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Meeting of Demons

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Summary: Anya visits an old friend. Nick becomes, understandably, confused. Slash. WIP

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Meeting of the Demons

Title: Meeting of the Demons
Author: halfbreedcreature
Pairings: Nick/Greg, past Anya/Xander.
Archive:, Twisting the Hellmouth
Ratings: FR13
Summary: Anya visits an old friend. Nick gets confused. Slash.
Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize, and everything you don't.
Warning: Slash, bad grammar, bad writing, slight cursing.
Feedback: YES PLEASE! I need improvement.
Series: None planned
Dedications: I dedicate this to my laptop, 'cause it totally deserves it with all the crap I put it through.
Author's Notes: This is both my first CSI fic and BtVS fic. Please be gentle. But not that gentle. I need criticism, people.

Nick frowned, his forehead crinkling. The woman sitting in front of him, calling herself Anyanka, was pushing the limits of his patience. Rambling about demons and vengeance and ex-fiances and humanity, she sounded like a patient in a mental ward. He glanced at Greg to scope out his reaction to all this bullshit. The ex-lab tech, to Nick's surprise, wasn't incredulous, disbelieving or at all surprised. He actually seemed calm, as if this happened every day, or he had heard it before. Did he known the woman? Or someone of her ilk? Greg's sudden question surprised Nick even more.

"Does Xander know about all of this? Last I talked to him, he thought you were going to exact vengeance on him on your own behalf, or something!" The young looking woman frowned, and looked a little hurt.

"NO! One, D'Hoffron declared a couple of centuries ago that no Vengeance Demon could exact vengeance on their own behalf, and two, Xander is the most caring, selfless, wonderful man I've met in 1100 years. He deserves someone who can love him back, with every bit of themselves, like Xander loves." He smiled in understanding.

"I know that and you know that, but we both know that Xander has next to no self-esteem, so that's what he believes." They both shared at look, completely in agreement. "Although," he added, "I don't think he even got a protection amulet, going back to the lack of self esteem. Then again," he continued, "Willow would want to do it, and everyone knows what her control is like." They shared another look, grimaces on their faces.

Please let him say, I'm only joking, Nick pleaded silently. Please god let him say that. He didn't understand a word of this conversation. The only times he was completely lost in a conversation was when Grissom was talking, and even then he understood some things. This meeting, however, topped even Gil Grissom's weirdness.

"Well, this has been wonderful Gregoril," she announced suddenly, brightly, "But I really must get going. There's this woman whose husband was cheating on her with three women, and she's in the perfect position for a wish. And," she added, suddenly anxious. "You won't tell D'Hoffron I was here, right? He hates born justice demons." Greg smiled gently, yet he had a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"Weeeeeeeelll, I'm willing, certainly. But I'm not cheep. I need payment, Anya." The woman pursed her lips, indecisive. "I only want a couple of pounds," he persuaded, "And it's really hard to find this kind of stuff in Vegas." For one, heart-stopping second, Nick thought they were talking about drugs, or something equally illegal.

"Fine," she caved, pouting, "I'll get you some of that horrid coffee. I have no idea what you see in N'bakla blood, Gregoril," Anya grumbled. He smiled brilliantly. Nick frowned at them both, infinitely confused. He had no idea what a N'whatever was, but he certainly understood blood. He was instantly suspicious. Was that what made Greg's coffee so good? Blood? Ew.

While the conversation he was just privy to would confuse Nick for months to come, the next thing would astound and astonish Nick for the rest of his life. Anya seemed to scowl and grimace at the same time, and, with a strange whistle, she faded out. Greg shouted out at her just as she disappeared.

"And make sure it's real, not the substitute crap. And talk to Xander, get all this shit straightened out!" He sat back, with a cat-ate-the-canary expression on his face. Nick figured a scowl would permanently be stuck on his face, but he was too irritated to care. When he didn't understand something, he got annoyed. And boy, did he not understand anything about this meeting.

"What the hell was that all about?!" Greg turned to his lover. He smiled strangely.

"Nicky, my love, it's time me and you had a little talk..."


Author's Final Words: If you didn't like it, fine, that's your problem. But I wrote the majority of this story while babysitting, and I accidentally deleted it. You have no idea how mad I was. Anyway, please Review. I would appreciate it.
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