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Xander the Maou

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Summary: Xander picks up a strange sword at Ethan's, and becomes the demon king! Now with Stargate and Discworld!

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
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Stargate > Xander-Centered
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Chapter 9

Things at Stargate command were never quiet or usual. In fact, strangeness and chaos were the norms. And the most chaos seemed to center around SG-1. Had this been any other place, the whole lot of them would have been certified as genuine lunatics, but here, they were simply the best of the best. After all, someone once said that the line between genius and insanity is a very fine line indeed. For the very rich or the very successful, lunacy was classified as mere eccentricity.

SG-1's usual post-mission briefing was usual only in the sense that after several years of running around the galaxy meeting and fighting aliens, anything could be considered usual and normal. Unexpected visitors were nothing new, but at least they added a bit of interest to what had been an extremely dull mission.

P3X-5738 had been incredibly boring. So much so, in fact, that Jack had almost been wishing for a Goa'ould attack to liven things up. The only thing that would have been even more boring than the mission would have been the briefing to discuss it, but that had been livened up by the arrival of their new guests.

"So," General Hammond asked, "Did anything unusual happen on your mission?" He was not in the best of moods. With two unknowns in his infirmary, the base security was compromised. Again.

"No, sir. It was dull. There were trees. Lots of them, and not much else. No large mineral deposits, no natives, no Jaffa... and did I mention the trees?" Col. O'Neill had a serious dislike of trees, particularly since there could be an ambush right at the Stargate and they might never see it coming. That was the problem of having only one point of entry to any given world.

"Now, Jack, it wasn't all that bad, there were the...well, there were...trees. Not even any ruins. I guess it really wasn't that interesting." If the usually-positive Dr. Jackson couldn't find anything to say about it, it must have been bad.

Teal'C inclined his head in a slight nod. "Indeed."

"I'd have to agree with them on this one. Although it may eventually be useful for a hidden base for the Tok'ra. With so little of interest there, the Goa'ould may never bother to check there." Major Carter was always one to see potential uses for things, probably something to do with being a scientist.

Hammond said thoughtfully,"If it is as you say, and there were no people, then where did our guests come from? There was a strange flickering in the event horizon, but the wormhole stayed connected. Unless that flickering indicated some kind of glitch, and they were redirected, they had to have come from P3X-5738."

Daniel looked perplexed. "When they came through, they were soaking wet. But there was no water near the Stargate. They couldn't have come from our location."

"They didn't," a voice interrupted. Everyone looked up to see Dr. Frasier enter the room. She looked annoyed, as if offended by the mystery that was their recent visitors. "I ran a chemical analysis of the water on their clothes. It had a high chemical content, including large amounts of chlorine, just like people put in swimming pools."

"Well, that rules out P3X...whatever. I definitely didn't see any swimming pools there." Jack snarked.

"They are from Earth, or at least, they've been here before." The doctor's announcement surprised the group.

"Have our guests woken up, Doctor?" Hammond asked.

"No, due to exhaustion and the drugs I administered, they're still out of it," she replied.

"Then how do you know they're from Earth?" Jack interjected.

She smirked. "The young man is wearing Levi's and the girl's shirt has a tag that says 'Made in Taiwan.'" At their stunned silence, she continued, "The boy also had a student ID card for Sunnydale High School, in California. It identifies him as one Alexander LaVelle Harris. I did a check, and neither the school nor the boy exist on any records."

The silence deepened. Finally, Dr. Jackson broke it. "Could they be from an alternate reality? And are they human?"

"They seem to be human, with a few anomalies that I could not clearly identify. Also, for a few minutes after he passed out, the boy's pupils were slit vertically, like a cat's. Later, they went back to normal."

They all took a minute to digest that information. "What about alien technology?" Sam asked. "We all saw him heal the girl. Did he have a Goa'ould healing device?"

"I couldn't find any evidence of technology, Goa'ould or otherwise. With the exception of the anomalies, they seem to be completely human. Because of the ID and the circumstances of their arrival, I'm setting up the scanner to check if they are from an alternate reality or not. IF they are, we only have 48 hours before the onset of Entropic Cascade Failure."

Hammond nodded. "Very well, Doctor. Please keep us informed. Now, Colonel, I think it would be best if you were to conduct the interviews, with Dr. Jackson's help of course. Dismissed.

Now all they had to do was wait for their guests to wake up.


Thanks for all the reviews, guys. Keep 'em coming!
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