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Demons Chasing Me

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Summary: Odd ficlet collection based on a song I heard by accident. Not a songfic and has some femslash/slash- warnings at beginnings of chapters.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherKarieFR1311,8180148418 Mar 0818 Mar 08No
AN- I'm not done with my other fic, but I was listening to a cd in my car the other day and happened on this awesome song. Needless to say, I haven't been able to think of anything else so I had to write to get it out of my head. Each chapter will be with a different BTVS character and a different cross. This is my first attempt at a ficlet, so please drop a line to tell me how it turned out. Hope y'all like it. I'm back on my 'normal' night shift where I belong so updates on this (and my other fic) should come along much faster. I'm just not meant to be out and about during the day. Ain't natural.

Disclaimer- I don't own anything BTVS or Supernatural. The song "Demons" belongs to Kenny Chesney =)

OH- and this mentions femslash. Nothing explicit but this is Willow *grins*

AN2- I didn't like the first line of this fic so I changed it.

Sometimes they're in a bottle,
Sometimes a pair of high-heel shoes,
Some come rolled in paper
Some have six strings and only play the blues
Once you've met the devil
There ain't no way he'll let you be
When I'm not chasing demons,
There's demons chasing me


Willow Rosenburg wasn't the type to be bullied into things. Not even her parents could get her to do things she didn't want to. The normal rules didn't apply to her and she knew it. Oh, she was good at pretending she was the good girl who was too scared to not follow the rules. But when pressed, she'd agree and then do whatever she wanted to anyway. She just never had the urge to be really bad.

Which was kinda funny, seeing the situation she currently found herself in. Sitting at a strange bar in the middle of a strange city, dressed in such a way as no one would ever recognize her. Surprisingly, the supple black leather pants felt rather good against her skin. And the dark purple silk halter that tied behind her neck and left a good expanse of skin exposed felt rather... well... sexy in a way she hadn't felt in a long time.

"Listen, Red, I want you to turn this way a little and bend down to check your boots," the sexy voice whispered in her ear, and she had to bite her lip to stop from giggling like an idiot. She reached up and pretended to play with her earrings, in truth adjusting the earpiece that was cleverly hidden by her hair and a small glamour.

"You wish, Winchester. You wish," she whispered, but turned an emerald glare in the general direction of her pervy partner. Or one of them at least. "Maybe later, if you're good."

"You're killing me, Rosenburg."

"Again with the wishing."

"Focus, guys. You're gonna look like a lunatic if you keep muttering to yourself, Will." Willow rolled her eyes, but straightened up and reached for her drink. She drained what was left of it and then lowered it back down. "Target to the left."

Careful not to look overly interested, Willow turned slightly to her left and felt a thrill of triumph as her eyes hit their mark. A tall dark haired woman, beautiful in a slinky dress that hugged sinful curves and black stiletto heels that made long legs look even longer sauntered across the dark bar. Casually, Willow gestured for the bartender to bring another drink and then straightened on the barstool again. She dropped a layer of her shields, making sure her power leaked out a little. It wouldn't be long now.

"Here alone, sweetness?" Well, didn't take as long as she'd thought. Must be hungry. Willow turned slowly to look at the beautiful woman, well -thing- casually leaning against the bar next to her. She was so close Willow could smell the slight decay under the thick perfume. Only someone that had spent a lot of time around such a smell would have been able to pick up on the cloying scent.

"Always," Willow answered, hoping the hoarseness of her voice sounded interested rather than disgusted. Her stomach was churning a little with the combination of the sweet drink she'd downed, the sick smell, and the dark hunger she could feel emanating from the other woman. She swiftly pushed the nausea down and forced herself to smile coyly and turn shining eyes over to the other woman.

"Wanna go somewhere a little quieter?"

Wow. That really didn't take long at all. Usually Willow had to play around a little longer. Flirt, drink a little more- pretend to get drunk then allow herself to be led outside or to a nearby hotel room. This one was impatient.

"Sure," Willow grinned crookedly, then chugged half of the glass the bartender had poured. Her stomach lurched a little, but settled down when she stood up a little unsteadily. She didn't have to pretend too much this time, forcing a giggle as she stumbled slightly. She could feel the boys getting to their feet to follow- Dean handing over his pool cue with a good natured grin and a nod to the man he'd been playing, and Sam unfolding himself from his perch on the opposite end of the bar.

