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Roads Less Travelled

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Summary: Post Chosen. Unenthused about the idea of starting up a new Watchers Council, Faith takes Vi and Robin Wood and sets off from Cleveland. Her goal: To assemble a team of hunters and wipe out demons wherever they come across them.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered
Movies > Gingersnaps
BloodCloverFR1821,970021,07124 Mar 0824 Mar 08No

Bailey Downs Goes Up In Flames

A/N: I know that Bailey Downs is a valley town somewhere in Canada, but for the sake of this story, it’s in Minnesota. And for all you critics, both places are just as cold so deal with it. Thank you and enjoy. 

A/N 2: Bridgette and Sam managed to subdue Ginger long enough for her to get injected with monkshood, so she can now control the beast. Bridgette did not infuse herself with Ginger’s blood and she did not inject Ginger’s infected boyfriend with the antidote. Sam was not killed by Ginger and the murders were blamed on the missing boyfriend. Takes place as if Ginger and Bridgette were in their senior year when the events of Ginger Snaps 1 occurred and six months have since passed and both have graduated high school. Special surprise in this chapter involving Bridgette and the YED.

Chapter 1: Bailey Downs Goes Up In Flames

Faith had taken over driving a few hours ago, with Robin and Vi catching up on some much needed sleep. She pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket, looking off to the side of the road in time to see the passing ‘Now Entering Bailey Downs’ sign. Shrugging her shoulders, she briefly debated waking her two companions but decided to wait until they reached the town’s motel. She reached down and pulled her zippo out of her pocket, dropping it on the floor as she hit a pothole. Swearing out of few choice cuss words, she checked the road ahead to make sure it was empty before ducking her head down to retrieve the wayward lighter. Grasping it she righted herself just in time to see a large, furry shape jump out right in front of her beloved T-Bird.

“Ah Fuck!” She screamed, not having enough time to brake before hitting the creature. The combination of Faith’s shrill yell and the impact of the beast hitting the grill of the car and flipping up the windshield and over the cab was enough to jar Vi and Robin from their peaceful slumber.

“Whaaaaazzz going on?” Vi demanded from the backseat, her slayer senses going haywire. Robin looked to Faith for answers as the car grinded to a halt.

“Hit something.” Faith answered simply. “I think it was the werewolf we came to find.”

The three hunters disembark from the car. Faith and Wood head over towards the corpse of the recently roadkill, while Vi pops the trunk and pulls out a Japanese katana before heading over as well. The three look down at the still form of one very dead Canis Lupis.

“Thing’s gone.” Wood notes somberly. Faith nods and looks at Vi.

“Take the head, then help me drag this thing off the road. We gotta salt and burn it before the friendly neighborhood ‘Downies’ find us here and start asking questions.” Faith directs.

Vi nods again with a sly grin on her face. She raises the sword and brings it down on the neck of the dead werewolf, decapitating it with practiced ease. She picks up the head of the wolf by the patch of upraised hair, and both she and Faith grab hold of a hind leg each and drag the beast off the road and into a convenient sandlot off a few yards into the woods. Robin parks the car on the side of the road and grabs a bag of salt, three shovels and a gasoline container from the trunk. He then follows the two slayers into the woods.

Finding the two women quickly, he tosses each a shovel and they all get to digging. When they have a sufficient six by three foot hole, and four feet deep, Faith tosses the carcass of the wolf unceremoniously into the pit and Vi kicks the head in as well. Robin rips open the bag of salt and begins to spread it over the body. As he is doing this, Faith lights up her previously forgotten cigarette and takes a drag. She’s just about finished with it as Robin finishes and Vi picks up the gasoline and soaks the body with it, then stands back. Faith holds the cigarette between her thumb and middle finger and flicks it into the pit, igniting the gasoline and turning into a blazing inferno.

“Anyone bring marshmallows?” Vi cracks as the three watch the fire consume the corpse.

“Sorry, but you’re out of luck there Rainbow.” Faith replies, and Vi responds with a mock pout. Wood just shakes his head in amusement at the slayers antics.

The three watch the fire until it dies down and is eventually reduced to mere embers. They quickly fill in the hole and Vi grabs a medium sized rock and spray paints a Celtic cross onto it and places it onto the fresh mound of dirt. She throws a quick glance at Faith and Wood, who both nod and the three head back to the car.


