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Karma Suture

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Summary: "It was mesmerising, the way the man moved, all deadly grace. And his eyes – dark blue, stormy, hypnotising..." An away mission, after which things go badly out of control for Trip. AU, more Star Trek than Buffyverse.

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Chapter One

A/N: This is AU to Star Trek: Enterprise (Malcolm Reed is not a member of the crew).
The idea stemmed from watching 3x12 of Buffy ("Helpless") and listening to The Monochrome Set.
Disclaimer: I don't own either Star Trek: Enterprise or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No profit made.
And English isn't my first language.

Karma Suture

Can someone tell me
What is it we're doing under the lights
Can someone tell me
Why once again we're food for vampires tonight

It's paradise when those zombie eyes
Are trained on you and sucking you dry

-The Monochrome Set "Love Zombies"

xx xx xx

They arrived at a very strange place indeed.

The planet was very Earth-like, even its people looked a lot like Humans. The landing party, consisting of Captain Archer, Commander Tucker, Ensign Sato and the Head of Security - Lieutenant Commander Hayes, flew down to a small town on one of the continents on the planet's northern hemisphere. They spent a pleasant day wandering around, Hoshi quite excited upon realising the alien language had syntax very similar to Earth's English.

They decided to stay for the night.

The night, however, brought with it creatures that belonged in the Humans' worst dreams. There should be no place for them in the real world and yet werewolves, demons, vampires – their faces twisted in horrible masks – freely roamed the streets.

Trip watched in shocked disbelief as one of them assaulted some hapless passerby. The vampire didn't manage to feed on them, though. He was promptly stabbed with a sharpened piece of wood by a girl who appeared seemingly out of nowhere and, with a harsh cry, he turned into a pile of dust.

Trip woke up from his stunned stupor feeling someone grab him by the arm. He spun around, prepared to fight, but it was only Hayes urging him and the rest of the team to run.

"We need to get to the shuttlepod!" Tucker shouted.

"We need to find a place to hide," came Hayes's not unreasonable answer.

xx xx xx

"Can someone tell me what we are doing under these lights?" Tucker panted out and nervously looked at his companions. Archer, Hoshi and Trip himself stood under a brightly shining streetlamp. Hayes went ahead to check the safety of an apparently empty nearby house. It wouldn't do them any good if they barricaded themselves inside only to find a horde of blood-thirsty monsters behind their backs.

"We're going to end up as food for vampires tonight," Hoshi stated quietly; her face, if not her tone, betraying fear.

"No, we won't let—" Archer's determined words were cut off by a cry of pain. It was Hayes.

Running in that direction, the Captain made the decision. Immediate transport was their only option in this situation. The shuttlepod was well-concealed, therefore not a problem – they would come back for it later. He whipped out his communicator as the three of them reached the house. Hayes lay in the corridor, crumpled lifelessly on the floor. His neck at an unnatural angle – broken.

"Archer to Enterprise."

"Captain?" T'Pol's voice was distorted by static.

"Transport us back to the ship. Now!"

"There's an ion storm approaching. We can only beam one person at a time. Please, stand by."

Hoshi went first. Then Hayes's body – Archer morbidly thinking about the letter he would have to record for the Commander's family. A brief argument ensued over who should go next. The Captain was reluctant to leave Trip. As a commanding officer he should take care of his subordinates. As a friend, he simply couldn't in good conscience go first. Eventually, Trip pointed out that Jonathan was more important as the Captain – a sentiment Hayes would no doubt have shared – and Archer went, almost against his own will.

Tucker stood alone in the dimly lit corridor.

"T'Pol?" he held his communicator, listening to static through which the Sub-Commander's voice could barely be heard.

"Electric discharge in the planet's atmosphere rendered the transporter temporarily inoperative. Please wait, Commander."

"Trip," it was Archer's voice this time and Tucker felt slightly relieved that at least he and Hoshi were safe. "Hess says it shouldn't take more than ten minutes to fix. We're going to get you out of there."

Trip didn't doubt that for a moment.

He pocketed the communicator and looked around. He should at least find some room, preferably with a heavy door and no window.

Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him. Squinting a little he could only see the approaching figure was not overly tall. When it came closer, Tucker breathed a sigh of relief – the newcomer, a man, looked normal: dark hair, casual clothes and no sign of otherworldly origin.

"You know what's going on there? It's insanity." Trip made a face.

The stranger smiled faintly, his eyes thoughtfully inspecting Tucker.

"I mean, vampires..." Trip fidgeted under the intense gaze. The stranger's silence was unnerving.

When he finally spoke, though, the voice was soft and pleasant. "It's just the way things are." The statement accompanied by a shrug.

"Er, right." Trip wasn't paying attention to his own words anymore. He stared fascinated as the stranger came closer. It was mesmerising, the way the man moved, all deadly grace. And his eyes – dark blue, stormy, hypnotising, trapping Tucker and commanding him to stay in place.

The two of them were barely centimetres apart now. Trip stood paralysed and watched as the other man's face changed into that of a vampire. The features sharpening, eyes going steely gray and still Trip couldn't look away.

He felt fangs sink into his neck. It hurt like hell and he gave a choked cry which unexpectedly, startingly, turned into a moan of pleasure. It was sheer madness but instead of pain, the only thing Trip felt now was pure bliss. He was aware of his blood, spilling from the wound, being hungrily licked and sucked, and shivered with delight.

"So sweet..." He heard the vampire murmur; the sibilants lingering, almost hissed.

Oh, this was paradise. This was better than sex. Trip couldn't understand what he had been so afraid of. He was getting weaker by the minute but it didn't matter. He clutched the vampire closer to him, as much for his own support as to prevent the creature from moving away.

Trip's vision was greyeing. Soon he was gently lowered to the floor, cradled in the vampire's arms and slowly drained of his life. As the last drops of his blood were carefully lapped, the blackness enveloped the Human.
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