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The Sweetest Burn

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Summary: Clark has to deal with Lana’s death and Oliver Queen comes back to help him, but he’s not the only one concerned with Clark. SLASH

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesChosenfireFR1365,634125,55425 Mar 0822 Apr 08Yes


Title: The Sweetest Burn
Author: Chosenfire
Type: Slash
Main Pairing: Oliver/Clark (mention of Lex/Clark, Lex/Lana, Clark/Lana, Oliver/Lois)
Status: WIP (1/6)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: slash, m/m pairing
Word Count: 900
Summary: Clark has to deal with Lana’s death and Oliver Queen comes back to help him, but he’s not the only one concerned with Clark.

A/N: I’m new to the slash business but I have found a love for this couple. This is also my first Smallville fic, enjoy and let me know what you think. Thanks to the great beta job by Boltgirl426. I wrote this for the "Arrow in the Quiver" Challenge at Ollieville awhile back. This is me branching out of my Buffy/Dean HET bubble.

Chapter 1 Oliver

He heard the news from Lois of all people. He had been on vacation with the guys when she had called and he had been speechless.

Lois hadn’t spoken to him since he had left, he had given her a number she could contact him at if she ever needed him but she hadn’t, and he had forgotten about it. Apparently, Lois didn’t miss much cause she had been able to figure out what his closest friends still hadn’t had a clue about.

That the news of Lana Luthor’s death would matter to him. Not because he had briefly met the young woman once but because he knew what she had meant to Clark, and that was reason enough for her to matter in his world.

Lois knew that when it came to Clark Kent his feeling were far from platonic. How could he not admire the perfection that was the Kansas farm boy?

Oliver had always appreciated beautiful things and Clark was truly beautiful.

So after he had gotten done talking to his much too perceptive ex, he had made a call to have his private jet ready because he was going back to Metropolis. It was selfish of him but he had never been one to deny himself something he wanted, and he had denied himself Clark because for once in life he was trying to be noble.

The flight had been over two hours long, giving him way too much time to think, but now he found himself on the Kent Farm, heading to the loft where he knew he could find his farm boy.

“Are you just gonna stand there all night or do you want to come up?” an amused voice asked, yanking Oliver out of his thoughts as his head whipped around to see Clark leaning casually against the stairs in a pair of dark blue sweatpants and a red t-shirt. The blonde ducked his head hiding a small smirk at the color pattern; it was endearing, and annoying.

He wondered what the boy would like in green. Not the costume he had put on to fool Lois, but a plain, expensive green t-shirt … maybe something in silk.

Oliver moved beyond the colors and looked the boy in the eyes seeing the weariness there. The way he smiled looked as though he were trying to pretend that his whole world hadn’t collapsed in on itself. He wasn’t doing a half bad job at looking anything other than broken.

Oliver’s priorities shifted enough to take this in. He had always been good at adapting after all.

“Actually,” Oliver smirked “I was wondering if you could throw on some clothes and take a ride with me?” He grinned confidently. “I’ll even let you drive.”

Clark looked beyond him to the outline of the dark green Porsche and a small smile slipped onto his lips

“Sure,” he replied. Oliver instantly caught the fact that the brunette’s smile did not reach his eyes … they’d work on that.

The smile didn’t reach his eyes but they’d work on that.

He let Clark break speeding laws in each state they passed through, and while Oliver knew that he could run faster than that it was different when you were driving. Feeling the power beneath you, it wasn’t as much about the speed as it was about the escape.

They didn’t get back to the farm until after the sun had already started its journey in the sky. Walking side by side, the pair bypassed the house, heading towards the loft.

Clark’s sanctuary.

“Where’s your mom?” Oliver asked softly as they got settled down on the couch. Clark sat at one end, the blonde at the other and Oliver was all too aware of the small amount of space between the two of them.

“Washington,” Clark’s voice was barely a whisper as he looked around the barn.

“I was supposed to move out last week but I still haven’t found a place. I’ve just had a lot on my mind,” he admitted sheepishly as he stared down at his hand, searching them as if they had the answer to the universe. Maybe they did, maybe things could be this simple.

“Why don’t you stay with me?” Oliver asked, proud that he had managed to keep any trace of nervousness out of his voice. He clasped his own hands in his lap to hide the way they shook slightly.

Clark looked up startled. “Really? Don’t you have somewhere to go, or do, or something?” There was doubt and indecision laced in his voice.

Oliver grinned letting the confidence he didn’t actually feel settle into place on his face like a well worn mask.

“I’ve decided to stick around for awhile,” he replied, his eyes sparkling playfully. “Besides you already know of my leather fetish.”

Clark flushed then grinned. “It will be just till I find my own place and I’ll try to stay out of your way.”

The smile on Oliver’s face wasn’t the one that had graced magazines and tabloids, it wasn’t the one he wore in the board room or flashed to the guys when he was giving a speech. This one reached his eyes.

“Be in my way.”
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