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Summary: A magical accident leads to Ripper and Ethan meeting young Tom Riddle

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Harry Potter > General > Alternate UniverseEffieFR1524,973161,81323 Mar 0826 Apr 08No

Chapter One


Summary: A magical accident leads to Ripper and Ethan meeting a young Tom Riddle.

Disclaimer: I do not own HP or Btvs they belong to whomever owns their respective rights and creators.

Notes: Title a work in progress so may be subject to change.
The large spaces separate different parts of the texts, please tell me if it is a bit confusing so it can be changed for easier reading.

Rupert Giles and Ethan Rayne were not the happiest rebels in the world at the moment. A miscast spell in a drunken stupor had left them in what appeared to be magicless world in 1930 of all things. Rupert “Ripper” Giles blamed Ethan for miscasting the spell while Ethan Rayne blamed Ripper for supplying the gin.

The two stole the money they needed to stay in the cheap hotels that had been their home for the last few months while they searched for a way to get back home. Another day fruitlessly searching for any magical texts had lead the two wayward magic users to London. Currently they were walking in search of another place to stay, hopefully cheaper than the rat hole they were currently staying at.

Neither spoke after a long day of searching both Ripper and Ethan were tired and had no interest in talking to each other. Early that day, Ethan had once again blamed Ripper for their horrible situation (as the untold part of the story is that Ripper broke an empty bottle of gin on Ethan’s head causing him to forget the spell he had used). Ripper had accused Ethan of being a two-bit chaos mage. After a brief scuffle—which had only ended because someone had called the authorities–– the two had yet to make up.

After an hour of silence, the two mages thanked whatever deity looked upon them for the distraction that caught their attention. A small black haired boy was emitting magic like a siren’s call if you were looking for it. Having been on the look out for the last few months, the boy lit up like a pyre to both young men’s senses.

The boy was playing by himself in a corner of a courtyard; oddly, no one was looking up on him. Sitting upon the ground, he was causing the small toys in front of him to move up. He looked rather happy doing it as if this was his biggest achievement in the world. He never noticed the two looking at him intensely.

Rupert and Ethan eyed one another; fight behind them for now, this child could possibly have information or lead them toward a more magical segment of world. In that one look, they agreed to try to coax as much information as they could out of the boy. Rupert approached the boy first, careful not to startle him. Ethan stood back looking for anyone else that possessed magic.

When Rupert’s shadow fell upon the boy the toys fell to the ground quickly. “Hullo there.” Rupert greeted softly.

“Hello,” The dark eyed child greeted looking intensely at him. “Can I help you?”

Rupert smiled. “Yes, you see, I need some information and you look like you’d be of some help.” The boy’s eyes narrowed, guarded and interested. Rupert wondered what would cause a child who looked to be around 5 to act this way.

“With what?” Eyes never left him as Rupert knelt down to his level.

“Have you always been able to do that?” He asked motioning to the toys.

“Do what?” He asked innocently although his eyes and face revealed nothing. Rupert’s eyes narrowed.

“Magic.” He stated flatly.

“Magic doesn’t exist.” The boy said defiantly.

“Then what do you call what you did?”

“I didn’t do anything.” Deciding that becoming angered at the boy was not the best route. Rupert exerted a small amount lifting the toys as easily as the boy had. The boy looked at the toys and back to him.

“Do you know anyone who can do this?” He asked. “Possibly an adult?”

The boy’s eyes narrowed. “No.” Rupert smiled.

“Well thank you,” He motioned for the boy to give his name. At the pause, Rupert added. “I’m Ripper.” A snort came from the small boy.

“Tom.” A hint of humor in his eyes.

“Well, Tom, thank you for the information.” He reached into his pocket and pulled a bit of change and handed to the boy. Tom snatched it so fast Rupert would have thought it was magic. When the boy looked around before putting into his pocket, Rupert had to wonder what kind of life the boy had.

With a nod, Rupert headed toward Ethan who was looking bored. “Anything?”

“No.” Rupert added annoyed and angry.

“I wouldn’t be too surprised. Look at that,” Ethan said pointing toward a sign on the door.

“An orphanage?” Rupert said surprised he hadn’t noticed it before. That certainly explained a few things. “Come on, Eth,” he said finding no more interest in the boy. He wouldn’t provide any more useful information.

The couple felt the gaze of the dark eyes boring into them as they walked away.

Another day of wandering and searching had led Ethan to the heart of London. The town was still as miserable as ever and without the modern luxuries, he had taken for granted. Ethan frowned; there was something odd about the street he was on. He looked up, this didn’t look any different from the last street but maybe if he closed his eyes he’d find what was bothering him. Keeping his head ducked, Ethan opened his senses and followed the small hum in the air that called to him.

