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Ground Painted Red

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Summary: A ficlet version of Tire Tracks (deleted). Dawn is restless and so she leaves but when she finds two men, things get complicated. Sam/ Dawn (look for story soon).

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterWinchesterChickFR1531,836021,99024 Mar 086 Jan 09No

Memories of Dawn

After Dawn's death Sam was killed by Jake then brought back, he saved the world. At that point Sam had had no time to greive over Dawn and he didn't want to greive, he wanted to kill and that was basically it. Everyone was worried, Dean, Buffy, Willow, Jo, Xander and Faith.

All he did was hunt and watch videos of Dawn, or just video, since he only had one. He watched it constantly. It showed Dawn being video taped by Andrew when she was moving back into her room in Cleveland.

"So, Dawn, why are you moving back here?" asked Andrew.

"Sam and I like having something to come back to, would you get that video camera away from me!" she laughed.

"So you and Sam are sharing a room here," said Andrew.

"Yes. We do research and updates with the Scoobies and living here and go on the road for hunts," she said.

"So... do you know how to shoot a gun?" Andrew asked in a whisper voice.

In the same tone Dawn said, "Yeah, I can, would you like a demonstration?" she asked.

Andrew gulped and started shakng, "N-nope, I'm g-good," he chuckled nervously.

Dawn said, "Don't worry Andrew, my bullets won't kill you, rock salt does hurt like a bitch though," she commented.

"Really?" he asked, "Then why do you use it?"

"Just because it doesn't kill humans doesn't mean it won't kill other things," Dawn laughed a bit at the question.

"What kind of things does rock salt kill?" Andrew asked, he was full of questions for the hunter.

"Bad things," Dawn said softly.

"Like what?"

"... Demons, Shapshifters, Some Spirits," she said.

"Do you ever get scared?" he asked.


"Of what? You've got training from really good demon hunters,"

"It's complicated..."

"Oh," he paused for a moment, "Why?"

She laughed, "Because I say so, now get out of here," and that's when the video cuts out. Sam never understood what she was so afraid of and he would never know unless she magically came back to life.

Then he had an idea. Sam was going to do something that he really knew would end up badly but was desperate. Sam rushed down the stairs and went straight to Willow who thought that Sam finally wanted to greive and talk to the Scoobies. She was wrong.

"Hey, Willow," he said grumbly.

"Hey Sam, what's up? Do you need to talk? If you need to talk then I'm your gal, I miss Dawnie too," she said sadly.

"Yeah, I miss her, which is why I want her back," he said.

Willow straightened her back and frowned, "What?"

"I want my girl back," he said frustrated and on edge.

"Sam, you're going through something and I understand that but I will not help you spiral into a dark oblivion like I did. This road will lead to you're downfall," she said very wisely.

"I down give a shit about what happens to me, Willow. She was at that Ghost Town for a reason and I want to know why, for the source," he said. As Willow was about to interject he slammed her against the wall, "You can do it. I've heard about rituals that you can do, do this for me and I won't shove a knife through your skull,"

"I'm a witch, Sam, I can kill you faster," she threatened.

"I have a brother, Willow, he'll just bring me back like last time and we'll do this all over again," he said.

"Sam, I'll show you what I know so that I don't have to hurt you but if you bring something that isn't Dawn back then I will kill it and then you or Buffy will beat me to the punch," Willow said and then darkly added, "I'm hoping she kills you before you bring anything back,"

Sam had got what he wanted and now he was getting her back.


There was nothing for a long time. Never ending peace and tranquility in a beautiful nothingness. I couldn't think but if I could I know my mind would say:

Buffy... Sam... Dead... Jake... Key... Dark... Dead... The Colt... Ghost Town... Revenge...

I wanted revenge so badly. Not for the killing of me but for the killing of others. Jake killed people, not innocent people but people who could change. I couldn't change, I was evil. The only thing that was stopping me was my memories that weren't exactly lovely either. So what would I do if I lived again?

As I screamed and opened my eyes, I could only see blurs, fuzzy pictures of moving objects. My eyes never cleared, the screaming didn't stop and my legs didn't move. I found myself caged and chained to a wall. I grew angry and frustrated, I stopped screaming and grunted while trying to pull out the chains. I felt the fire burn through my eyes and I could see, though the burning was very uncomfortable. I saw a familiar face but at that point it meant nothing, my frustration grew and I pulled the chains out of the wall. I stood up and screamed more.

The man just stood there saying, "Oh my god, what have I done?"

N/A: Hello! I'm back in the swing of things, coming out with a chapter of this ficlet thingy. :).

The End?

You have reached the end of "Ground Painted Red" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jan 09.

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