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The Sweetest Burn

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Summary: Clark has to deal with Lana’s death and Oliver Queen comes back to help him, but he’s not the only one concerned with Clark. SLASH

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A/N This is the last chapter of this fic, thank you to those who are reading it and enjoying my first foray into slash lol. There might be a sequel so review if you want to see one. Beta'd by Boltgirl426.

Chapter 6 Lana

She stood across the street smiling softly as she watched the pair walk into the Daily Planet. The man’s dark head was bent down as he listened to the blond woman beside him talk animatedly, her arms making wide gestures as she tried to prove a point.

Clark laughed loudly at something she said, his head thrown back and the woman smiled obviously pleased. They stopped and a sleek green Porsche pulled up to the curb, an attractive man dressed in an expensive business suit getting out. The man grinned as he pulled off the jacket tossing it into the car along with a tie, his fingers already working as he unbuttoned the first three buttons of the crisp white shirt.

Those small changes turned the outfit from stiff to casual and he walked over to Clark and Chloe a wide grin in place. She watched Clark’s face light up as he moved closer to Oliver Queen, ducking his head at something the man said, a blush on his cheeks, a smile teasing his lips and his eyes sparkling.

Lana grinned turning away from them, slowly making her way to the black car she had parked a block away. She slipped in still watching the three from the rear view mirror as she pulled off the honey blond wig she had been wearing and took off the dark sunglasses.

She hadn’t wanted to leave until she was sure they would be okay. She was out of Lex’s reach, even if he found out she was alive he wouldn’t be able to find her. Lionel Luthor himself had masterminded and funded her escape and she knew she would never have to deal with the man she had married again. She knew why Lionel had done it; he considered her a liability to Clark’s safety and if she was out of his life it would be the best thing for him.

She had been there though. She had been at the funeral and had watched as the people she had loved had turned to one another. She had watched as Clark had found someone that could stand beside him. It hurt, but it was a dull ache. She knew what she was doing was right and she knew, watching the way Clark would glance at Oliver that he would be okay. She had watched the two together and she had seen the relationship grow.

Now that she knew that Clark and Chloe would be okay it was time for her to go. First to Paris than to any of several safe locations Lionel had provided her with.

She started the engine and looked one last time as Clark moved closer to Oliver their hands slipping together easily. She smiled and whispered “Goodbye.”

Clark’s head shot up and their eyes locked in the mirror. She gave him a small smile and he returned it, nodding his head in goodbye.

With a light heart Lana left Metropolis knowing that this was the final chapter of the life she had known and the beginning of so many others. The beginning of a new life … not only for her but for Clark.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Sweetest Burn". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking