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Dean's Dirty Desire

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Summary: Dean's always had a hard time keeping it in his pants. So when he's cursed to fuck and get fucked, or die, it shouldn't be a problem. Easy enough, right? But there's always a catch. Warning: Slash, Underage, please read full warning inside!!

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Moderator)DemonaFR2116,823353,95815 Mar 0815 Mar 08Yes

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TITLE: Dean’s Dirty Desire
AUTHOR: Demona
FANDOM: Supernatural - Set Pre-Series before Sam leaves for college
PAIRING: Dean/Sam history, Dean/Sam/OFC, Dean/Sam/John
WORD COUNT: ~6,657
WARNINGS: Wincest (Sam/Dean), Daddy!cest (Sam/Dean/John), underage Sammy (17)
SUMMARY: Dean's always had a hard time keeping it in his pants. So when he's cursed to fuck and get fucked, or die, it shouldn't be a problem. Easy enough, right? But there's always a catch.
DISCLAIMER: The characters of Supernatural belong to Eric Kripke, the CW, etc. The ideas and concepts in this story are mine entirely. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.
BETA: The always wonderful and fucking awesome KaylaShay, who reads my dirtybadwrong fic and makes it come out presentable. All remaining mistakes are solely my own.
NOTES: Written for johnsgillygirl for Sweet Charity back in August. Thank you sweetheart for being so very freaking patient!!
Also written for the Live Journal Community Rounds_of_Kink March 14th prompt:
"What the hell is wrong with you? We can't *do* that!"
"Dean needs us, to."

Take your pick - demon/infection induced!sex!kink, multiple incest!kink, minor non-con, secret!desires!kink, slut!Dean

Again, you’ve been warned. KaylaShay said that by reading this you will be hopping into my little hand basket to Hell. I hope you all venture along for the ride. *wink*

The old lady smiled widely at Dean, even with John’s gun in her face. She didn’t even seem to notice it since her eyes never wavered from Dean’s emerald ones.

“You should’ve learned your lessons by now Dean,” she addressed him. “You keep sticking your dick where it doesn’t belong. But then again, it seems all you Winchester men want what you shouldn’t,” she rambled on as she cast a quick glance at Sam and then looked up at John.

“What kinda trash are you spreading?” John asked her, eyes blazing.

“Dean’s got thirteen hours to live,” she announced. And the silence and tension grew in the room. “That is, of course, unless he gets a little family assistance.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Dean yelled, drawing her attention once more.

“I’ve seen inside that dirty little mind of yours, Dean. And you’ve got thirteen hours to act out that dirtiest desire. Fuck and get fucked. Or die,” she explained.

The laugh rolled out of her throat, merrily with a hint of hysteria. And John didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

“Dad!” Sam yelled as the old witch’s body dropped to the ground. “You just killed her! What about the curse? What if we can’t find a cure?” Sam yelled at his father.

“She was just spouting non-sense. Let’s leave it at that,” John firmly dismissed Sam’s anger and worry. “Now you and your bother go dig that grave. We’ll need to make sure we salt and burn her real good,” John instructed Sam. And in silence Dean and Sam complied.

Two Days Prior

Dean surveyed the bar, taking in the local women and trying to decide on his choice for the evening. The last two nights John had kept them busy with research and refused to let him out of the motel. Something dangerous had been killing young men in this town. And John and the boys had every intention of killing whatever it was.

A blonde with mile long legs encased in jeans caught his attention. She was at ease with all the locals, smiled and flirted with each of the guys she spoke to. But it was empty flirting, nothing more than pretense, nothing real. And it was just the challenge Dean was looking for. Dean turned back to the bar and signaled the bartender.

“What can I get you?” the guy asked as he came over.

“A beer and whatever the blonde usually drinks,” Dean ordered with a nod in the direction of the girl.

The bartender followed his gaze and his eyes widened slightly when he realized who Dean was referring to. “Jack and Coke,” he finally replied and looked back at Dean.

“Well Jack and Coke it is,” Dean answered and the bartender tipped his head in acknowledgement and started to make the drinks.

As he slid the drink and beer across the bar he opened his mouth, something on his mind, but he didn’t immediately say it. Instead he gave Dean the total. And when he gave Dean back his change he finally spoke. “Look, since you aren’t from around here, you don’t know any better, so I’ll give you a bit of a warning.”

