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Xander the Maou

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Summary: Xander picks up a strange sword at Ethan's, and becomes the demon king! Now with Stargate and Discworld!

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Anime > Kyo Kara Maou
Literature > Sir Terry Pratchett
Stargate > Xander-Centered
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Chapter 8

The day before graduation

The Scoobies were having their traditional pre-apocalypse research party and strategy planning session. Even the addition of Kendra did little to curb the chaos involved, and they bickered amongst themselves for a while before settling down.

"So let me get this straight. You plan on arming all of the students and sending them against vampires and monsters, with only Buffy as backup, while Kendra and Xander try to lure the giant snake demon into the school and blow it up. What are you, crazy?!" Cordelia crossed her arms, leaning back in her chair.

"While it may not seem like the safest plan, it is the best we have. And since we don't have any convenient volcanoes..." Giles trailed off.

"We could always go for the hummus idea." Willow piped up.

"Right." Buffy snorted. "I just wanna know why I have to stay outside while they get to lure the mayor."

"Two words for you Buffy. Long legs." Xander ducked behind a table, hiding from the annoyed, yet truly diminutive, Slayer.

Graduation day

Graduation day was bright and cheerful, on the surface at least. For those in the know, however, the day was dark and tense. Few people were listening to the main speaker, who was, unsurprisingly enough, the Mayor. He had just gotten into his speech, despite whispered remarks of "just change already, get it over with." It was one of those standard boring speeches about pride or civic duty or something. Fortunately, before it had gone too far, a shadow fell on the gathering. The mayor remarked, "Looks like it's time. It's too bad, I had a whole speech planned. Oh well, guess I'll skip right to the finale."

With that, the mayor's face began to swell and distort, as the solar eclipse blanketed the town. Parents and relatives began to panic, and a few started to run, but those quickly ran into a wall of demons and vampires who had braved the day in the security of darkness. As many vampires now feared the Hellmouth's guardians, demons made up the majority of the evil army. While a few enemies were taken out by the wave of Holy water Xander sent their way, most simply got wet.

At the first sign of the mayor's transformation, the graduating class had torn off their robes, revealing the medieval weaponry beneath. Now, at Xander's command, they took up postions. "Archers, first volley!" He shouted. A wave of arrows flew, some striking their targets. A few Polgara demons and a Chaos demon fell. "Fall back! Flame thrower crews, defensive postitions! Provide cover! Get the snake!" Although it had all happened within minutes, the mayor had already achieved his full transformation, and was snacking on Principal Snyder.

What followed was pure and utter chaos. Buffy tore into the demons with a fury that few of her fellow students would have believed possible. As she sliced and diced, the rest of the class shielded the families, switching to long knives and short spears. Oz and Giles led a second wave of archers, those who had been judged accurate enough not to kill anyone with friendly fire, in picking off the demons on the edges, opening up an escape route.

Willow and Cordelia stayed with this group. Having graduated from pencils, the redhead levitated arrows and small knives, sending them hurtling towards the vital spots of any demon she recognized. As this took a great deal of concentration, Cordelia had grudgingly appointed herself Willow's bodyguard, her reflexes, honed from cheerleading, allowing her to surprise and overcome several opponents.

This left Xander and Kendra to deal with the Mayor. The snake demon was munching happily on Snyder, which, on any other day, would have left them overjoyed. Now, they simply looked on it in horror. Sure, they hated the little troll, but no one should have to die like that. They looked at each other, then began to wave and shout.

"Hey, Dick! Is that REALLY your life's ambition? To turn into a big snake and eat people? How lame is THAT? We are so going to kick your ass, Dickie boy, that is, if you still have one. But since you ARE an ass, we'll just have to kick everything." Xander was having fun, but he was nervous. Nothing like insulting a 60-foot snake to get the old endorphins going.

Mayor (or maybe ex-Mayor) Wilkins snorted in anger. He scowled, as much as it was possible for a snake. Then Kendra caught his attention.

"How like a man. Dat is de oldest male ego trip in de book. A giant snake? I tink someone is trying to overcompensate for something." She gave him a very obvious once-over, a disdainful look in her eyes.

The Mayor roared in anger, scaly face darkening. He struck at the two tormenting him, causing them to dive in opposite directions and passing between them. Xander shouted, "Too slow," and they took off running into the school, the Mayor practically nipping at their heels. They ran all out, leading the snake deeper ito the school. They knew they needed to get him close enough to the library when it went off, but still manage to get out of the building before it blew. They had made certain that Giles would blow the building a few minutes after they entered, no matter what. Unlike Buffy, they trusted the older man to do what was necessary.

They quickly reached what was to be ground zero: the library. Giles had made sure to remove the important books and weapons first before filling the space with dynamite, fertilizer, and propane tanks. They ran by the giant pile and through the double doors, managing to slam them closed just as the Mayor was about to overtake them. Instead, the snake smashed headfirst into the doors. Xander quickly barred the doors, and they continued running.

"We're not going to make it!" Kendra cried. She continued to sprint towards the exit.

"There! the swimming pool! Go there!" Xander shouted as they rounded a turn.

Kendra didn't waste energy or breath questioning Xander; she simply threw herself into the pool room. "What now?" she asked.

"Into the pool! No time to explain!" He grabbed her hand as they jumped into the water. As the water closed over their heads, they heard a loud rumbling as the first bomb started to go off. Then the water began to swirl and glow around them and they were sucked down. There was a bright, white flash, and they were falling, tumbling and rolling down a hard surface. The strangest thing was that the water was now in a circle, and seemed to be straight up and down, defying the laws of physics.

Suddenly, their stunned reverie was broken by the sound of guns being readied, and a gruff voice. "Oh, fer Chrissakes!"

'Oh great,' Xander thought. 'Get away from the giant snake and get to deal with guns instead. Just great. What else could go wrong?' He groaned; that was the absolute worst thing to think of. The ultimate jinx. Keeping the rest of his body still, he turned his head to look at Kendra. The Slayer hadn't spoken since their arrival in this new place. "Kendra! Hey, Kendra! We're here, wherever here is. Kendra?...Kendra?" His voice trailed off.

Kendra's eyes were closed, and she wasn't moving. Xander could see a bit of red starting to seep out from under her back. Frantically, he turned her over, ignoring the curses and calls for a medic that came from behind him. He was grateful to hear an authoritative voice ordering the soldiers not to shoot them, but for the most part, he tuned out everything but Kendra.

The blood he had seen was coming from a large wound gashed across Kendra's back, possibly from a piece of schrapnel as they were leaving. They had cut things a bit close after all. Peering at the wound, Xander could see a hint of bone. Whether or not this new place had medical facilities, he needed to do something NOW. He felt something stir within him, and he remembered the Maou's previous self, the healer woman. He also remembered Yuuri's use of the healing hands. Even though he was untrained, he would do as much as he could for her, and just hope that it would be enough. He placed his hands over her wound, startled to see them begin to glow. Ignoring the cries of surprise from around him, he poured all of his effort into fixing the damage. The last thing he saw before he passed out from exhaustion was clean, unbroken skin.


Thanks for all the reviews guys! Keep them coming! And if you haven't seen the anime or read the manga, I highly recommend Kyou Kara Maou!
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