this case.

“Excuse me,” Catherine held her hand up in front of a blonde that was just a few inches shorter than herself. One of the women with a darker shade of blonde in a lazy bun, behind the first blonde made a move forward but the blonde held her arm out to halt the taller blonde. The young woman halted standing on the right side of the presumable lead. “Why were you in my crime scene?” Catherine asked as she hid her confusion about the taller blonde’s behavior.

“You are?” the short blonde asked ignoring Catherine’s question. Nick moved to open his mouth but closed it quickly when he had four glares turned his way. He shrugged apologetically at Catherine and gingerly passed the women.

“Catherine Willows, CSI Crime Lab,” Catherine replied heatedly. “And the guy you just scared off is Nick Stokes, also with the Crime Lab.” If the four young women were surprised or felt some remorse for scaring Nick off, they didn’t let it show.

“Kate,” the short blonde spoke up without looking over her shoulder. “Call the CSI Crime Lab and ask for that annoying little man.” A young woman with black hair and bright green eyes reached in her pocket and dialed a number before passing it to the short blonde. “Conrad, hi, Summers here,” The young woman who had introduced herself as Summers shot Catherine a smirk while listening to Conrad Ecklie stumble over his words. “Yeah, listen did you maybe forget something?” She handed the phone over to Catherine.

“Ecklie, what the hell is going on?” Catherine asked staring at Summers and the three other women. “And you just conveniently forgot?” Catherine couldn’t believe Ecklie. Apparently, this Summers person had visited him several weeks ago and he just forgot to tell Grissom and his team. “I bet you did tell the Dayshift-” Before she could finish Summers grabbed the phone out of the older woman’s hand and held it to her own ear.

“Bye Conrad.” With that, she hung up on Ecklie and gave the phone back to the girl named Kate. “Satisfied?” she questioned with a bored tone in her voice. “Look, obviously you didn’t know so I’m going to let this little incident go.” Anger flared within Catherine but she refrained from saying anything. “Is there someone at the Crime Lab who is capable of passing on information?”

“The Nightshift supervisor, Grissom.” She replied keeping her expression neutral. It seemed like this would not be the last time the Crime Lab would encounter the short blonde, but at least this Summers woman realized what a jerk Ecklie was.

“Gilbert Grissom?” A girl with pink highlights in her brown hair asked. Catherine shot her an amused smile for using Gil’s full name and nodded. “Sorry,” the girl said sheepishly when Summers threw her a bemused look. “Buffy, that man’s a genius.” The respect in the girl’s voice was highly notable.

“How so?” the short blonde, Catherine now knew to be Buffy, asked smiling at the other girl’s admiration. Buffy Summers, Catherine thought, what kind a name is that?

“I was visiting my sister in college a few years ago and he was there giving a guest lecture and I remember my sister being shocked as hell that I was in an actual class.” The girl chuckled at her memories before grinning widely with a slightly glazed over look in her eyes. “He’s like brilliant.” The moment the words left her mouth a barely noticeable blush crept up.

“Got a little crush there, Paulie?” Buffy grinned at the younger girl who blushed in return. “But that’s forensics, right?” The short blonde frowned knowing that crime labs dealt with forensics as Paulie nodded her head meekly. “Then why didn’t you try for the labs instead of the field?” Catherine’s brows shot up, wondering what Buffy meant with that.

“Because I’m not the patient type,” Paulie grinned widely then found a sudden interest in her big combat boots when Buffy quirked an eyebrow. “And I sort of dropped out of High School.” To say Catherine was surprised was an understatement. She silently wondered what the exact purpose was of these women.

Buffy laughed quietly, reassuring Paulie that it was not a shame that she didn’t finish her High School, which confused Catherine even more. To top that, the more she paid attention to this Buffy Summers the more she felt like there was something familiar about this woman. And something felt seriously off about the entire foursome.

“You’re still here,” Buffy stated surprised when she turned her attention back to Catherine. “Shouldn’t you be attending to your crime scene?” The animosity coming from the shorter blonde was apparently reserved for anyone but her team.

