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The Charm of Cheerleaders

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The "names out of a hat sexual partners" series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow's little known affairs... taken from a challenge

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Movies > Bring it OnJinxyFR181636021,51523 Mar 0823 Mar 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author notes: Another of the name in the hat lover challenges. I pick a Buffy character, put 20 characters in a hat, and draw out five names for the character to have had a relationship with. Main person is Willow this time, the lovers I drew were, in order, believe it or not, Cordelia, Missy Pantone from Bring it On, Oz, Tara, and Kennedy. I know, the last three are sort of unexpected to draw out of a hat in that order, but that's the way it happened, really..

I’ve always gotten crushes on cheerleaders. I know, you’d never think… me, Willow, the shy ex-nerd Wiccan, the computer geek who practically lived in overalls at one point in her life- lusting after cheerleaders? But I did. There’s just something about those short, tight little skirts, the way the tacky sleeveless tops show their stomachs… watching them walk in those things, their long skinny legs striding smoothly, those teensy weensy skirts barely covering those really nice butts that do a LOT of yoga and stairmaster… very distracting. Very. And once they start doing backflips and cartwheels and jumps in those things- forget it. I’m stare city. Only in a pretending-not-to-stare way. And god, when they do splits… my mind takes a sharp dive down Pervert Path.

I dated two cheerleaders, you know. Oh yeah, that’s right, me, Willow, I dated cheerleaders! WHILE still in high school! Maybe I’m cooler than you thought, huh?

Of course, it was all done in top secrecy to protect their reputations and popularity and all that. Mine didn’t matter, of course. Still doesn’t really.

Well, and one of them was in middle school. And we didn’t do anything but kiss a few times, and only really quick, when we were sure no one was around, in the girls’ room. But we were dating, as much as you date anyone in middle school, even though both of us would have died rather than say it. And I did kiss her… I did kiss Cordelia Chase!

That’s why she was mean to me so much in high school, I think. It didn’t end well with us, and she was still resentful of us having ever been together at all. Not to mention living in fear that I might have the nerve to mention it to someone. Not, of course, that I would have, or that they would have believed me even if I had, but it was something to dangle over Cordy’s head to keep her in line sometimes.

And then, there was Missy Pantone. She was another cheerleader too… only she was nothing like Cordelia. She was open and friendly, and not at all a typical cheerleader girl. In fact, she hadn’t even really wanted to be a cheerleader- at her old school she’d been a gymnast. Still, seeing her in that outfit, and watching her cheer…

I think it could have lasted with us, if I hadn’t been so scared. I think she would have been willing to commit to me. Popularity didn’t mean much to Missy- despite her being a cheerleader, she wasn’t a social butterfly. But I was too scared… why, I can’t really say. I guess I just wasn’t ready to let everyone know who I really was, even myself. Even though my cheerleading obsession should have made it obvious.

You know what came next…Oz, and then, once I’d accepted myself a little more, Tara, then Kennedy. And I loved them all… but none of them were cheerleaders. Even now, as happy as I am with Kennedy, I sometimes find myself watching those Dallas girls on TV, faking an interest in football I’d bet Kennedy sees right through. I wonder what she’d think if I asked her to get an outfit like that this Halloween…


The End

You have reached the end of "The Charm of Cheerleaders". This story is complete.

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