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Finding the Dawn

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Summary: A very confused and hurt Dawn wakes up in Colorado after being kidnapped with no memory of how or when. And no Scoobies.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredkidkiliFR1844,58325717,21124 Mar 0826 Jun 09No


I don’t own squat. BtVS is the creation of Whedon, SG is…someone else’s work.


Its hard not to freak out even more when something shocks you when your already frightened but again that unexplainable safe feeling just permeated through me. I know Jack here could help me. And I know the people that were with him could help me, too. This knowledge shocked through me in the moments I gazed into Jacks eyes from below his chin, as his arms gently held me up.

Seconds after the run-in, I remembered what mattered and spun around and dropped slightly, ready to defend Jack and his friends. Not bothering to turn around I said, “This guy has something wrong with him. He’s after me; don’t really know why.”

I don’t really know what I expected but being grabbed from behind and spun around, just to shoot off vaguely towards the door was just not it. Jack, I suppose, was a better protector than I am. Hands were laid on mine and shocked I looked down instead of up. The hands felt gentle; more so than their appearance would seem. They were rough and calloused but full of compassion. I looked up, recognizing Daniel and saw the same in his eyes.

Daniel, I knew in some way that I didn’t really want to think about, was the most gentle person I had ever met. He’d been through so much that his heart seemed to have a callous on it so protect from more pain. But the thing that surprised me in his eyes was the amount of love he had to share. I wanted to dive in and find the corners of his soul-the ones no one had seen before.

“Come with me, Dawn.” Daniel’s voice shocked me out of whatever trance I had fallen into.

“But Jack-“

“Don’t worry,” he cut me off. With a glance behind him, he said, “Sam and Teal’c have his back.”

“I-I can’t leave him.” I wasn’t sure if the break in my voice was real or if I’m a better actress than I originally thought. “I have to stay,” I pleaded, gazing into Daniel’s eyes, “Please.”

Something must have changed his mind because he just sighed and muttered something about O’Neills and pulled me off towards the wall of booths instead. “Just stay here and stay quiet, okay? I don’t need Jack yelling at me again because I couldn’t keep you out of a little trouble.” The words were serious enough but the small smile at the corner of his mouth as he spoke of me exuded familiarity that I couldn’t identify.

Instead of focusing on Daniel, I turned my head back to where I had come from. Jack was still standing there, like a pillar- unmovable, unshakeable. He was still standing as the glowy-eyed man came barreling out of the door to the back wild-eyed and gasping for air still. He stopped in his tracks as soon as He saw the full military force that had come bearing down onto the bar.

“That, that” he took a moment then spit out the word, “girl attacked me. She attacked me for no good goddamned reason. Arrest her. I want her arrested and charged with assault. Are you paying attention?” He raised his voice with every word until he was right in Jack’s face bellowing his demands.

I had to give Jack credit. He could really drive someone nuts if he wanted to. He just stood there and took it. Silently signaling behind him to the Airmen to come forward. After my attackers rant ended, Jack put his two cents in.

“Its nice to see you again.”

I can’t help but wonder who this guy was but apparently it must have been one of their big bads. Once he was identified, I was quickly ushered out by a suddenly shaking Daniel. I glanced back and noticed Jack had some kind of gun in his hand. It looked like a big C that curved over his hand with a large trigger. I managed to notice it’s purple-brown sheen before being shoved out the door into a waiting Airman’s arms.

The sudden cold outside was a quick wake-up for me. I knew I was getting sluggish from being up and around too soon after being as beat up as I was. The pains that were cropping up in what seemed to be my whole body just supported my sudden need to find a bed to fall into. The airmen had taken me to the backseat of one of the hummer’s that had brought the military to my aid and wrapped me in a camouflage jacket.

Some time later, I couldn’t tell, Jack came to me. His expression was one of concerned anger though he managed to cover up most of his emotion. He stopped almost six feet from where I sat in the open door of the hummer. Stopped and stared, checking to make sure that I was okay, I think. I stood to allow him a better view, as though I was used to the ritual, and spun, arms raised until I was face to face once more. He sighed, closed his eyes as he nodded and lifted his arms.

I only hesitated a moment but my gut told me this was something I’ve been doing forever. I walked up to him and threw my hands up and around him burying my face into his neck. I inhaled the sharp scent of aftershave and I couldn’t stop the sobs that started out of my mouth.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Finding the Dawn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jun 09.

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