"My hotel is just across the street," the woman murmured in Willow's ear, slender hands cool on her waist, slipping under the back hem of her top to play across warm skin. "I've got lots of games we can play."

"I've always been good at games," Willow giggled, leaning into the taller body next to her. "I like to win."

"Hmm, that's interesting. I like to win as well." And just like that, they were at the hotel and the door was open. Willow was immediately very reluctant to go inside. She started to dig her heels in when she felt a strong push from the small of her back that sent her flying inside.

The room was dark, and Willow didn't even see the chair she tripped over. She was so surprised that she couldn't avoid the corner of the table that assaulted the side of her head on the way down. She saw stars along with the blinding pain that came with it. She knew she couldn't stay down, and it was pure instinct that had her rolling to her feet even if she was disoriented.

"What are you," she demanded, stumbling past the bed, looking around with blind eyes, trying to find a source of light. A whisper of sound told her the woman-demon was moving towards her. A whisper of her own allowed light in the desperately dark room. The thing coming after her didn't look at all like the beautiful woman that picked her up at the bar. For a moment, Willow wished she'd left it dark.

It was still tall, but the soft white skin that had been exposed in the slinky black dress had a dark green tinge to it, and the soft black hair that had caressed the beautiful face and neck was now stringy and uneven. The face looked like it had melted- time and decay had taken the beauty and twisted it into something horrid. And the slight smell of death had thickened into something unbearable.

Willow couldn't help but gag as the thing came closer. "Don't find me as attractive now, do you, little witch?" The voice was thick, sounding as if there was something other than air escaping from the dead lungs. "But you are a pretty little thing. Lovely with all that red hair and soft skin. And your power makes my mouth water. It's been a while since I've tasted something as sweet. Like chocolate. You're such a mix of white and dark, innocence and corruption. You reek of despair and attempted redemption. What you do not realize is that while there's a taint in your magic, you are the only one who can forgive."

"Save the speech," Willow snarled, successfully pushing the nausea and pain into a small dark place to be dealt with later. She brought the anger forward, allowing her power to surface. "I've heard it all before."

"Then I won't waste anymore time." She moved fast, faster than Willow was expecting. She didn't even have time to blink before she was being held in a tight embrace, the monster's foul mouth pressed against hers. It took a second before the shock wore off and she started to struggle. Pain started to build in her stomach and moved up to her chest and down her arms. She could feel what she recognized as her essence- her magic- being forced up and out of her blood. It hurt worse than anything else she'd ever been forced to endure.

Her magic was a part of her- it wasn't just in her spirit, it was embedded in her organs, in her blood, etched into her bones. She could feel her heart beat faster, impossibly fast and it wasn't just with panic. Willow couldn't do anything but weakly push at the thing sucking the life out of her. Her only defense was what the demon was feeding on.

The light she'd conjured was going dim, allowing the darkness of the hotel room to slowly creep in. It was almost out when the door burst open and a blast of a pistol knocked the demon away. Willow inhaled sharply, falling to her knees. "Willow!" She couldn't see anything, even as the overhead light flickered to life.

"S-Sam," she whispered, the name almost soundless. Dean's pistol- loaded with blessed silver bullets roared to life a few more times, finally taking the demon's head off with a rain of black gore. It was almost too easy to kill it. They'd done the research and the easiest way to kill one of that kind was to catch it while feeding because that's when it was the most vulnerable. And that's what they'd done.

But at what cost? Dean rushed to kneel next to his brother and the small redhead they'd somehow adopted along the way. She looked like hell, and he winced in sympathy as she turned around on her hands and knees to violently puke up everything she'd eaten for the last two days. "Sorry took so long, Red," he apologized when he was sure she could hear him. "Samantha over there tripped going up the fucking stairs and knocked the both of us down a flight."

"Screw you, Dean." Sam waited until Willow was done throwing up before pulling the shaking witch back into his arms. "It's okay, Will. You're okay now."

"I-," Willow stopped and swallowed hard. Goddess, was she ever going to get the taste out of her mouth? She coughed and tried again, "I d-don't su-suppose you h-have a-any m-mouthwash?"


The End?

You have reached the end of "Demons Chasing Me" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Mar 08.

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