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Baby Dragons

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Summary: In an attempt to summon a baby dragon, the Scoobies summon a young Draco Malfoy. How will the Scoobies deal with it? How will the Malfoys deal with it? And why does Harry think he's going to get blamed for it in the end?

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Harry Potter > General > HumorEffieFR1346,5800218,63223 Mar 082 May 09No

Chapter 4

Cursing, in various languages so Draco was none the wiser, Xander wretched the curtain away from him. It curtsied and then stopped moving. Draco was giggling. Xander glared at him.

"Done?" He snarled. Draco laughed giddily but nodded. Xander helped Draco finish, and tried to re-roll the toilet paper with one hand as he held Draco to the sink so he could wash his hands properly. He gave up when Draco reached over and dried his hands on rest of the draping toilet paper. Xander tossed the rest of the paper into the bin and dragged Draco out of the room, cursing in his mind.

"I'm hungry." Draco intoned as they went down the stairs.

"I know," Xander said annoyed. At that moment, his stomach rumbled. "I'm hungry too." He plopped Draco on the coach and reached for the remote. Draco looked interested at the television as Xander began to skip through the channels, looking for children's programs. Finally finding Nickelodeon, Xander pointed to the screen. "This is Spongebob." Draco stared at the screen, curious and confused. "Can you watch this while I ask what we're going to eat?"

Draco didn't seem to pay any attention. The yellow animated-talking sponge now enraptured him. "I'll take that as a yes." Xander said as he stomped to the kitchen. He spotted Willow and Giles at the table. He looked around the room. "Where's Buffy?"

"Went to get food." Willow replied. Giles winced. Xander, ever the intuitive one, understood the reason why he winced immediately.

"Car?" Giles winced again. "What's the worst she can do?" Giles glared at him. "I just jinxed it didn't I?" Giles glare was enough to strike the fear of several Gods into someone. Xander cringed and looked out the kitchen doorway, Draco appeared to still be entranced by the television. "Um, any luck so far?

"It's only been five minutes, Xander." Giles said dryly...before his tongue clucked. Crap. He hadn't meant to make him angry...ier. Fidgeting, Xander looked to Draco again, he was still enraptured. Right, no help from him. "Uh, so where'd Buffy go?"

"To get food." Willow intoned annoyed. Before he could open his mouth, Giles intervened.

"The Double Meat Palace." He gave Willow a look that said quite clearly that he was beginning to doubt her intelligence. Willow eeped and went back to looking at the papers.

"Right, I'm going to go back to Draco-" He stopped. "Oh! Right." Giles looked up again. Xander laughed nervously, Giles would make a good movie villain because he was doing a good job at being threatening in real life. Oh, Giles was the epitome of British to Xander and it seemed he swung both ways, from mild mannered librarian to upper crust scholar with training in languages, weapons, and magic, Xander never forgot about the magic. Another cluck of Giles tongue brought him back to reality. He'd been just staring at him it seemed.

“Right, see while we were in the bathroom-“

“Food’s here!” Buffy called as she burst in through the door. She held more than three bags of food in her arms. Giles waited with bated breath. “What?” She asked, feeling his stare.

“My car?” Giles asked.

“It’s good. I only hit about three poles…or was it five?” Buffy said. Giles cringed, Willow shied away from him and Xander moved in closer to protect Buffy from Giles’ imminent wrath. It was about two seconds later that Buffy burst out laughing. “It’s nice to see how much faith you guys have in me!” She said with a mock glare. “I didn’t hit your car on anything, Giles.” She said, huffing and placing the bags on the table. She whipped out the keys and placed them curtly on the table.

Giles looked vaguely embarrassed. “Yes, well your record leaves much to be desired, Buffy.” He defended himself. Buffy glared in return and then beamed.

“Where’s Drake?”

“Draco.” Xander corrected. Buffy waved her hand dismissively in the air.

“Whatever, I wanna give him the Double-Trouble Palace Meal. The prize is so cute!” Buffy said with an excited squeal.

“What is it?” Willow asked. She was shoving the books aside, absent mindly. Giles stood up and saved several centuries old books from falling onto the floor.

“You’ll have to see.” Buffy said, bouncing excitedly on the balls of her feet.

“He’s in the living room. I’ll bring him in.” Xander said and walked to the living, wondering how much Giles was going to scold him for failing to mention Draco’s magical or telekinetic abilities, he wasn’t sure which he had. Magic seemed more plausible and likely.

Xander shook his head, years ago he would have argued that natural mutations were much more likely in a world he thought at least ruled by the laws of physics, like the X-men but with limitations. Now he would bet the answer had to do with magic or magic related answers.

Xander saw Draco sitting on the sofa, his legs were swinging out into the air and he seemed engrossed in a show Xander had never seen before. It was newer, computer graphics as opposed to drawings. “Draco?” Draco swung around to look at him. “Food’s here,” He said. Draco brightened and held out his arms to be carried.

Xander obliged, wondering if three-year-olds were suppose to be carried as much as they seemed to be carrying Draco in the last hour. When he entered the kitchen the table was set. Giles was washing his hands in the sink. Willow was sitting opposite of Giles’ usual Double Meat Palace meal. Buffy was next to his place, and two empty chairs were clearly for them. Xander placed Draco on the chair in front of the children's meal.

Soon they settled to eat; Draco looking curiously at his food before digging in rather messily. He seemed to like it and much to Buffy’s disappointment, he didn’t seem interested in the prize until after he was done with his meal. On Buffy’s goading Draco opened the box, slowly, as though he were expecting it to attack him. When nothing came out, Draco looked and beamed. He reached in and pulled out the toy.

