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Summary: They were not each other’s angel, but they are all that’s left for each other

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Television > La Femme Nikita
Highlander > Buffy-Centered
alizarinFR1351,306055,37815 Mar 0817 Jan 09No

The encounter: Michael (part 1)

Disclaimer: BtVS, LFN and Highlander belongs to their respective owners

His angel.
Flash of golden hair
Strong high kick, sending her assailant crashing to the wall.

Spin, duck, lunge.
One more opponent fell and didn’t get back up
He was mesmerized.

She didn’t see the stab coming from behind her.
He reacted.

Kick, stab, block, chop.
The fact that their opponents seemed much too strong and fast for an average human never register on his mind.
He didn’t even notice that they dissolved into dust the moment they hit the ground
The only thing that mattered was the flash of blond hair, the gleam of eyes in battle, her warm, strong presence, so alive on his back.

It was over in under a minute.

He turned, her name already halfway to his lips, a prayer left unsaid for far too long.

And his vision cleared.
In place of ice blue eyes, hazel orbs were staring at his face.
Reality crashed .

The built was definitely smaller, the skin more tanned, and even the face was not all that similar.

It was not her. He realizes that it could not be her.

He had left her that cold, cold November night, their last night amidst the snow, so many years ago. He remembered how he woke up, gasping, locked in her final, frozen embrace. their red, red blood spattering the clean white snow.

He was about to leave silently, but suddenly her hands were on his, grip stronger than should have been possible. And he saw his look, reflected in her eyes, and one word


AN: My first effort at a somewhat long-ish story
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