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Karma Suture

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Summary: "It was mesmerising, the way the man moved, all deadly grace. And his eyes – dark blue, stormy, hypnotising..." An away mission, after which things go badly out of control for Trip. AU, more Star Trek than Buffyverse.

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Star Trek > EnterpriseAdAbsurdumFR131635,4200810,36821 Mar 0827 Apr 09Yes


Trip moaned softly as Malcolm retracted his fangs and licked a few drops of blood left on Trip's neck.

"You sure you don't want more?" he asked, a little breathless from the pleasure rush.

"Mhm, I'm sure." Malcolm smiled, still nuzzling him.

"You know you're still recovering, right?" Trip shivered.

They were lying on a bunk in their shared quarters, but only a couple of hours ago Malcolm lay in Sickbay, paler than usual and, frankly, looking like a corpse.

A week earlier Phlox extracted from his chest a silver bullet – a bit more to the left and Malcolm would definitely be dust. The wound the bullet left was charred as if someone pushed a branding iron right through Reed's chest. It had been healing with difficulty and even now it was barely scarred over.

Malcolm had gone into some sort of coma – hadn't really regained consciousness since he was shot – and no one could do anything. No one knew what to do. He didn't wake up till yesterday and when he finally did, Trip could've cried with happiness because before that he really was going crazy.

"I don't want to lose you. Hell, I thought I did lose you. Just like Jon." Trip pressed himself closer to the other vampire. "And then I find it was some kind of hallucination and then you nearly get yourself killed."

"I'm fine, really." Malcolm murmured. "You've heard what Phlox said. All I need now is a few proper meals."

"Well, I don't think there'll be a problem with that," Trip smiled a little, "now that the Capt'n let you stay."

"Yeah, for a while at least. It does seem there are some perks to putting yourself in the line of fire, doesn't it?" Malcolm arched one eyebrow.

Trip leant back and gave him The Look.

"You scared the shit out of me, you know."

"Sorry," Malcolm sighed.

"Yeah, you'd better be." Trip settled against Malcolm's side.

A moment later he heard a soft, low sound coming from the back of Malcolm's throat. He grinned delightedly – his Sire was purring for him.

The sound was soothing and it wasn't long before Trip's eyes closed as he fell asleep, Malcolm following soon after.

The End

You have reached the end of "Karma Suture". This story is complete.

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