Ethan felt the wards on the shop before he saw it. He looked up to see the pub being ignored by the passersby. Curious, he headed toward there. He hid his surprise at the interior. The patrons were oddly dressed in all kinds of clothing that Ethan wouldn’t have been surprised to see at a costume party. He did not fail to notice that a few couple of patrons calming walking toward the back. A small smile fell on to his face. Turning around, Ethan left without a word knowing that a few eyes were trailing him. He wondered...

Tom Riddle looked up expecting Mrs. Cole but was surprised to see another unknown man. Vaguely, Tom realized this man had walked away with Ripper a few weeks ago.
The man gave him a kind smile although Tom did not miss the look in the man’s eyes.

“Hello there, Timmy.” He said with a grin.

“Tom.” he snapped. Tom Riddle did not have much in the world but his name was certainly one of them.

The man grinned wider. “Tom, I’m Ethan. I’m a friend of Ripper. Would you like to do something for me?” Tom’s eyes narrowed.

“Not suppose to leave with strangers.”

Ethan smiled. “Don’t worry about it Tom, no one will notice you’re gone when we get back.” He reached into his pockets. “How much do you want?”

“How much do you have?” Tom asked not passing the chance to make money. Although they did not get much money, the orphans knew money could buy you things you wanted. It was what parents used. Ethan smiled knowing he was tempting the young boy.

He pulled a few bills from his pocket and showed them to Tom. Tom tried to count them but the boy could barely read, much less identify large amounts of numbers quickly. Bending down, Ethan showed Tom the bills, although there wasn’t a lot, it enough for Tom to consider. Ethan smiled gently at time. “Half now, half later.” He said hoping the boy would agree.

Tom snatched the money offered, looked at Ethan and ran inside the orphanage. Ethan resisted the urge to curse and waited for the boy to possibly return. When Tom came out a few minutes later, Ethan guessed he had hidden it and was relieved because he did not want to beat the boy.

Tom looked at Ethan, this man may have magic too but Tom had learned early enough that he could make bad things happened if he really wanted to. If this man wanted to hurt him, he wouldn’t go down without a fight. Ethan offered his hand but Tom shook his head.

“Follow me then.” Ethan ordered. Tom glared at his back but followed. Tom made sure to keep a look out for Ripper.

When the arrived at the pub, Tom was tired but refused any help offered by the chaos mage. Tom looked around. Surprised by the oddly dressed people and curious, did these people have magic too? Ethan had him sit down. Tom caught his breath and looked around, whatever Ethan was looking for did not appear until at least 10 minutes had passed. By then, Tom was fidgeting.

Ethan stood and promptly picked up Tom. Tom stiffened but let the man carrying him after a group he seemed to be following. Tom looked intently as a young woman tapped the wall. Tap, tap, tap. The walls separated revealing a street. Ethan followed them in, dropping Tom once they were clear of the barrier.

Tom glared at Ethan but did not say a thing. Ethan didn’t seem to notice, he was grinning like a loon. “Come on, Timmy.”

“Tom!” He snapped, tired, excited, and worried all at the same time. Tom hadn’t thought his little trip would take him to a place like this. Ethan nodded absent-mindedly. Ethan found a bookstore rather quickly barely bothering to see if Tom was following him. The various magical items were distracting the boy that even Ethan had to admit were impressive.

Tom made sure Ethan was insight as he explored the store trying to make sense of the titles. “1001 Hexes?” He muttered aloud wondering what a hex was. He thought it could be some kind of evil magic but refused to say anything else. Tom had learned that being a quiet child was sometimes a good thing. Moving toward the section that seemed to be causing Ethan a bit of amusement. Tom pulled out of the books himself. “100 Facts for the New Witch or Wizard”, curious, Tom opened the book trying to make out the words on the page. “Gal-le-on? Sick-el? K-nut?” Tom frowned.

“Knut.” Ethan corrected as he scanned the pages of a similar book with a disinterested look. “The kn-combination makes a ‘n’ sound.”

“Nut.” Tom repeated looking over the page for anymore kn words before growing bored with the book. He wondered to the children’s section still keeping Ethan in his sight. After twenty or so minutes, Tom was enraptured with the moving pictures in the children’s book. When he was done with it, Tom looked up to see that Ethan was gone.

Abandoning the book, Tom felt his heart speed up. How was he going to get out of here? Back to the orphanage? Tom looked around carefully, making sure that it looked like he was looking around. Tom felt like yelling. He lost the second half of the money, became lost, and realized that the store had a second floor.