Catherine’s expression changed from frowning to bothered, to angry in just a split second. She passed the four women without a second glance and made her way to the crime scene. She put her kit down with a huff trying to keep her anger in check when Nick approached her.

“Who the hell were those women?” Nick questioned sticking his head out of the room and watched as the foursome disappeared into the elevator. He pulled back into the room and went to the bedroom for an answer from Catherine.

“A Miss Summers and her team from Special Lethal Activity Investigation Network,” Catherine said through gritted teeth. Ecklie told her that the team leaders of SLAIN, such as that Buffy Summers person, were superior to any of them in any way and that they were going to show up more often which didn’t sit too well with Catherine. Especially if there were more agents that never finished High School or had endured a higher education.

“The new government agency?” Nick’s eyes grew wide. He had heard of SLAIN through rumors but he figured that’s all they were, rumors. “I heard they only had jurisdiction in California?” He frowned while putting away the evidence he had gathered.

“Apparently not. Ecklie just failed to mention it to Grissom.” Catherine rolled her eyes with a sigh before turning her attention to the body of a young woman with reddish blonde hair. “What have we got?” she asked snapping on her gloves.

“California Drivers License says Katrina Jameson,” Nick replied as Catherine investigated the body. “She’s got some weird markings on her chest and head.” He pointed with his flashlight to the woman’s forehead where an inverted triangle with a symbol that neither of them recognized was carved. Catherine looked at the victim’s chest and there were the same markings only reversed.

“COD seems to be asphyxia judging by the bruising on the neck and around the nose and mouth,” she mused aloud, her mind unconsciously flickering back to just over twenty-five years ago. “Witnesses?” she asked, momentarily closing her eyes at the memories.

“Brass is talking to the guy from room service who found her,” Nick replied with a concerned look in his eyes. He wasn’t going to ask Catherine about it now but he was worried about her. He’d seen her get personal with cases that involved children but this was a new one.

“Did you collect the evidence?” Catherine opened her eyes and nodded her approval for David to take the body. “Let’s get back to the lab then,” she said when Nick answered her question with a nod and straightened up, all evidence from her trip down memory lane eradicated from her eyes.

“There’s one more thing,” Nick spoke somewhat hesitantly, “No one can seem to remember whether or not she was traveling alone but we’ve found a pacifier under the bed and a few diapers in the trashcan in the bathroom.” He expected Catherine to flare up at the mention of a child that could be missing but all he got was soft nodding of her head, like she was expecting it.

“So we’re looking at a possible kidnapping as well?” the strawberry blonde questioned as she glanced around the room for possible evidence Nick could’ve missed. “See if you can find a relative, find out whose pacifier and diapers it is.”

“Already bagged and tagged.” This side of Catherine was more comfortable to Nick. He loved Catherine like a sister and when she showed signs of weakness it hurt him as well. Maybe if he asked Warrick first, he was after all Catherine’s best friend.


With a heavy slam of the car door Buffy exited the black Navara with the three other women close behind. Not caring that the underground parking was private and inaccessible to unauthorized beings, demonic or human, she still hit the alarm button for the car.

The underground parking housed a little over fifty cars and motorcycles. The main transport vehicle to use for work was a black Nissan Navara or if truly necessary, they used one or both armored trucks that could easily fit ten Slayers in each of them. They hadn’t yet used the armored trucks because so far nothing truly apocalyptic had happened.

Buffy confidently pushed open the heavy doors that led inside SLAIN Head Quarters, nodding her greeting to each person she passed. It had taken her a while, but she knew it was better to acknowledge and know her staff then to just discard them as workfolk.

They were three floors underground, designed specifically so nothing could “accidentally” happen like a car crashing through their Head Quarters or, what had many Slayers afraid since 9/11, a bomb or a plane. The three floors underground were the facilities for all things demonic and supernatural.