“Yeah, what’s that?” Dean asked as he threw a dollar tip down on the bar and pocketed the rest of his change.

“Carrie Lynn, the girl you’re about to make a move on, she’s kinda off limits. Her parents died a few years back and she’s been living with her aunt ever since. And the old hag’s just weird enough that no one around here will cross her,” the bartender warned him.

“That so?” Dean asked with a bit of a snort.

“Yeah. The last guy that broke Carrie Lynn’s heart ended up dead a week later. Doc said the guy’s heart literally exploded in his chest – damnest thing. Ever since Carrie Lynn’s been off-limits,” he finished.

Dean studied the guy for a moment, taking in his serious tone and stance. This man truly believed that old lady had something to do with the guy’s death. And if that was the case then Dean would mention it to John and they could check it out in the morning, but right now he was interested in getting into that blonde’s jeans.

“Thanks for the warning man,” Dean said as he picked up his drinks and turned away from the bar.


Sam and Dean were swearing and covered in dirt by the time they got a suitable grave dug for the old witch’s body. It’d be fresh dirt if anyone came looking but it’s the best they could do.

Dean threw the shovel down on the ground and stretched his hands high above his head, trying to loosen the kinks in his back and arms.

“Dude, what the hell?” he muttered, flinching back as Sam grabbed at his shirt.

“What’s on your stomach, Dean?” Sam asked, his voice wavering with worry.

“What’re you talking ‘bout Sammy?” Dean asked as he batted Sam’s hands away and looked down at his own stomach. A knot immediately formed in his stomach as he noticed the rings around his belly button – eleven and a quarter solid black rings to be exact.

“Dean…” Sam started and then trailed off. “Dean, we’ve been digging for almost two hours,” Sam finished and Dean silently raised his eyebrow in question. “She said you had thirteen hours to live Dean. She cursed you and we just wasted almost two hours digging her damn grave!” Sam yelled out his explanation.

“Sam, she didn’t curse me. You heard Dad. She was just spouting off nonsense,” Dean argued.

“Then explain the disappearing rings.”

And that was just it because Dean couldn’t. He’d been nervous when she had spoken earlier and he was more so now.

“It’ll be alright Dean,” Sam finally stated after a few minutes. “It’ll be fine. We’ll figure this out,” Sam tried to reassure him.

“How Sam?” Dean bit back at him, angry and scared and taking it out on Sam.

“What exactly did she say when she cursed you? Thirteen hours but what else?”

“Fuck and be fucked, or die,” Dean recited back as he looked anywhere but at Sam.

“You say it like it’s impossible Dean,” Sam replied as he ducked a little to look Dean in the eye.

“Well what are we supposed to do Sam? Find some girl that’ll let me fuck her while you and I do our thing?”

“That’s what I was thinking.”

“Jesus Sam,” Dean swore and stalked off.

As it turned out Sam had the right idea but it wasn’t easy for Dean to pick up the right girl. He kept getting sideways glances from half the crowd in the bar, and they didn’t even know yet that he’d helped murder the old hag witch.

He was on his second beer in thirty minutes when she finally approached him.

“You look like you’re drinking to forget something. That have anything to do with Carrie Lynn Stevenson?” the woman asked.

Dean looked up from his barstool and took in the body that belonged to the whiskey rough feminine voice. She was older than him by a decade he figured, late twenties but probably early thirties, but she was beautiful. And he was really sad that he hadn’t met her two nights ago.

“You have no idea,” Dean chose to mutter into his beer.

“That so?” she asked as she slid onto the stool next to him. Her dark brown hair swayed across her back with the movement. “I’m Rachel,” she introduced herself with a smile.

“Dean,” he replied after a moment’s pause, letting her think what she may about that being his real name.

“What’ll you have Rachel?” the same bartender from two nights ago asked his new companion.

“Nothing tonight, Tommy. Dean and I were just about to get outta here,” Rachel told Tommy. And Dean’s eyes almost bulged out of his head. Tommy looked between Rachel and Dean for a moment before nodding and walking down to the next customer.

“Sam’s outside waiting,” Rachel finally broke the silence.

At his brother’s name spoken by this stranger Dean sat up a little straighter and his hand was already sliding along his back toward his gun. “How do you know Sam?” Dean’s voice was hard, no niceties left in it.