A plush bluish furry creature stared at Draco. Draco looked at Buffy and around the table. He excitedly waved it around. “Look!” He demanded. Buffy beamed and cooed. Giles looked slightly pained and fond at his reaction. Xander looked at Buffy.

“Who is that?” He asked. A round of gasps followed from the two women slash teenage girls. The males looked confused.

“Xander, it’s Sully!” Willow intoned.

“Sully?” Draco said looking at the toy, it didn’t look like a Sully.

“Monsters, Inc.?” Buffy squeaked. “Xander, we watched it together! I dragged Giles to it!”

“After that late night monster-fight?” Willow said as if that didn’t describe more than one day of their lives.

“Sullivan? Mike Wazowski? Boo?” Buffy added. She pointed at the creature. “Kitty!” Draco looked at the toy for a moment and nodded.

“Kitty!” He said excitedly.

“I remember that film.” Giles said suddenly. “It was rather good for a modern children's film.” Buffy and Willow beamed. In that moment Xander nearly hit himself on the head.

“Oh! I remember! I nearly fell asleep half-way through.”

“Kitty!” Draco said again. “His name is Kitty.”

A chorus of awes echoed fallowed.

“Right, enough of this.” Giles said quickly. Draco gave Giles a glare. “Draco, I want to get you home as quickly as possible.” Draco’s glare faded. He was nearly bouncing with happiness. Sully was in his arms; if it had been alive it would have found it rather hard to breathe.

“Willow, can you show me where you performed the spell?” He asked. He glanced at Draco and gave him an indulgent smile. “I’ll do what I can and quickly so you can be with your parents.” Draco smiled. “Buffy, can you take care of Draco? Xander, could you come with me and Willow?” Despite the fact that the were intoned as questions there was something about them that clearly stated they were orders.

“I wanna stay with Xander.” Draco said, his speech slipping from crisp to that of a normal child.

“Draco, Xander needs to help me.” Draco’s face began to slowly turn red.

“I want Xander.” Xander looked at Buffy and Giles. Buffy looked hurt that Draco didn’t want to her with him.

“Draco, now be reasonable.” Giles began. Draco’s face was looking quite pink now.

“I WANT XANDER!” He screamed. “NOW!” He hugged the doll closer. “AND MUMMY!”

Buffy scooped him up quickly before Xander could move. Draco struggled but was no match for Slayer strength. “Draco, why don’t I tell you about Sully?” Draco kept struggling, looking ready to scream. Buffy acted quickly. “Kitty, do you want to know more about Kitty?” Draco shook his head.

Giles gave Xander a pleading look, Willow had escaped the room as soon as she could. She was no doubt waiting for Giles and listening to the conversation.

“Draco, do you think you “Mum” would want you to be crying?” That stopped Draco. His eyes were teary.

“Malfoys don’t cry.” Draco said as he wiped his eyes with his long sleeves.

“That’s right.” Xander replied, wondering what kind of messed up family told that to their three year olds. “Also boys don’t cry.” A look from Buffy had him adding. “Or girls. Big boys and girls don’t cry and you’re a big boy right, Draco?” Draco nodded, his lip quivered. “Stay with Buffy.” He said as he and Giles quickly left the room.

Buffy stood with Draco. For a moment all that could be heard in the room was Draco’s sniffles. Draco looked at her. Buffy looked at him and felt something tug.

“Kitty?” She suggested. Draco looked at his arms and nodded. His lips were trembling.

“There’s nothing wrong with crying, by the way.” She said softly.

“But you’re a girl.” Draco said, his voice quivering.

“Yeah, and trust me it doesn’t make it any easier. I’m not supposed to cry at all.” She gave him a sad smile. “Just like Malfoys don’t cry, Slayers aren’t suppose to either.”

“What’s slayer?” He asked.

“What I am.”

“I don’t like crying. Mummy gets sad and Daddy gets uncomfortable.” Draco said as his tears began to fall.

“Come on, I’ll tell you about Kitty.” Draco nodded, burying his head into her shoulder for a moment and hugged the toy.


“Willow, where’s the location?”

“Here.” Willow replied nervously.

“Are you sure?”

“Giles, we did the mojo here.”

“Xander, there’s no trace of magical energy here!”

“Would that have to do with the purify Wills said when little D came?”


“There was smoke!”

“Willow! You didn’t just cleanse the air, you cleared the energy from the area.” Giles groaned.



“Oh! Giles,”

“What, Xander?”

“Draco can do magic or he’s telekenetic.”


Auror Tonks was reciting some useless information to him. Really what relevance or need was there to know a stick had been found three centimeters north of the charred earth his son had last been seen in? It was clear the girl was a Black, even with all her abilities but she seemed to lack the Black Wit his dear Narcissa possessed.

None of this was helping his current mood; any one and anything could conceive that he was beyond angry. He was murderous. A blind man could see it. It all had to be Potter’s fault. Just as he was about to yell for her to shut up before he shut her up–– in more elegant words, words suitable for a Malfoy. Being a Malfoy could be so tiring at times. It was more than just a pure blood name; it was a brand and title. Malfoy implied a certain appearance that he had spent his entire life cultivating but it didn’t mean it he didn’t tire of it.–– when all his anger vanished.

In its place was concern. Something was wrong, something was wrong with his son.
“Malfoys don’t cry.” He muttered, wondering what possessed him to say that. He hadn’t said that since Draco was seven.

His eyes narrowed. He was going to kill Potter, as soon as he got his son back.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Baby Dragons" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 May 09.

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