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Key to Twilight

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Summary: After Buffy's death Dawn is sent to live with her father, who has just moved to Forks. There she meets five beautiful students who change her life. Dawn/Edward

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Twilight > Dawn - CenteredalliebyeFR1819660142,64717 Mar 0817 Mar 08No
Disclaimer: Joss Whendon and Stephanie Meyers own all of the beautiful and interesting characters starring in my story.

[[authors note: I'm not finished with the chapter. Wish I could but I have a shit load of homework to do. I have spring break soon though so I will finish it and post a few more chapters too. Constructive criticism on my writing is also good, even though I haven't left much of a sample.]]

[[author's note II: Quick before school chapter update!! Not a lot added though...]]

[[AUTHOR'S NOTE : I am totally changing this chapter so I can continue the story. I might delete it and then repost it, written slightly differently. Which I guess isn't a total change... but that's not the point. Point is I plan on changing the story. The plot will still be the same however.]]


Something was amiss in the Summers' house.

A group of young men and women all dressed in black sat in the living room, all of them looking like they had been diagnosed with cancer of the puppy. And the oddest thing was that there was not a Summers woman to be seen.

Makes a person wonder who died.

"Buffy," Willow whimpered as she nestled her face into the neck of her crying blonde lover Tara.

Oh shit.

"Buffy..." Xander agreed quietly, the brunette's uncharacteristically solemn. His thoughts had drifted back to his junior year during the funeral. To Buffy's first death, when Xander had saved her. She hadn't been dead more than two minutes before Xander pulled the slayer out of the pool the Master had left her in and resuscitated her. She had been dead a lot more than two minutes this time, almost more than two days. Can't resuscitate a person whose been dead for two days, even if you had their cadaver.

'Poor Dawn,' he thought as he remembered where Buffy's body was. 'I know she blames herself.'

Buffy was really dead.

It hadn't even hit Dawn until right now. It hadn't taken a heartbreaking funeral for her to realize it. Unlike the impact of her mother's death, it hadn't arrived when the coffin had been lowered six feet into the ground.

'The empty coffin,' Dawn thought, her eyes brimming with tears for what seemed the billionth time since the funeral. Her blue irises were surrounded by red, her large eyes irritated and swollen from her weeping.

It had hit Dawn when she came home and had no one to comfort her.

Every other funeral she had been to, Buffy had been the one to comfort her afterwards. But after Buffy's funeral, well, no more Buffy.

Now Dawn was all alone. No mother, deadbeat father and now dead sister. And aforementioned dead sister, all Dawn's fault. It had been HER blood, Glory had wanted HER. Buffy shouldn't have jumped...She shouldn't be stuck in the hell dimension that Dawn was supposed to reside in now. Buffy was the slayer. Buffy was her sister. And Dawn needed her.

'Who's gonna take care of me?' the key thought, lying on her side on her bed. Dawns knees were drawn up to her chest, one arm wrapped tightly around her knees and her other arm, bearing the scar that reminded her she was real, laying limply on the bed. 'Buffy is gone.'

'Well there are the Scoobies.' A more rational side of her countered.

Dawn snorted in derision. It sounded choked and harsh between her quiet sobs. Willow and Tara were not ready to take care of a teenager, neither were Xander and Anya. Giles was too depressed and Spike...was a vampire. Enough said there. Dawn supposed she could be passed from one to another, but that didn't sound like any fun at all. But what other options did she have?

Ironically, the phone rang.

Downstairs Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya all looked at the phone. Actually glared at it. None of them were up for much post-funeral talkie. Despite the glares it continued to ring. And ring. Anya sighed and went to stand, but a yelp from the witches stopped her.

"What?" the ex-vengeance demon asked.

"Um...Anya, why don't you stay here while I go answer. Ok?" Xander quickly said as he put a gentle hand on Anya's shoulder. She frowned at Xander but remained on the couch while her lover stood up and walked over to the phone, a second too late. The answering machine took the beginning of the message.

"Oh. Uh...didn't hear the beep. Well it's Charles. Dawn's father..."

Xander picked up the phone.

"Hello," he said, tone hostile. The others were not too happy about who it was either, but seeing that Xander was the one on the phone, couldn't do much. Besides look pissed. So they did that. Xander, meanwhile, looked beyond pissed.

"No." the brunette said. "No way in hell."

A pause.

"Listen pal I really don't give a fuck if you have lawyers or a right or whatever."

Another pause.

"Yeah! You tell him Xander!" Anya yelled, not too sure what her boyfriend was talking about. All she knew was that he looked like he was about to blow a gasket.

All the commotion brought the youngest Summers out of her room, to the top of the stairs. 'Whats happening?' she thought.

Xander, as if hearing her thought held the phone away from his face and screamed into it.

"Listen you bastard. You will NEVER take Dawn away from her home, away from the people who love her, to live with your sorry ass." He slammed the phone down.

"What did you say?" Dawn whispered. He didn't hear her. Her long legs took her down the stairs quickly and she ran into him. Her eyes were wide and worried. "What did you say!?" she said more loudly. "Who were you talking to?"

Again, on que the phone rang. And was answered by Charlie's angry daughter.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Key to Twilight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Mar 08.

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