“Caught me on my way in. Said he could guarantee a good night I’d not be soon to forget,” she explained with a smile. “Said if you weren’t flirting some girl then you’d be drinking yourself stupid at the bar. Looks like he was right.”

“Yeah, well Sam knows me all too well,” Dean replied, hand sliding back to the bar as he relaxed.

She laughed, throaty and deep, as she slid off the stool and onto her feet. “So, how about we get outta here so Sam doesn’t get impatient out there all alone?” Rachel asked with a nod in the direction of the door.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Dean replied.

Another ring was missing when Sam checked Dean’s stomach.

“It didn’t work,” Sam angrily yelled.

“Something worked, Sam. Never quite had a night like that,” Rachel tried to cajole him, not aware of the particular situation he was referring to.

Sam just ignored her as he scrambled out of bed and into the bathroom.

“Sam!” Dean called out, trying to stop his brother’s hasty retreat. Sam didn’t bother to look back. The door slammed behind him and Dean flopped back on the bed.

“He always this temperamental after getting laid?” Rachel asked as she stretched her long body out before turning to retrieve her clothes from the floor.

“Only when he’s acting like a girl,” Dean answered and forced himself out of bed. Naked, he followed his brother’s retreat and knocked on the bathroom door. “Sam,” Dean called and waited. Silence greeted him on the other side of the door. “Sam, come on out. We’ve got to get moving!” Dean tried again with more authority in his voice.

The door opened and Sam angrily stood in its place. “Just where are we gonna go Dean? Find another woman? A man this time? Jesus, we need to go find Dad,” Sam yelled, angry at Dean and the whole situation.

“Then you’d better get dressed. I’ve got a feeling Dad won’t take you too seriously naked and freshly fucked,” Dean added and pushed his way inside the bathroom.

Rachel and Sam were fully dressed and sitting awkwardly on the bed when Dean came out. Their eyes settled on his naked body and he allowed a small smirk to settle on his face.

Rachel rose as Dean started to get dressed. “Thanks for a great evening guys. Glad to see you were able to live up to your promise, Sam,” Rachel announced as she walked toward the door.

“He’s never been a good liar,” Dean absently answered.

Rachel paused at the door, hand on the knob and then turned back to face them both. “The only way to break that curse is to follow her words to the letter. Obviously that didn’t work with me, so she had something more specific in mind. Something she saw in your mind.”

“How did you…?” Sam started to ask but snapped his mouth closed after a glare from Dean.

“Disappearing circles, Sam’s urgency to get it started and his anger that it didn’t work.”

“Well how would you know?”

“My mother was a witch,” Rachel answered. “But Ms. Stevenson didn’t appreciate me moving into town and encroaching on her territory.”

“So, do we have to worry about you cursing us with anything?” Sam asked, ignoring Dean’s angry glare this time.

“Not at all. But I can’t help you either. Only the old hag herself can stop the curse, and only if she wanted to. Think about what she said Dean and perhaps you’re going to have to apply it where you’ve never gone before,” she suggested.

“Thanks,” Dean finally said.

Rachel offered them a quick, tight smile and pulled the door open. “You boys look me up the next time you come close.” The door clicked shut behind her and Sam rose from the bed.

“What’s your darkest fantasy Dean?” Sam pushed as he moved into Dean’s space. Dean took a step back but Sam just moved with him.

“Look, Sam, I have no idea what the old hag was talking about. So, me telling you all my dirty secrets will just result in you knowing I’m a total perv when you have to burn and bury my bones,” Dean explained and leveled Sam with a blank stare.

“Fine, but we’re talking to Dad about this. Maybe he’ll know something,” Sam huffed as he backed away enough to let Dean finish getting dressed.

Four hours remaining

John sat down heavily in the hard plastic motel room chair. Dean lowered his shirt and sneered at Sam and his big mouth. Still John stared blankly at Dean, at where there were four rings surrounding his belly button and where Sam adamantly swore there had been eleven and a quarter when they first saw them. Dean’s silence and pissed off expression only confirmed it.

Silently he scrubbed at his face with one hand, already feeling a headache brewing between his eyes. Dean was cursed and he’d killed the old witch before she could reverse it.

Finally he looked up at his boys seated on opposite beds before him. “So, what exactly did she curse you with? Exact words, Dean,” John spoke, watching his eldest son carefully.
“Fuck and get fucked, or die,” Dean repeated the witch’s words to his father.

