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Xander the Maou

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Summary: Xander picks up a strange sword at Ethan's, and becomes the demon king! Now with Stargate and Discworld!

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Anime > Kyo Kara Maou
Literature > Sir Terry Pratchett
Stargate > Xander-Centered
NerdgirlFR183638,60616291311,07920 Mar 085 Aug 13No

Chapter 5

Disclaimers: It's mine! All mine! HA HA HA HA! oh, wait...I was wrong. That was just a dream. I don't own anything. Damn.

The day, as per usual, dawned bright and cheerful. Insects chirped, birds sang in the trees, and the town lay quiet, seemingly peaceful. It had always disturbed xander that such an evil place could hide so well behind the facade that was Sunnydale. Evil shrouded itself with beauty, it had to, or else there would be far fewer victims and more people would have discovered the truth of wht lay beneath the surface.

The day felt completely and utterly wrong. A day like today should be cloudy and overcast. There should be thunder, lightning, a scene of gloom and doom dark enough to match his mood. However, nature could not hope to match Xander's fury. Buffy had betrayed them. She had allowed an incredibly dangerous vampire to get away, just because she had feelings for his souled self. What a hypocrite. If it had been one of her friends who had been turned, she wouldn't have hesitated. And hell, he'd had to stake Jessie, the best friend he'd ever had. How was this any different? They had no way to bring his soul back, and even if they did, why should they do such a horrible thing? Bring a soul back, rip it away from whatever peace it may have found, throw it into the body of a demon with even more evil memories, back into torment? And for what? A selfish girl who couldn't be with him?

She was no longer trustworthy. they couldn't depend on a Slayer who wouldn't. Best thing would be to take care of the problem himself. After all, it wasn't like Angelus and his cronies were really TRYING to hide. Not only was the mansion the really obvious place, but there were so many minions coming and going that they were really easy to track. And since he knew where to find them... why bother waiting until nighttime? That was always one of the things that confused him about the Slayer. Yes, patrolling at night wa important to prevent attacks, but why not do a quick day patrol as well? It wasn't like many vampires were subtle. Generally, they gravitated towards abandoned warehouses and sewers. While there weren't many advantages to going into the sewers, the warehouses would be easy targets during the day. It would be simple to cut a few holes in the roof, let in the daylight. Or arrange a few 'accidental' fires. Whether they stayed in or ran out, they'd be dust.

Xander began packing his weapons bag. If he was going to do something, it would be best to get it done sooner rather than later, otherwise he would lose the element of surprise.

As Angelus was not nearly as dense as the usual vamp, Xander knew that he'd have to make absolutely certain of the kill. Therefore, he'd have to make sure all points of exit were covered. He waiteed until midmorning, when most people would be at work and out of the way. Pressing his hands to the ground, he summoned water from the reservoir, directing it to fill the nearby sewers. Then, he gave it his blessing. No vamps would get out that way, except as soup.

That only left the aboveground exits. Unfortunately, there were several doors and multiple windows to cover, as well as a garage. The garage would be the most likely exit point, but would it be better to try and cut off access, or to drive the vampires to it? On the one hand, they might be able to get away by car, but on the other, a car made a bigger target.

In the end, Xander decided to spray all exit points with gasoline and light it up, but use less on the garage. He set up a line of spikes across the driveway, and lit a match. Within seconds, the mansion was surrounded by a ring of fire. For good measure, he hurled Molotov cocktails through some of the upper windows. Faintly, he could hear high-pitched shrieks coming from the sewers as vamps attempted to escape underground.

One minion, trapped on the second floor attempted to escape out a window, but the blanket he had wrapped around himself caught fire on the way down, and all that reached the ground was a pile of ashes. By now, even Xander could hear the shrieks as minions were consumed by the flames.

Suddenly, the garage doors burst open, propelled by the force of a classic cadilac smashing into them. The windows were tinted, but Xander could make out a shrouded form inside. He drew his sword, and got ready. Unbeknownst to him, his eyes had become slit-pupiled, just like a cat's, he was glowing slightly and his hair moved gently in a non-existant wind. Power rose off the young man, greater even than before, as he fully accepted and embraced his duty to the people of his land. In that instant, he had truly become the king.

The caddilac hit the spikes and fishtailed. Xander raised his hand, and a wall of pure water surrounded the car. He held off on the blessing, wanting to make certain that he was facing Angelus, and not a minion on diversion duty. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see two hooded figures racing off. While they were mostly covered, he could still make out their faces under their hoods- Spike and Dru. He could not afford to divert any of his power to stopping them, however, as Angelus was the more immediate threat. Those two could be dealt with later. Going by their history and reputation, when things went south the way Sunnydale had for them, they tended to get the hell out of Dodge.

Xander raised his sword, and fired off a blast towards the car's engine. The fire quickly spread, flames reaching towards the windshield. Soon, the driver's side door popped open, spilling a black-clad figure out onto the ground.

"Well, aren't you the mighty warrior then, and here I always thought of you as the donut boy," snarled an Irish-accented voice. "I am going to enjoy ripping out your intestines and feeding them to you. Then, I'm going to pay a visit to your other friends. With only Fluffy to 'protect' them, I'm sure I'll have a good time. How about I start with that little redhead you like so much? Or maybe I should do the Watcher? How about Fluffy's mother? I would have taken your mother, drained her slowly, and then left her as a vampire, but you would have gotten too much satisfaction at staking her. How do you feel, knowing you come from such trash?"

Xander stepped forward. "As much as I enjoy chatting with you, you've just proven the point I tried to get across to Buffy. You're not Angel, not that I ever really liked the big jerk anyways. You are just an animal, an animal that needs to be put down. Better to do it now than have to worry about the trouble you might cause later. And since Buffy's not up to cleaning up her own mess, I'll do it for her."

Just then, under his hood, Angelus' face shifted, going into game face. He rushed forward, intending to take the young king by surprise. His fangs were just inches from Xander's throat when Xander raised the hilt of his sword between them. "Now, Morgif!" Xander cried.

The sword shrieked its defiance at the master vampire. The face on the hilt opened its mouth wide, and wind began to emanate from it's mouth.

A black, glowing light began to break free of Angelus' chest. "What the hell?" Angelus said in confusion. He tried to back away, but the pull was too great. His body slowly began to dissolve into dust as bit by bit, the black light detached itself. "Aw, fuck!" And then it was over. The last bit of the vampire crumbled away as the essence of the demon was drawn out into the enchanted sword.

Morgif snarled in rage as the evil essence moved through it. It was never meant to contain such impurity. As it shrieked in pain, Xander aimed it towards the last few vamps attempting to escape. "Morgif! Burn off the energy! Expell it before it consumes you!"

A great gout of flame shot out from the tip of the sword. The flames washed over the lawn, charring a path through the vampires and ending at the mansion. What was left of the building promptly exploded in a fireball tinged with black around the edges, knocking Xander off his feet.

When his ears finally stopped ringing, Xander could hear sirens in the distance. While Sunnydale's authorities were incompetent to the point of criminal involvement, even they weren't so dense as to ignore what was looking like one of the biggest fires in recent history. Quickly sheathing his sword and pulling on a baseball cap, Xander beat a hasty retreat. He wasn't too worried about the legal repercussions. What really bothered him was the thought of what Buffy might try to do to him when she found out about her precious 'boyfriend.' If she started something, he hoped he wouldn't do anything that he would come to regret.

Feedback anyone? I'm taking input on the direction this story should go, and my main question is, should he stay or should he go? Has Xander finally grown too big for Sunnydale? Thanks!
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