The bottom floor even had a dungeon with the occasional vampire or demon for the Slayers to train or play when they were frustrated. They didn’t always have vampires or demons in their dungeons, only if Buffy thought her Slayers were slacking off. She didn’t tolerate slackers.

The ground floor was designed and decorated to allow visitors, but anyone that didn’t have business in their Head Quarters wasn't allowed anywhere but the ground floor. Buffy had three offices. One was on the same floor as the training rooms for the Slayers, another for welcoming visitors on the ground floor, and then her favorite office, on the top floor, where she entertained mostly her friends or if she wanted to be left alone.

“Get those pictures down to Symbols and Markings,” the blonde ordered without looking over her shoulder knowing her team would do as they were told. “I want to know if it’s supernatural.” Behind the blonde Kate and the taller blonde nodded absently and they took a different turn than the others.

“Buffy,” a young girl that didn’t seem older than fifteen with auburn hair ran up to Buffy, following her and Paulie in the elevator. “Miss Summers called; she said that she’d be arriving next Thursday with new Watchers.” Buffy smiled slightly. She was happy Dawn had finally decided to visit her sister, even if it was just to bring a few Watchers to Nevada. Things just hadn’t been the same since Buffy told her sister what Joyce had told her when she was still severely suffering from her brain tumor.

“How many?” Paulie asked. From the just under eighty Slayers in the state of Nevada, Buffy seemed to favor Paulie just a little more than the others. Nobody seemed to be jealous because if it came down to it Paulie would just as easily get her ass kicked if she did something wrong but Paulie was more like Buffy’s protégé.

“Six, however two of them don’t speak English,” the girl replied. Everyone was used to Paulie asking the question instead of Buffy. The pink highlighted Slayer spent enough time with their Slayer in command to know what Buffy wants to know and when.

“Spanish?” Buffy asked when the elevator came to a halt three stories later. The fifteen-year old Slayer nodded and shot Paulie a departing smile when she exited the elevator. “Okay, contact Tita’s team and Gina’s team, too.” Another two floors later both Buffy and the auburn haired girl exited the elevator. “Tell them they’re going to get a Watcher and that one from each team has to be here Thursday.” The girl nodded and took off in the opposite direction of Buffy.

Buffy entered her top office, needing some time to herself. This office was warm, not like the underground floors. She had a dark mahogany desk with a large leather chair behind it and a state of the art computer. She didn’t read a lot of books but she still had an excessive collection, mostly thanks to Willow and Giles, she often thought. On the opposite side of her office next to her door was a comfortable couch where she immediately let herself fall on with a heavy sigh.

“Uhm Buffy?” A tentative voice followed a soft knocking on Buffy’s door. The blonde sighed and stood up. She rubbed her forehead, feeling a massive headache coming already. She opened her door and smiled wearily at the girl with the auburn hair.

“Yeah, Kelly?” She asked cocking her head a little to the side. No matter how tired she was, Kelly had done nothing at all to aggravate the blonde so there was no need to scare the young girl. Sometimes she could really curse her sister and Dawn for forcing Buffy to be nice to her Slayers but when she felt the respect coming from her girls all she wanted to do was thank them.

“You’ve got the President on Line One,” Kelly said relaxing at Buffy’s smile.

“Thanks, Kelly.” The girl nodded her head and skipped back as Buffy closed her door. She walked around her desk and sat in her heavy chair. With a final sigh she picked up her telephone and pressed 1.

“Mr. President,” she said smiling into the receiver “Yes, I’m very satisfied with our Head Quarters in Nevada. Yes, in California and Florida as well.” She leaned back in her chair, stifling a groan at her stiff muscles. “I’m keeping my promise, Sir, your daughter won’t be put in any unnecessary danger or spotlight.” She listened to the President ask about a certain Slayer on her best friend’s side of the country. “No, Willow Rosenberg is very capable of keeping Jennifer under control.” Buffy chuckled warmly at his slightly panicked voice. “No one can go against her ‘Resolve Face,’ trust me, I speak from experience.”
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