“Okay, so we’ll just go get you a girl in town and take care of this,” John stated and looked at Dean.

“We already tried,” Sam quickly answered.

“Shut it Sammy,” Dean snapped back.

“Why didn’t it work?” John asked Sam.

“I don’t know but it didn’t,” Sam continued.

“Did you…” John started then hesitated, unsure how to continue. “Were you able to…” he trailed off again.

“Come, Dad? Yes Dad, she was wet and tight and I came. I even made sure she got off a few times for her trouble,” Dean yelled as his father rose to his feet.

John looked only slightly embarrassed but he nodded. “So, we’re missing something,” he continued, ignoring Dean’s outburst of anger. His face scrunched up in concentration as he reviewed the witch’s words. And when he looked up at Dean he was really concerned. “Get fucked,” he muttered and shook his head. “Dean… I think we’re gonna have to find a um…a guy to,” John stuttered out as he flushed in embarrassment.

Sam went to open his mouth but then surprisingly quickly shut it, instead waiting for Dean to speak.

“We tried that too,” Dean quietly admitted as he looked anywhere but at his father.

A heavy silence fell over all three Winchesters as the realization sunk in. John’s stunned silence lasted too long for Dean to be comfortable. He snatched his jacket off the bed and stalked across the room.

“No Dean!” Sam yelled, jumping to his feet.

Dean yanked the door open and looked back at Sam’s anxious, worried face, and then at his father’s shocked one. “I’ll be back, Sam. I just need a minute,” he assured his little brother and then let the door swing shut behind him.

Dean heard the argument from outside the room as he approached. He’d been gone an hour, knew so because another circle had fully disappeared off his stomach.

Fear had started to set in. The thought of dying didn’t bother him so much – he knew it would happen sooner rather than later – but he had unfinished business.

Dad and Sam were yelling at one another, the noise was achingly familiar. It seemed that was all they did these days. Sam wanted to settle down and take a shot at a normal life while John and Dean wanted to continue the hunt. Dean paused outside the door, crappy key card in hand, as he took in their argument.

“Dad!” Sam pleaded - begged - Dad and Dean knew it took a lot for him to ask their father for anything.

“What the hell is wrong with you? We can’t *do* that!” John yelled back at Sam.

“Dean needs us to,” Sam fired back, anger seeping into his voice at his father’s denial.

The silence was deafening. Dean’s hand trembled because Sam had figured it out and of course Dad wouldn’t go for it.

“And fucking your brother doesn’t bother you?” Dad yelled and Dean gasped. Dean knew what was coming, could see the scene in his mind as it happened on the other side of the door in the motel room. Sam would rise to his full height, pull himself together, and confidently answer with the truth. The truth that was going to destroy them.

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Sam answered and it was silent. But Dean knew it wasn’t done, not by a long shot. Sam had one more nail to drive home. “Who do you think he let fuck him earlier?” Sam pressed.

The sound of fist hitting flesh broke Dean out of his disturbed state. He shoved the key into the lock and flung the door open. Sam was lying on the floor, hand cradling his face and John loomed over him. John was angry red, chest heaving frantically with his rage.

“Is it true?” John quietly asked.

Dean swallowed heavily but held his father’s gaze as he spoke, “Yes, Sir.”

The fight died in John immediately and he stumbled, barely making it to the bed before he collapsed. Dean watched as his father broke, fell apart before him, at the knowledge that his sons were fucking.

Dean edged past him and stooped at Sam’s side. “Sammy?” Dean quietly questioned as he reached out for his little brother.

Sam flinched slightly but relaxed when Dean pulled his hand away from his face to take a better look at the damage. Sam’s eye and surrounding area was already red and swelling. It would be black and blue shortly. And Sam hissed as Dean gently touched it to make sure it wasn’t broken, just bruised.

“Let’s get you up, you’re gonna need some ice. That’s gonna be ugly in the morning,” Dean softly spoke to Sam as he got his hands under Sam’s arms and helped pull him to his feet. Sam swayed slightly but managed to stay upright. “Back up a step and we’ll sit you on the bed,” Dean whispered his instructions to Sam. And with a little pushing, Sam backed up and sat down on the bed. “I’ll be right back. Gotta get ice,” Dean added as he backed away from Sam.

