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Xander the Maou

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Summary: Xander picks up a strange sword at Ethan's, and becomes the demon king! Now with Stargate and Discworld!

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Anime > Kyo Kara Maou
Literature > Sir Terry Pratchett
Stargate > Xander-Centered
NerdgirlFR183638,60616291311,13920 Mar 085 Aug 13No

Chapter 3

Disclaimer: still don't own it.

Things had steadily gotten crazier on the Hellmouth following that Halloween Though slightly worried about the origin of his powers, Xander quickly grew accustomed to them. At first, he was at a bit of a loss as to how to use water powers against vampires, he soon had them flying through the air, smashing into various wooden obstacles. While this tactic usually crippled or dusted most vampires, it generally left a big mess and caused a lot of property damage. He felt a bit guilty about that, despite the necessity, so he spent a lot of time looking for ways to refine his technique. He didn't want to end up in jail for vandalism, after all.

After a lot of soul-searching, Xander hit on a solution. The Mazoku were a souled type of demon, and they reincarnated after death. The Maou's previous self had been so good and pure, she had been considered almost holy. Add to that her healing magic, and she was able to bless water. With a little experimentation, Xander found he was able to do the same. Soon, his favorite trick was to bless his water-snakes, and have them consume the vampires. Those that managed to escape before being dusted were easy targets for his sword.

All of this served to further Xander's reputation among the demon community. In fact, his reputation soon surpassed the Slayer's. This caused no end of friction within the group. While Buffy was grateful for the added help, she deeply resented losing her place in the spotlight. By the time of the Judge incident, she was at her breaking point.

Xander was truly disgusted. Not only did they have to face a near-invincible demon, Buffy's dead boyfriend just HAD to go and lose his soul. You'd think that a person in his position would be a little more careful with something that important. All those years, and the moron hadn't looked into the curse to make sure if it was permanent or not. As it was, he could probably deal with Angelus, but the matter of the Judge was more pressing. But he would have to be the one to deal with the vampire, as Buffy was proving too broken up over the loss of her boyfriend to be of much use.

The gang was studying in the library, looking for any information on how to destroy the Judge. The results so far had been disheartening. The last time the Judge had resurfaced, it had taken an army to defeat him, and even then, they could only cut him up, not kill him.

"Hmmm... no weapon forged by man...forged by man?" Xander mused. "Wait a minute... how about a weapon forged by something else? or not even forged?" He slowly started spinning in his chair, deep in thought.

"What are you thinking about, Xander?" Giles asked. Ever since Halloween, he'd listened more to the young man and his ideas.

"What about a weapon created by magic? Created from a machine-made, unforged plastic sword to become a magic blade made by a demon? I don't think human hands actually came into contact with Morgif before it got to the store. I think Morgif might be able to do it." Happy sounds came from the long duffle bag next to Xander's chair. "And I think he's eager to give it a shot."

Giles blinked and polished his glasses. "That would be highly dangerous, Xander. Are you certain you feel up to it?" At Xander's nod, he continued. "Very well. Just be careful. This demon can burn the life out of you with a single touch. I don't want to see you get hurt. Buffy will take on the vampires, to buy you a chance to get close."

"But Giles, why do I have to play backup? I'm the Slayer!" Buffy whined. "I should be going after the Judge!"

Giles sighed. "Xander is the only one who can wield the enchanted sword. It has bonded to him and him alone. If you attempt to use it, it will see you as a thief and a danger to its true owner. Need I remind you of what happened the last time you tried to take the sword?" He scowled at his pouting Slayer.

. . .

It had been an ordinary Saturday afternoon at the library, researching some kind of demon whose name they couldn't pronounce. Xander had left Morgif on the table with hit hilt out of the bag so it could see. Buffy had looked at it thoughtfully. Why should XANDER get a cool magic sword? He wasn't a Champion or a Chosen One! A sword like that should go to someone who could use it most effectively, someone like...her! With her mystical ability to wield weapons, she'd master it in no time, and Xander could go back to being donut boy. Slowly she reached for the sword. The instant her fingers touched it, there was a bright spark and a loud crack. She found herself flying across the room, unable to move. Her head smashed into a bookshelf, and everything went dark. She had woken up three days later, still with ringing in her ears.

. . .

"Ok, fine, be that way," Buffy muttered in disgust.

Giles chose to ignore his Slayer's attitude. "Now, we need to figure out where they will strike first. They will want a target with a lot of people, preferably young and defenseless."

The Scoobies looked at each other, then simultaneously chimed in, "The mall."


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