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The Ultimate Slayer Traveling Accessory

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Summary: What more can a globetrotting slayer wants . . .

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Literature > Sir Terry PratchettalizarinFR71351171,71214 Mar 0814 Mar 08Yes
Disclaimer: Both Buffy and Discworld belongs to their respective owners

It really was shaped rather peculiarly, with the base decorated as a gilded set of little feet, and the latch somehow reminiscent of very, very, sharp teeth.

But she Liked it.

Of course, she did realize that buying peculiar looking trunks at a seedy demon bar was not exactly a wise idea, but still…

Having busted her latest weapons trunk when the pack of Ghlorkh nakh demons – the very ones she has been chasing around the Romanian countryside - invaded her hotel room last night, she needed something to carry her copious amount of weapons around. At least until she arrives back to headquarters, or any place of civilization which actually sell decent suitcases/trunks, that is.

Well, at least the demon problem was settled.

Besides, it was really a bargain, and it does look sturdy enough.

Meanwhile, the shifty…what was his name again, something to do with rice and wind… the shifty so-called wizard continued to ramble the virtues of “the Luggage” that she was only half listening to ...
“It is fiercely loyal, and is formidable in the face of myriad of foes,… multidimensional compartments allow for practically unlimited storage …”

Anyways, if it turns out to be some dangerous thingamagic, then she can always simply hand it over to Willow and her squadron of witchy friends, always happy to play with any new ‘toys’, as they would call it.

Not to repeat the point, but it really was a bargain for such a beautiful piece of work.

One beat.

“I’ll take it”

When she returned to her hotel room in Prague to find pieces of unidentifiable demon chunks littering the room, and her new trunk yipping around in what one could only call a happy dance, she knew it was a start of a beautiful friendship.


AN: Yes, it’s Rincewind somehow trying to sell the Luggage to Buffy. You have to agree that they would get along quite agreeably (Buffy and the Luggage, that is..)

AN2: Sorry if I’ve got the facts wrong, but I have all my Discworld books back in my home, far, far away XP

The End

You have reached the end of "The Ultimate Slayer Traveling Accessory". This story is complete.

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