He grabbed the ice bucket from the table and stopped in front of his father’s sobbing form. He stood there until his father looked up at him. And it broke something inside him to see his father’s red-rimmed eyes and tear-stained splotchy face but he had to make sure. “I’m going to go get ice for Sam. Don’t you go near him or say anything,” Dean ground out and John nodded for a moment before lowering his gaze. Satisfied Dean left to get ice for Sam’s face.

They sat in awkward, thick silence as Sam pressed the ice wrapped in a hand towel to his face. Dean had forced two Tylenol down his throat to help with the pain and swelling. His father had gotten himself together but he remained silent and in the same position on the other double bed.

“How much longer do you have?” John’s rough voice loudly broke the silence. Dean and Sam both jumped at the sound.

With his lips pressed together in an angry line Dean pulled up his shirt. Only two and three quarter circles remained. “A little under three hours,” he quietly replied.

And then they lapsed into silence for another few moments until John rose to his feet. Sam flinched at the sudden movement. Dean raised his gaze to look at his father.

“How do you want to do…this, Dean?” John asked as he nervously shifted his weight.

Dean’s eyes widened in surprise and a flush covered his face. “I, uh,” he started and shot a glance at Sam, who was clearly shocked as well. Dean swallowed heavily and then forced his eyes back to his father. “I want you to fuck me while I fuck Sam,” he finally admitted.

His father cleared his throat but nodded slightly. And after a quick glance at Sam, he noted the pleased smile on his face. Sam had begged Dean to fuck him, but it was one line that Dean didn’t want to cross. It was bad enough that he let his little brother fuck him but he couldn’t allow himself to fuck Sam. But he wanted it, wanted it so badly. And that damn witch had seen it immediately.

“So, how do we do this?” John asked.

Dean looked over at Sam, letting him decide how he wanted it go down.

“Dean at the foot of the bed, kneeling,” Sam started. “Me underneath him. And you standing behind him,” Sam finished and John looked nervous – pale – but he nodded.

Sam looked back at Dean and Dean nodded as well. Sam practically beamed as he dropped the ice pack to the floor. Horny won out over rational thought for Sam at his age. Yes, he knew the situation wasn’t right or easy but he was going to get fucked and he was thrilled.

“Stuff’s in my bag,” Sam told Dean and then pulled his t-shirt over his head. Dean rose from the chair and started rummaging through Sam’s bag until he found the lube and condoms. He turned back around and a surge of want coursed through him when he saw Sam naked on the bed. His dick was half-hard as it laid against his stomach and his hand was resting on his hip, close but not touching. Dean looked over at their father and was shocked to see the lust and want in John’s eyes. ”But then again, it seems all you Winchester men want what you shouldn’t,” the old witch’s words came back to him. She’d known.

“Come on Dean,” Sam whined and Dean jerked his eyes off his father and back to Sam. He’d started stroking himself and he was filling out as he got harder.

“Should get you off first Sam. This is gonna hurt,” Dean whispered as he tossed the supplies on the bed and stripped off his own shirt. He caught his father’s gaze shift from Sam to Dean, and Dean flushed a little again. Ignoring the need to cover himself, Dean worked his belt and fly open and shoved his jeans and boxers down his legs. He stepped out of them and haphazardly kicked them back and out of the way.

“Want your mouth, Dean,” Sam told him as he hand slid up and down his dick. The head was wet, leaking precome on each pass.

Dean crawled up on the bed with Sam, moving up his body until he was above him, his own dick filling out as he realized this really was going to happen. He leaned down and kissed Sam, letting Sam set the pace into a lazy tumble of tongues while Sam slowed down his strokes.

He heard the bed next to them creak as John sat back down as he watched his two boys make out. Dean glanced at John’s jeans and was happily surprised to see John was excited as well. He turned his attention back to Sam. His father would join in when he felt comfortable.

He broke away from Sam’s mouth and scooted down until he was face level with Sam’s dick. He waited until Sam removed his own hand from his dick before he replaced it with his own. He slid his hand up and down it a few times before he met Sam’s gaze and lowered his head. His tongue snuck out and licked across the head and Sam groaned. He heard Sam’s head fall back on the pillow and he quickly swallowed the head, wrapping his lips right under the sensitive head and started sucking.

