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Xander the Maou

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Summary: Xander picks up a strange sword at Ethan's, and becomes the demon king! Now with Stargate and Discworld!

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Anime > Kyo Kara Maou
Literature > Sir Terry Pratchett
Stargate > Xander-Centered
NerdgirlFR183638,60616291311,13920 Mar 085 Aug 13No

chapter 13

Carter's laboratory

The boy definitely looked out of place in his borrowed BDU's. He was just too young to pull off the look convincingly. Of course, it didn't help that the clothes were a size too big. All in all, he looked YOUNG. Too young to be dangerous, but Jack knew not to underestimate him. So many times, they had been burned trusting someone who appeared harmless. And he very clearly wasn't harmless, Carter's encounter with whatever energy device was in his bag just proved that. They'd been lucky not to lose her. So they were taking all the proper precautions this time, such as the fully armed MP's that dogged their steps. They had waited for Carter to be cleared by medical to do the unveiling. Now, all they had to do was wait and see.

At Xander's request, the black bag had been removed from behind shielding and placed out on a table for easy access. He approached the table slowly, so as not to disturb the guards. At Jack's nod, he placed his hand on the zipper, then hesitated. “Morgif, it's me,” he said in a soft tone.

A low moan issued from the bag, startling everyone but the boy. “Morgif, I'm getting you out of the bag; please don't sulk.”

Morgif, whatever he or it was, grumbled, the sound slightly muffled by the fabric. Xander slowly eased the zipper down and reached in.

SG-1 was startled by what he removed from the bag. Having expected to see some kind of alien device, it came as somewhat of a shock to find that Morgif was in fact...a sword. A very unhappy sword at that, with an expressive face moving on the hilt. Jack blinked.

“Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but did that sword just stick its tongue out at us?” Daniel asked, a perturbed expression on his face.

“Ya know, Daniel, I think it did. But the better question is, how the hell did a sword zap Carter?” He raised an eyebrow, then cursed himself internally for copying Teal'c's expressions. It just wasn't the same coming from him.

The boy didn't seem to notice. He was busy talking to his sword. And wasn't THAT a sight to see. If they'd been anywhere else, or anyONE else, for that matter, the boy would right now be talking to some nice people in white jackets. As it was, he just got a few amused smirks. “Morgif! Stop that right now! Do you have any idea the trouble you've caused?”

Morgif moaned. “AAAOUU?” While apparently incapable of forming speech, the sword seemed to put a lot of feeling into his moans, and Xander seemed to understand.

“I know, I know you were just trying to help, and to stay out of sight, but you can't just go around zapping people like that! You melted some equipment, and if Major Carter hadn't been behind a shield, you would have melted her too! You have to be more careful. Just knock strangers out if they touch you, don't kill them, ok?” At the sword's moan, seemingly of agreement, Xander continued. “Now, please apologize to the nice Major.”

Jack smirked at the kid. Despite the fact that he was holding a living sword, one that seemed perfectly capable of killing people all on its own, he still came across as goofy and harmless. He certainly was one of the STRANGEST visitors that the base had ever had, that was for sure.

Meanwhile, the sword was doing its best impression of a small boy shuffling his feet in embarrassment, a real accomplishment for an entity with only a face. Its eyes were cast downward, bone white features taking on a slightly pinkish cast. “AAAiiii,” it moaned.

“Uh, that's all right, I guess,” Major Carter replied, looking fascinated, but still slightly startled at the sword.

The sword looked up. To the astonishment of all, little stars and hearts seemed to flash in its eyes as it gazed at Sam. “OOOOO!” it moaned excitedly, then let out a wolf whistle, tongue hanging out of its mouth.

“Morgif! Mind your manners! Of all the swords to end up with, and you just HAD to be a womanizer! Now I remember why Yuri kept you down in the cellar.” Xander was turning the most interesting color of pink, and Jack couldn't help laughing at the sight.

Sam swallowed her embarrassment at being ogled by what SHOULD have been an inanimate object. “So, if this is what was causing the bag to be inconspicuous, how does it work? And why make it into the shape of a sword? Where did you get that kind of technology?”

“Oh, that? That's easy. It's just magic.”

There was a moment of silence, then Jack was the first to recover. “Oh, is that it? It's magic.” Turning to the others, he continued, “Well, that's a lot easier to say than some technical mumbo-jumbo, except for the fact that magic isn't REAL. C'mon, kid, pull the other one.”

Sam nodded. “While there is the old saying about how sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic to a more primitive people, I would have to agree with Col. O'Neill. There has to be a scientific explanation for everything. For instance, the energy that your sword emits, if we can find out how to harness that same energy, we could find a lot of good uses for it.”

The boy's face darkened. In that instant, he looked far older and more dangerous than he had ever before. “He can slowly draw on any energy around him to recharge, but when necessary, he can draw on the energy of Life itself.”

Jack's good humor vanished instantly. “So, you mean this sword can suck the life out of people?” He tensed, and could see the rest of his team doing the same.

Xander nodded wearily. “Yeah. In the past, some of my...predecessors used him in the wars against the humans. It was considered a real advantage; use your enemies' life force to kill them. I won't allow it to happen again.”

In the silence that followed, Jack said the first thing that popped into his mind. “I thought you were human, kid.”

“Yeah, well, nobody's perfect.”
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