The four-year old quickly walked up the steps, glaring at his fellow pedestrians to get out of his way. He spotted Ethan looking over more books, a small stack to his left. Tom refused to express the relief he felt but gave Ethan a glare that clearly said he wanted to go. Ethan gave him a smile so big that Tom wasn’t certain whether he should be nervous or at ease.

“Ready to go, Tom?” Ethan asked him quietly. Tom nodded. “Do you want anything?” Tom thought back to the book. He saw another one that he wanted but would he essentially be paying of it? “It’s on me, you’ll still get your ‘allowance’.” Ethan said cheerfully. Tom nodded and headed to get the children’s book that interested him. When he saw a girl holding it, Tom felt angry. That was his book.

Tom snatched it from his hands faster than she could react. By the time she was able to protest in a cry for her mum, Tom was at Ethan’s side with a smug look on his face. Ethan gave him a curious look before taking the book into the small pile he held.

“Excuse me,” Ethan heard to his left. “Excuse me, sir.” Ethan turned to his left and saw a woman, years older than him and with a small brunette by her side. “You’re son took a book my daughter was looking at, I think he should be made to apologize.” Ethan felt his lips quirk and his eyes furrow presenting an odd visage. He was amused to have Tom thought as his son and wondered if he had broken some rules in this society. A glance at Tom and Ethan knew an apology was coming.

Tom’s face was that of sheer indignantly. He didn't see why he should apologize to the little idiot and he looked nothing like Ethan, how could she think he was his son? Tom glared at the older woman and said nothing.

“Yes, well, I am afraid I have to take your daughter’s word for it,” Ethan replied civilly. “I never saw Tom go towards your daughter. Did you take the book from her, Tom?” Ethan asked in a bored tone.

Tom shook his head, still refusing to say a word.

“Well, I am afraid I have to trust my son over your daughter.” Ethan explained to the woman before giving her a big smile. “I’m not saying a boy didn’t snatch a book from her hands but as you can see,” He said motioning around the crowded bookstore. “There are plenty of dark haired little boys who look like Timmy, here.”

“Tom,” Tom half-corrected, half-way whined. Ethan nodded, obviously finding the situation amusing. The woman narrowed her eyes but couldn’t negate the fact that the store was in fact filled with other dark haired boys Tom’s age.

“Well, then I’m sorry. Come along Minerva. Maybe you’ll spot the boy outside.” Minerva glared at Tom, she was older than him but she didn’t intimidate the four year old.

“Meanie!” She hissed, “ I know it was you. I’ll get you one day.” She humphed away in a very cat like manner.

Tom ignored it and looked at Ethan who was glancing at the women and her daughter in a bored way. Tom figured he should continue to play along as Ethan’s son as the other few people in line glanced at them. Ethan pulled out a brown sack pouch and looked into it. Tom stared curious, he gave Ethan’s pant’s leg a small tug.

Ethan glanced down. “Hmm?”

“What’s that?” he whispered. Ethan handed Tom the bag, hand still outstretched to get it back. Tom saw gold and silver coins; it was wizard money! Tom looked up at Ethan, surprise clearly on his face. Ethan snatched the bag back, not saying anything. Tom looked at Ethan carefully, he hadn’t had this bag before, that was clear. His eyes narrowed, where had he gotten it?

Tom pondered this question while the line moved forward, his eyes darting around the room when people seemed to be performing magic in some way with sticks. He kept his mouth shut, he wasn’t about to look stupid in front of all these wizards even though it would be a legitimate question for him to ask such as “Why not just carry the books?” or “Why is that book biting you?” no Tom would wait to find out what was going on. He would come here again, he was determined to because if he had magic then he had to have access to this place one way or another.

Ethan paid for the books and took Tom out of the shop. He gave one of the smaller ones for Tom to hold, which Tom took with a scowl but complied when he noticed two more children’s books in the bag along with his. Were they for him? Tom didn’t know but he had to find out when they were alone.

Ethan bumped into a few people, stumbled in a bit and led them to the alley again. They exited the pub, walked down a few streets and walked into an empty alley.

“Obscuro!” Ethan yelled, arm pointed at the entrance of the alley. Tom saw the people start to look away then not even notice the alley entrance.

“What did you do?” Tom couldn’t help but ask.

“Hide us from prying eyes or ears. Much like the pub only other magic users won’t attracted here unless they are very powerful.” He explained. “We need to talk.”

Tom was tense; he knew that if he ran he wouldn't make it out of the alley and with that spell, no one would notice him. “About what?”

“About our little trip of course.” Ethan said with a smile.

AN: The next chapter of this story may be quite a ways away as I am working on several chapters of this fic, not in chronological order. I have started the next chapter and will posted when completed.
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