Sam’s hand fell to Dean’s head, fingers sliding through his short hair, unable to gain any purchase. His fingers flexed as he moaned, filth pouring out of his mouth as Dean teased him.
Dean took his hand off Sam for a moment to fumble around alongside him for the lube. The prep needed to be done right; he didn’t want to hurt Sam at all. He found the bottle of lube and slid his mouth off Sam’s cock with a soft wet pop. Sam automatically whined and thrust his hips into the air, chasing after Dean’s wet, warm mouth.

Dean grabbed one of the pillows and yanked it down to him. “Lift up, Sammy,” Dean told him and Sam immediately got his feet planted and shifted his hips up. Dean arranged the pillow and Sam let himself settle back down.

Dean flicked open the cap on the lube and squeezed a little onto his fingers, rubbing them together to slick them up, and then he drizzled a little down on Sam’s balls. Sam gasped and squirmed on the pillow as the cool liquid slid down.

“Easy,” Dean whispered as he moved in-between Sam’s legs, his shoulders pushing apart Sam’s thighs as he moved in closer. Dean wrapped his free hand around Sam’s dick and closed his mouth around the head again. And as Sam got back into it, started to shallowly thrust into Dean’s mouth, Dean gently spread the lube around Sam’s balls and then a little lower. They’d done this before, even gone a little further, but Dean had never breached Sam. He knew Sam had fingered himself before, hell he’d jacked off to the sight of Sam fingering himself open. But Dean had always refrained from touching Sam like that, until today.

The first touch of Dean’s fingers against Sam’s ass caused Sam to thrust up hard, shoving his dick deep into Dean’s mouth and choking him.

“Shit!” Sam quickly apologized as his hand automatically went to Dean’s face, thumb caressing Dean’s cheek. “Are you okay?” he asked as Dean choked, letting Sam’s dick slide from his red, swollen, spit-slick lips. Dean blinked a few times, the tears receding as he got his breathing back under control.

“Gotta warn a guy,’ Dean muttered and then swallowed, trying to get his throat to relax. When he was better he put his free hand on Sam’s hip, holding him down, and went back to getting him ready.

Sam controlled himself the second time Dean touched him. And Dean redoubled his efforts on Sam’s cock as he pressed the tip of his finger into Sam. He took it slow, ignoring Sam’s announcement that he could take more. He knew Sam could, but this was the first time Sam would have Dean inside him. He wanted it to last. He fucked him with one finger, slowly pushing his finger in and pulling it back out. And when Sam threatened castration Dean finally slid a second finger in with the first.

“Fuck,” Sam moaned as Dean’s fingers were fully pressed inside him. “Need you Dean. Need you to hurry. Want you inside me. Now!” Sam mumbled, hips straining to snap up and Dean was grateful for his hold on Sam’s hips.

“Soon, Sammy. Soon. Gotta get you ready first. Gotta get you off and nice and relaxed,” Dean assured him as he pulled off and fumbled for the lube again. He withdrew his fingers from Sam and added more lube directly to Sam’s stretched hole, and more to his fingers. When he was satisfied he had enough he tossed it back on the bed and worked two fingers back into Sam. It was still tight, but the lube and prep had helped. Dean scissored his fingers inside Sam, widening them out as far as he could go before adding a third.

His hand started a steady rhythm on Sam’s cock, smearing precome down his shaft on every stroke. And as Sam relaxed with three fingers, he picked up his thrusts too.

“So fucking close, Dean,” Sam gasped out as Dean’s thrusts gained some momentum. “Your mouth…please,” he added as he thrust up into Dean’s fist and then back down onto Dean’s fingers.

“Sure, Sammy,” Dean agreed and lowered his head. He flicked his tongue over the slit a few times, tasting the saltiness in Sam’s precome. And after Sam whimpered he finally relented and let Sam fuck his mouth. It only took a few thrusts and Dean twisting his fingers in Sam’s ass before Sam drove up and came. Dean quickly swallowed all that he could but some leaked out and down his chin.

Dean’s head was wrenched to the side and John’s face startled him. He flinched, not quite sure what to expect. But he certainly didn’t expect John to lean in and slowly lick the come off his chin. The scruff on John’s face gently scraped against Dean’s chin and a full body shudder went through him.

“Shit,” Sam muttered as he watched.

