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Xander the Maou

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Summary: Xander picks up a strange sword at Ethan's, and becomes the demon king! Now with Stargate and Discworld!

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Anime > Kyo Kara Maou
Literature > Sir Terry Pratchett
Stargate > Xander-Centered
NerdgirlFR183638,60616291311,14320 Mar 085 Aug 13No

Chapter 33

After his run-in with the Grim Reaper crew, things calmed down for Xander. He spent some time trying to hunt down the gravelings, despite Rube's request, only to discover that they were just too fast for him to get. Not to mention that, as the average person couldn't see them, Xander seemed to be making a spectacle of himself fighting an invisible enemy with his sword. Not that he was complaining, mind you, he had made over $200 in small change from observers who were quite impressed at this new form of street performance. So, at least he had enough to keep himself afloat.

Morgif, on the other hand, was decidedly out of sorts. At one point in the most recent attempt at battle, he had got it into his head to try and devour one of the gravelings. That, however, had proven to be a very big mistake. Apparently, when it came to souls, gravelings were more akin to the sludge at the bottom of the pan than an actual feast. Needless to say, he just couldn't keep it down. The graveling itself looked disgusted, both at having been eaten and then being thrown up. Despite being none the worse for wear, the graveling appeared to have been traumatized, and its kin had taken to giving Xander a wide berth. With the gravelings actively keeping a close eye on him, Xander couldn't get close enough to make any other attempts at pest extermination.

All in all, the city didn't really feel like home, and he REALLY didn't fit in. Not to mention this world's distinct lack of vampires, vampire slayers, or even a Sunnydale for that matter. While he was certainly enjoying getting to see all the different realities, he was also starting to feel homesick. So he quickly decided on a plan: he would attempt to re-direct his water portal back to his home dimension.

This time, he was going to avoid rushing headlong into things. Seeing as he was in no immediate danger (sorry Murphy!), he decided to take the time to prepare. After all, if he was successful, there was no telling what had happened while he was away on vacation. There would be nothing like successfully getting back, only to find himself deposited in the middle of a vamp nest or something with no supplies. And if it didn't work, well, weeks of eating berries in the forests of ancient Greece had taught him to take advantage of good food when available and stock up.

All in all, Xander spent about a week getting Morgif back into shape- the poor thing had been queasy for days after the mistake with the graveling, and it had taken a lot of trial and error to figure out what would calm his stomach. Not that he had one, but anyway.... A steady diet of ginger ale, chicken soup and pretzels had set him to rights, for which Xander would be forever grateful. Having a sword puke down your leg as you walk was just not his idea of a fun time.

Xander also spent a few days carving stakes and gathering food. Although he had Morgif, not having a backup weapon was more than stupid, it was suicidal. He had also taken the time to say goodbye to the reapers at Der Waffle Haus, not that he had built any real connection with any of them, save Rube, who he admired for dealing with his crazy crew.

Finally, the moment arrived. He could feel the energy buildup that meant he could attempt to hop dimensions again. As the ocean near Seattle was frigid at that time of year, he decided to simply step into a half- full bathtub in his motel. After all, water was water, right? Plus it would save him the embarrassment of being seen in his attempt, should it not succeed. He focused his mind on all the things that said “home” to him- namely vampires, witches, werewolves and magic, and stepped into the tub. The water immediately began spinning around him, and, dizzy, he found himself losing focus.

With a splash, Xander fountained up into a decidedly smaller water source- a large glass fish tank. Moving carefully so as not to squish a pair of angelfish that miraculously seemed to have survived his arrival, he made an attempt at getting out, only to freeze at the distinctive click of a gun.

See? I promised I would be giving you a new chapter! 10 points if you know where he is now!
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