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Just a Boy and a Girl

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Summary: For Eleven years it was just them. His Aunt and Uncle hated him, her Parents often forgot she existed. Their destinies took them in opposite directions but the bond they’d formed was unbreakable.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterdreamerzzzFR18911,697109237,97923 Mar 0829 Jun 10No


Sorry for the super long wait. I never really thought about Buffy getting pregnant, it would be an interesting twist but doesn’t really fit with the story I have planned. So no magic slayer baby....yet. Thanks for all the reviews.

“Harry.” Hermione called softly poking her head unsurely into the open door way.

Harry opened his eyes at the sound of her voice glancing to the doorway from his place sprawled on top of his bed to see her and Ron staring back at him unsurely.

“Can we come in?” Ron asked cautiously.

“It’s your room too.” Harry shrugged looking away from them to stare blankly at the ceiling. He heard them shuffle in and the soft creaking of the bed springs as they sat across from him on Ron’s bed.

“Harry.” Hermione began again nervously wringing her hands. “I’m.....we’re sorry about your friend.” She said wincing at how lame it sounded.

“Thanks.” Harry replied emotionlessly never taking his gaze from the ceiling.

“I’m sorry about what I said to it’s just.....” She paused as he turned to meet her gaze. “I was....” She began again unable to find the words.

“We were hurt you never even mentioned her to us.” Ron finished for her.

“I didn’t want anyone to know about her.” Harry said feeling a slight twinge of guilt for keeping such a big part of his life secret from them.

“I understand you must have been worried about Voldemort finding out about her.” Hermione rationalized.

“Yeah.” Harry sighed sitting up. “There was that. I mean I didn’t know she was the slayer until yesterday. Even with that I’m not sure how well she’d do against him. It’s not that I didn’t trust you guys, you know I do, with my life.”

“But not her’s?” Hermione asked hesitantly.

“I liked having that part of my life that was just mine.” Harry tried to explain. “I liked having that part of my life where I could be Harry. I didn’t like keeping a secret from you just like I hated not being able to tell her about being a wizard. But I knew if I told you or her that things...things would change and just didn’t want them to. Everything changed so much these past few years, a lot of it good like finding about magic and meeting you guys but at the same time it was nice to know for those few weeks I could pretend it wasn’t real. It really wasn’t about you guys. Not trusting you or anything. I mean I don’t know what I’d do without you two. ”

“It’s ok.” Hermione cut him off with a small smile.

“We get it.” Ron added. “So are you going to be ok?” He asked hesitantly.

“I guess.” Harry shrugged sadly.

“I was wondering...if you don’t want to talk about it it’s ok but...Maybe it would help if you told us about her.” Hermione asked curiously.

“What do you want to know?” Harry asked unsurely.

“What was she like?” Ron asked.

“Buffy is...well Buffy. It’s hard to explain.” Harry began with a small smile. “She always hated school and never did well but she’s not stupid, she just never saw the point. Maybe somehow she knew she was meant for something else. She never backed down from a challenge was always pushing the limits. You never knew what to expect but she made everything into an adventure. Her parents are real pieces of work. She’s the only person I’ve met that I’ve never envied for having parents.” He admitted sadly. “They hardly paid any attention to her. She could go weeks without either of them saying a word to her. We bonded over that in the beginning, both of being unwanted.”

“Harry.” Sirius interrupted knocking on the open door frame. “Dumbledore needs to see you downstairs.” he informed him.

“What for?” Harry asked petulantly.

“You’ll want to hear this, it’s about your friend.” Sirius began unsurely.

“Buffy?” Harry asked confused. “What about her?”

“She’s alive.” Sirius blurted out shocking the three teens.

“How? She can’t be...I mean she went to...I don’t understand? She’s really alive?” Harry asked afraid to hope.

“Yes.” Sirius nodded. “Please come downstairs and we’ll explain.”

Harry needed no further prompting flying from his bed and running down the stairs.

“Where is she? How is she alive? Is she Hurt?” Harry fired off questions as he skidded into the kitchen spotting Dumbledore.

“You may ask her all those questions yourself in but a moment.” Dumbledore began.

“She’s here?” Harry asked stunned.

“No she’s not here, But before we get into that I need to speak with you.” Dumbledore explained carefully. “Now that you both know the truth about each other you must decide what that will mean for your friendship. Whatever you decide you will not be seeing her again until we have your word that you will not do anything as foolish as you did this summer. You are not to leave the protection of your aunt and Uncle’s or Hogwarts for any reason unless you have permission.”

“Fine whatever I promise. Now can I see her?” Harry demanded.

“Harry we’re not kidding around.” Remus replied tiredly.

“We can and will keep the two of you apart if you don’t take this seriously.” Sirius added.