“We need to do this before I realize exactly how wrong this is,” John told them as he pulled away and rose to his full height.

“Tell me you’re ready, Sammy,” Dean quietly begged as he slowly removed his fingers.

“Oh yeah,” Sam breathed out as his legs fell into a boneless sprawl out around Dean.

And Dean turned to watch John strip out of his shirt, kick off his boots, and slide out of his jeans. He was naked, no boxers underneath, and he was hard from watching Dean and Sam together. The thought was almost enough for Dean to come and he hastily wrapped his hand tightly around the base of his dick, squeezing just hard enough to take the edge off.

John stood behind them at the foot of the bed and idly stroked his dick. Dean swallowed heavily at the realization that shortly he was going to have it inside him. He forced himself to look up and ended up blushing when he realized John had caught him watching.

“I, uh…” John started but looked a little lost at the whole process.

But where John was suddenly lost and uncertain, Dean was aware and knew what needed to be done. “Here,” Dean told his father and offered him the tube of lube. “I’m still pretty slick from earlier but I’ll need a little more,” Dean calmly told him as John took the lube from him.

Dean turned back around to face Sam, rising up onto his knees and bending down to lick the come off Sam’s stomach. Sam’s stomach muscles jumped as Dean’s tongue ran over them and Sam gently cupped his face.

The lube squirted out into John’s hand with a faint pop and Dean tensed slightly in anticipation. He began to lick Sam’s half-hard, overly sensitive cock clean, and Sam squirmed underneath, gently trying to push his head away.

“Are you sure about this Dean?” John asked, voice raw with passion but under it Dean could make out the uncertainty, the guilt.

He turned to look over his shoulder at his father. John immediately met his eyes, searching for a truthful answer in them. “Yeah, Dad. I’m sure.” John waited a moment and then moved forward and pressed the tips of his fingers against Dean’s ass. John waited for another moment to see if Dean would freak out or change his mind. But when he didn’t, only held John’s gaze completely, John pressed two slicked fingers into him.

Dean couldn’t hold back the groan at the fingers entering his body. His head fell back forward and dropped to rest against Sam’s thigh. John kept pressing until his fingers were completely inside. Only then did he stop.

“How much more do you need?” John questioned as he slowly withdrew his fingers.

“Give him another minute, stretch out with those two fingers, and then add another finger. You’ll need to lube the condom but he should be fine,” Sam answered before Dean could.

“Fine from you being in him earlier?” John questioned as he circled around the entrance of Dean’s ass.

Dean’s head shot up and he met Sam’s widened, surprised eyes. Slowly Dean nodded, knowing his father was paying attention. “Yeah, from where Sam fucked me earlier,” Dean answered on Sam’s behalf this time. He gasped as John shoved his fingers back inside and stretched them out.

“Come on Dean. Get inside me,” Sam begged as he fumbled around for the condoms. He finally got one and ripped the package open. He hesitated for a moment and looked over Dean’s shoulder at their father. John must have nodded or given Sam some sort of sign of encouragement because Sam handed the condom over to Dean. And as Dean was trying to put it on, John slipped another finger inside him.

“Fuck,” he moaned, surprised and thrust his hips back, quickly taking them all in. John held his hand still, letting Dean adjust. And Dean used that time to roll the condom on. The lube appeared over his shoulder and Dean used a little to coat the condom before handing it back to his father.

Sam added another pillow, adjusting his hips until he was directly under Dean. John slowly pulled his fingers out and immediately pushed them back in. The movement caused Dean’s hips to rock forward toward Sam. John pulled his fingers all the way out and Dean followed after him, trying not to let them go.

“Easy now,” John calmly told him. “You go ahead and get into Sam and I’ll get ready myself,” John told him and snagged one of the condoms from the bed.

“Come on Dean.” Sam slid his hands under his knees and pulled his legs up toward his chest and out past his shoulders, opening himself up for Dean. Dean’s eyes were immediately drawn to Sam’s shiny stretched hole.

“Alright Sammy,” Dean quickly agreed and grasped his cock in one hand and guided it to Sam’s hole. He leaned forward, mouth reaching out for Sam’s as his hips pressed forward.

The head easily slipped past the slick ring of muscle and into Sam’s ass. It was tight and hot, and Dean and Sam gasped into one another’s mouth. They kissed, sloppy tongues outside their mouths as Dean fought to keep his hips steady and not bury himself in Sam.
Sam broke the kiss and growled out, “More.”

