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Ground Painted Red

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Summary: A ficlet version of Tire Tracks (deleted). Dawn is restless and so she leaves but when she finds two men, things get complicated. Sam/ Dawn (look for story soon).

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterWinchesterChickFR1531,836021,99024 Mar 086 Jan 09No

To Save the World You have to End It First

The Ground Painted Red

A ficlet for Tire Tracks.

N/A: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural or anything along those lines.

Dawn could hear her heart in her ears thump, thump… thump, thump. She could hear herself breathing long, hoarse breaths. She realized she was running. She had forgotten what she was running from so she looked behind her. She saw a man running toward her with a knife held high. She remembered now…

Sam… diner… Ghost Town… demon… chosen… running… slayer… the Key… Jake…

All the memories seemed to rush back in a matter of seconds. She needed to find Sam, things would be better when she did ‘But what if he turns on you too? Just like Ava and Jake’ she thought. She held back tears when she thought of it, her one true love killing her.

“Dawn you know this is the only way, it’s either you or me!” Jake called from behind. “It’ll be quick, and think of it this way, Sam will kill me when he finds out,” Jake had seen them making out the night before right before the dream.


I woke up in Sam’s muscular arms. I was so comfortable and at peace until I saw him, the yellow- eyed demon. I shook Sam to wake him up but it didn’t work, Sam didn’t budge.

“This is a dream, sweetie he can’t hear you or see you,” said the demon grinning.

“What do you want?” I asked frowning.

“To talk to you about why you’re here,” he started to walk out the door when he called, “Let’s go for a walk,” it was just a dream he couldn’t hurt me.

We walked down the dirt road outside the cabin Sam, me and the other special kids were staying in.

“So why am I here?” I asked.

“Good question,” he grinned again, “You are here because I need a… a general to lead my army of demons but I only need one person so, we’re having a showdown, the strongest person lives,”

“That’s crazy!”

“That’s demon logic,”

“Why me?” the demon sighed at the question, he should have seen it coming.

“You have the slayer’s blood. You see a slayer is made with the essence of a demon and so their blood is laced with evil,”

“What?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “But then Buffy and the other slayers would be here!” I said avoiding my newly discovered fear of my sister.

“Wrong-o. You’re different Dawnie, you’re not a human with demon blood you’re a portal with demon blood, you’re almost as evil as me I’m so proud,” he chuckled, "Your buddies are too pure and good to be hear,"

“I’m not special, I don’t have powers like Sam and the others do,”

“Don’t you get it? You are the KEY that is your power!” I looked at the ground, “Although, you should be dead because of it,”

“I should have died,you're right,” the demon smirked at my comment.

“You can’t kill precious, bookworm Sammy, but he will kill you little one, he’s my favourite you know,” the demon said laughing, “Well I’ve gotta run,” he blinked and I woke up still in Sam arms, petrified.


The demon had been right about Sam, he would kill her she knew it. Just as she started to speed up she tripped over a lose tree root and fell hitting the ground face first. Jake kneeled over her. She was breathing heavily with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Jake said before stabbing her in the stomach. Just before Dawn shut her eyes she saw Sam running towards her crying, “DAWN!!!!” he screamed. No more thumps or hard breaths just silence.

Buffy… Key… Sam… Mom… Dead… Sam… Jake… Dead… Dead… Dead… Alive?
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