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Meeting of Demons

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Summary: Anya visits an old friend. Nick becomes, understandably, confused. Slash. WIP

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CSI > CSI Las VegaswithaPrefixFR1321,482273,99214 Mar 0816 Mar 08No

Gregoril's History and White Knight's Love Life

A/N: Don't go expecting updates that are this quick in the future. I'm a finicky updater, and I can go months without updating. Just so you know.

Chapter 2 : History of Gregoril and the White Knight's Love Life

For Greg's whole life he understood that he was different. Not normal. He could change things, make it so a person got exactly what they deserved, or predict what happened at a place an injustice occurred. And when he was angry, or scared, or excited, his eyes glowed a greeny-blue, and his face went all weird, like a raisin. When he found out that that was different, that no one else could do that, Greg was terrified. He didn't want to be different. Or special.

He didn't know his real father, and his mother, when questioned, was closed mouthed and distant. Papa Olaf would disappear at random times, and, although Nana would run interference, Greg noticed the one time he suddenly appeared, and he had these weird horn thingys and purple eyes.

What he never knew was why he was different. He was never told the truth.

And then he moved to Sunnydale, California. And met Xander Harris.

Xander told him what he was. He grew to trust Xander, and finally, after this one incident where a neighbour was killed and Greg just knew that the mother did it, he finally got scared enough to show his friend, his first crush really, his true face.

Greg was a demon. A born justice demon.

When he later confronted his family, told them he knew that he was a demon, his mother finally caved. Told him that his father made a deal with a high demon called D'Hoffron about five hundred years ago, became a Justice Demon. She told him that she was a half demon, and then he discovered that Papa Olaf was one of the peaceful demons, that he was visiting a friend – Clem - that one time when Greg saw his true face. Since his father's kind of power was basically a curse, he was born a justice demon. Papa Olaf later told him that his demonic, real name was Gregoril, and then proceeded to warn him not to tell a soul that name, that true names held power, to always just use his nickname.

When Greg told Xander all of this, he just smiled softly and told him that he was still Greg, he just knew a little more about himself than before.

Greg wasn't all that different after all. He just wasn't human. In some weird way, that reassured him. Well, that and Xander.

So now when people called him Gregory, to prove superiority, he silently laughed in his head. It wasn't even his real name.

He never met another Justice Demon until he was hired by Dr. Gil Grissom. Greg figured that weirdness must be a demon trait.

You really couldn't get weirder than an office full of dead bugs and a Billy Big Mouth Bass over the top of a doorway.


Xander missed Anya so much.

He knew it was entirely his fault that she left – well, his and that stupid demon's – but that didn't mean that he couldn't miss her. She was blunt, talked about their sex life in public, very loudly, and in extreme detail, and she had trouble with day to day activities. But that was part of her charm. She said what she thought, and she thought about sex. It was refreshing. And he loved her.

And now, because of him, she was gone.

He would gladly accept any vengeance from her. He more than deserved it.

Xander roughly pulled himself out of his brooding, and got to his feet. He had a First Evil he had to help thwart.

Maybe he would call Greg after all of this was over. See how Vegas was doing. See if he finally got together with the Texan, and if he finally got out of the lab.

As he turned to the mantel, the only picture he kept of Anya, the one during Halloween, caught his eye. He determinedly avoided it.

At least I have Spike to annoy, Xander comforted himself, conveniently ignoring the real reason he was grateful for Spike. Because he was the King of Denial-land. Yup, denial was his domain. Denial bowed down before him.

God, he was pathetic. Maybe he would visit Vegas instead. Get a date or something. He had to get over Anya. Maybe a date would help with that.

He could dream.


Thanks for reading, mes amis. Review, please!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Meeting of Demons" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Mar 08.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking