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Hellmouth High Schools Don't Have Reunions

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Summary: What if "School Reunion" took place at Sunnydale High? A response to Winterd's challenge 3018.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralMoragMacPhersonFR152015,725179550,95116 Mar 088 Jun 08Yes

That Can't Be Right

A/N: My first challenge response to 3108 from Winterd. Time line wise, this is an alternate for "School Reunion" in season two of Doctor Who , in the Buffy-verse it's after Homecoming but before Band Candy. All these characters are the property of Fox and Joss and the BBC and Russell. I just like to play.

The Slayer launched the fluffy white projectile arcing into the air, and it landed ever so gently of the soft pink platform, which drew it into the waiting, hungry maw.

“Xander, you are the best distance popcorn eater ever.” Buffy tossed another kernel, snatched out of the air with consummate skill.

“Eye to mouth coordination, Buffy. Wait 'til you see where those skills get me on the baseball field. Or playing goalie in field hockey. The dentist loves me.” His next catch was a diving action, and he landed face first in the pile of pillows where Willow was surrounded by books. “Hey there, Wills, what’s taking so long? I know it’s my trig homework, but normally you’re all with the scribbling and looks of vague superiority.”

Willow kept tapping her pencil against the paper. “Hello? What’s going on, Willow?”

“All of your answers are right.”

“Oh.” He paused. “Must be those new teachers. I knew they were too good to be true.”

Buffy wandered over and looked down at the paper. “We better tell Giles there’s a new demon in town. A wacky, math teaching demon.” She grabbed Xander’s shoulder. “No developing any crushes on them.”

“No." He shook his head. "No way. Never again.”

Willow whined. “But the new physics teacher’s so cute.”

Xander laid a companionable arm around her. “You don’t want to go there, Willow. That way lies being eaten alive, or having your life force sucked out of you, or just becoming even more of a social pariah.”

Willow’s shoulders slumped as she sighed. “Yeah.”
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