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Summary: They were not each other’s angel, but they are all that’s left for each other

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Television > La Femme Nikita
Highlander > Buffy-Centered
alizarinFR1351,306055,38815 Mar 0817 Jan 09No

The encounter: Michael (part 2)

Disclaimer on first chapter

They travel together now.

He never asked her any questions, and she has never pried.

In fact, they didn’t really talk much.
His life didn’t change much. Nor, he suspects, did hers.

Find a horde of demonic cult in this town. Move to the terrorist cell on the next. There. Back. There. Back.

No thinking required.
No talking required.

Just a flash of blonde hair in idle moments.
A strong, lean, presence guarding his back in a fight.
Soft, comforting embrace in golden tresses at night.

And on those rare, precious moments between the shifts of the seconds, he can make himself pretend.

It’s all he needs.
And maybe, it’s all she needs, too.

He realizes that she knew.
But then again, he knew she does the same.

So it lay there between them.
Like so much thing that had lain between them, before, so many years ago.
And for now, it’s enough of a reason to survive another day.

End of Part 1
The Encounter: Michael

AN:Well, next up is Buffy

Constructive criticisms are always welcomed.
Small flames are ok, but I’m afraid this fledgling writer can’t handle infernos just yet, so don’t be too hard on me :D
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