Fifteen minutes later Faith’s T-Bird pulls up to the Last Stand Hotel. All three stare up at the sign with mixed thoughts.

“Well that’s not ominous in the least.” Wood remarks sarcastically.

“Could be worse, at least the rates are good, oh wait no. That’s a comma, not a period.” Faith drawls in exasperation. “No way I’m paying five star prices for this shithole.”

“I can call up my aunt, she’ll let us crash at her place for the night.” Vi suggested, reaching in her pocket for her cell phone.

“Better to make it a couple of days. I wanna make sure there aren’t any more of the furballs out there before we leave.” Faith agrees.

Vi dials a quick number on her cell and waits as it rings a few times.

“Hello?” a young feminine voice comes drifting over the earpiece.

“Hey B. It’s Vi.” Vi says into the phone.

“Vi!? It’s Vi!” Bridgette yells away from the phone, but is loud enough for Vi to hear on her end. “Damn Christ we thought you were dead with your parents months ago.”

Vi feels a pang of guilt in her heart at the mention of her parents, both of whom had been killed by bringers because of what she was- what she would become.

“I managed to get away in time.” Vi tells her cousin, holding back a sob. “Anyways I’m in town for a few days with a couple of friends and looking for a place to crash. Mind if I stay there?”

“Pam says she’s got no problem with that. Come on over whenever.” Bridgette replies.

“We’ll be there in twenty minutes or so. See you soon.” Vi says with a grin and hangs up the phone.


At the Fitzgerald’s household, dinner was being prepared for eight, as Vi, her friends, and Bridgette’s boyfriend Sam would be joining them for the event. Ginger and Bridgette were seated at the dining room table. It had been five minutes since the call from Vi, when there was a knock on the front door.

“I’ll get it.” Ginger volunteered and went to open the door. She finds a tall man that she’s never seen before standing on the other side, whose eyes seem to be glowing a faint yellow. She sniffs the air and immediately discerns from the man’s scent that he is not remotely human.

“Leave now or die, demon.” Ginger snarls baring her canine fangs and preparing for a fight.

“You seem to be confused Unclean One. The one who dies tonight shall be you.” The demon replied coolly. Ginger growled and lunged forward only to be stopped in midair and flung backwards across the room and is impaled from the back to the front of her chest by the sharp antlers of a stuffed buck’s head.

“Ginger!” Bridgette screams at the sight of her sister stuck fast on the spiked antlers, her feet dangling three and a half feet off the ground, kicking uselessly.

Pam Fitzgerald grabs a large steak knife and flings it at the demon as he enters. The demon stops the knife in it’s tracks and with a lazy flick of his fingers, sends it back at her. It embeds into her chest with a sickening ‘thuck’, and blood immediately begins to stain through her yellow cardigan and she collapses to the ground in a limp heap.

Mr. Fitzgerald charges the demon in a blind rage, brandishing a baseball bat. He swings at the unwanted guest, who simply grabs the business end of it and it bursts into flames. The flames quickly move to Bridgette’s father and engulf him entirely. He screams and throws himself on the ground, rolling around to try and extinguish the flames but only succeeds in setting the carpet on fire.

Satisfied at the carnage he’s inflicted on the Fitzgerald homestead, he turns to Bridgette who is cowering in a corner, sobbing uncontrollably.

“Time to go, my dear daughter.” The demon says, a sick grin plastered on his face as he stalks towards her.

“No! Leave me alone!” Bridgette screams in vain as the demon grabs hold of her and teleports them both away, leaving a trail of sulfur in his wake.

Mere moments later, the front door is kicked in, and a frantic Sam bursts through the threshold. He sees Ginger struggling on the antlers still and rushes to her. He grabs her legs and lifts her up high enough that she can pull herself off the spikes. When her upper body collapses over his shoulder, he turns and books it, jumping over a wall of flame which ignites his khakis. He runs outside just as Faith’s T-Bird pulls up and the three hunters jump out and sprint to meet him. He collapses on the ground and Vi throws a blanket over him, smothering the flames before they can do any lasting damage. Faith pulls Ginger away as Vi and Robin assist Sam. Behind them the house explodes in a fiery tower of flame and smoke and send debris flying everywhere. The impact of the blast sends all five flying forward, and into blissful unconsciousness as they hit the ground.

To Be Continued…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Roads Less Travelled" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Mar 08.

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