Dean pushed a little further, slowly sinking into Sam, watching his brother’s eyes and face carefully for any sign of pain. It was slow going and Dean was trembling by the time he was fully seated in Sam, but he was right to take it slow. They kissed, lazily chasing the other’s tongue until Sam slowly rocked his hips and Dean started to withdraw. Dean continued slowly, taking his time pushing into Sam and withdrawing at an agonizingly slow pace, trying to make it last both of them.

John decided it was time when Sam began to really rock his hips up to meet Dean’s thrusts. He put one hand on Dean’s hip as Dean once again slid into Sam. And Dean froze, ignoring Sam’s whimper and thrust of his hips.

“Ready?” John asked, gently rubbing his thumb across Dean’s hip as he trembled.
Dean tried to answer but found his throat dry, so he cleared his throat and tried again. “Yeah,” he replied as he focused on Sam beneath him.

John’s slick fingers smeared a little more lube around his opening before retreating and Dean felt the head press against him. His father teased him, rubbing the head around Dean’s opening, pushing against it, but not enough to slide inside him. And then finally, just as Dean was going to push back, beg for his father to fuck him, John pressed forward. It was one slow motion, inch by inch John pressed inside him until he was fully seated, his hips snug up against Dean’s.

Dean groaned unable to remain silent as his father completely filled him and as he was inside Sam. They remained still for a few moments, John’s fingers clutching at Dean’s hips and his breath ragged in excitement in Dean’s ear. And then Dean shifted pushing back against his father’s hips and pulling out of Sam a little. It was enough that he could snap his hips forward pushing into Sam and causing John to slide a little out of him. Sam moaned, happy to have movement and sensations again. And John gasped at the feeling.

It was awkward at first, all three of them moving at once and at their own pace, until John took control and led them. Dean knew he wasn’t going to last, knew it was going to be over far too soon, so he shifted his weight and reached down for Sam’s cock. Sam was hard and leaking all over his stomach, smeared around from Dean’s thrusts. Dean closed his hand around Sam and Sam shuddered and jerked. Oddly Dean was relieved to know that Sam was close to coming again.

“Are you close Sammy?” Dean whispered as he snapped his hips forward into Sam, grinding himself as he bottomed out and then pulling out and fucking himself back on his father’s dick.

“So hot Dean. No wonder you never bitch about getting fucked,” Sam rambled as he leaned up. His hand brought Dean’s head down and they kissed. Dean sped up his pulls on Sam’s dick and then Sam was suddenly coming. His dick hardened and he came all over Dean’s hand and his own stomach. “Fuck,” he drew out as he shuddered.

And Dean was already so close, and was brought over the edge with Sam as Sam’s ass clamped down and spasmed around him. He broke the rhythm and thrust erratically into Sam, and then thrust in one last time, arching his back to push himself in as far as possible as he came.

John had been forgotten for a brief moment but he made himself known and pushed Dean down toward Sam, canting Dean’s hips up further, and John’s thrusts became faster, harder, as he moved toward his own climax. With Dean’s ass still shaking around him, John shoved in hard and came with a growl. He still continued to thrust into Dean, drawing out his pleasure as much as he could. Dean and Sam swapped kisses until John collapsed against Dean.

“No offense Dad, but you and Dean are really heavy,” Sam huffed out as he squirmed underneath their combined weight.

John grunted, not quite ready to move or speak, but he slowly pulled out of Dean and then laid down on the bed beside them. Dean was sore and knew he’d be feeling it for days between Sam and his father’s fucking. And once John moved off them, Dean slowly pushed himself off Sam. Sam’s eyes immediately went to Dean’s stomach as Dean carefully pulled out of Sam. Sam would be a little sore as well.

“Dean, look,” Sam urged, his voice full of wonder. John shifted up on one arm to stare at Dean as well.

Dean looked down at his own stomach and watched with amazement and slight fear, as the remaining rings just disappeared from his stomach. Dimly, in the back of his mind, Dean would swear he could hear that old bitch cackling. Dean spared a quick glance at John, and could already see the guilt and horror settling in over what they’ve just done.

And Dean just knew that old bitch got the last laugh because things between the Winchesters will never be normal again.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dean's Dirty Desire". This story is complete.

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