“Ok, Ok.” Harry sighed. “I promise to not leave My Aunt and Uncle’s, Hogwarts, Here, or wherever else you tell me to go without permission unless I’m in Danger.” Harry replied. “I’m not very well going to sit around waiting for you to say ok I can leave if Voldemort pops in.”

“Well then with that settled we can move on.” Dumbledore nodded happily. “I’ve spent the better part of my morning warding a location for you two to meet. You’ll have one hour and then you must return. I’ve spoken with Miss Summers and her Watcher and we’ve decided now that they are aware of your secret there is no reason for you to not stay in touch during the school year but I must press that you know your letters could be intercepted and you may wish to use some sort of code.”

“But My letters could lead Voldemort right to her.” Harry realized.

“I’m afraid He already knows.” Dumbledore sighed. “He’s very aware of who she is and what she is to you. He knew before even we did. He and his people have been watching you for years. Luckily for Miss Summers by the time he was strong enough to do anything about it She’d already moved to the hellmouth. He can’t touch her there. Magic goes crazy around it he’d be defenseless against the slayer not a very smart move to make.”

“But what about when she comes here?” Harry asked concerned.

“Your mother’s protection keeps him away when she is residing in the home next to yours. Now that he has returned to full strength we will be monitoring the times when she is traveling she was very lucky on her last trip. We received word that she was nearly captured by a group a death eaters. Se somehow managed to allude them.”

“She never mentioned that.” Harry said confused.

“She most likely didn’t realize who they were and thought them council members trying to locate her.” Dumbledore explained.

“So can I see her now?” Harry asked anxiously.

“Yes you may.” Dumbledore smiled taking a sock out of his pocket. “This will take you to her and return you in one hour. Sirius and Remus will accompany you and you should know that half the order is stationed around.”

“I’m not going to try and take off again, I already promised.” Harry sighed.

“And I believe you they are there not only to ensure you stick to your word but also to make sure nothing goes wrong.” Dumbledore smiled. “Hurry up then or you’ll miss your trip.” He said handing him the sock as Remus and Sirius moved to his sides grabbing it as well. A moment later he felt the familiar tug and suddenly found himself back at pivot drive.

She sat on the front porch half listening to Giles who sat beside her anxious for Harry’s arrival.

“What if they were right?” She cut him off mid sentence as he went over the new training regiment he was planning.

“Who were right?” He asked confused cleaning his glasses.

“The annoying magic people.” Buffy clarified. “The ones who want me to stay away from Harry. I mean I am the slayer, I got lucky this time but eventually I’m going to......”

“You don’t know that.” Giles replied softly.

“Come on, last night made us all face reality. Slayers don’t last that long.” Buffy sighed. “I’ve got a few more years if I’m lucky, why drag him into that?”

“You don’t know that for sure.” He replied putting his glasses back on.

“Giles the oldest slayer was twenty two.” Buffy said meeting his gaze. “Called when she was sixteen, five years and six months after she was called she died. The longest lasting beat her by about nine months lasting six years and two months and eleven days called when she was thirteen and dies when she was nineteen. I just finished year five. Only four other slayers made it that long. Only nine have made it past sixteen and five of them that’s how old they were when they were called. Which is kind of ironic cause they just missed out on that lucky number seventeen when your potentialness is taken out of the running for the big show. I’m one of three slayers that were called at eleven and neither of the other two made it to sixteen. What are the odds that I’m going to live to my twenty second birthday, my nineteenth, hell my seventeenth?”

“Your different, special.” Giles began.

“I’m sure all the other girl’s watchers thought so too.” She cut him off with a sad smile.

“All I’ve heard where a lot of statistics.” Giles replied gruffly. “Well here are a few more, most slayers don’t make it past year two, the shortest reign was less than an hour and many didn’t even make it a full year. You’ve surpassed all of them. This time next year ten will have made it to seventeen and in precisely one year two months and seven day you will take the title of longest lasting slayer.”

“And then what?” Buffy asked amused by his insistence. “Do I get a cookie?”

“Yes I’ll get you a bloody cookie.” Giles chuckled as a pop echoed inside the house capturing their attention.


“Harry.” Buffy grinned jumping to her feet and rushing to the door.

* Just a quick note for all you out there who actually know these things and/or care. In BTVS and HP cannon Buffy’s birthday is January 19 1981 and Harry’s July 31 1980 which made me realize they couldn’t both be eleven at the same time and none of the time line makes sense I’m going to keep Harry’s birthday them same and change Buffy’s later when and if I need to for part of the story I don’t want to just pick a date now and box myself in later but the year will be one earlier so she the same age as Harry.

Also It’s Summer and I have the gang still going to school dance (I couldn’t leave out the dress) It’s a Annual formal at the bronze thrown every summer in my story.

As to the two Finals Willow claimed Buffy missed, she was in summer school due to bad grades and missed days because of slayer duties and will be addressed later.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Just a Boy and a Girl" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jun 10.

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