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The Distinguished Gentleman

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Potter Musings". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Comedy fic about a future Minister of Magic election, in which the pureblood-dominated Wizengamot shoots itself in the foot. DH-compliant (except epilogue).

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Theme: Comedy(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR1816052192,93325 Mar 0825 Mar 08Yes
Disclaimer (contains spoilers): Characters courtesy of J.K. Rowling et al. Plot courtesy of Marty Kaplan and Johnathan Reynolds, from the 1992 film of the same name.


The young witch slapped down her copy of the Daily Prophet, an annoyed tone in her voice. “Are they serious?”

“What is it, dear?” Her embattled husband did not even look up from his omelette.

“The Wizengamot’s changed the procedures for electing the new Minister of Magic. Apparently, ancestry is more important to them than personal achievement!”

“How so?”

“They’ve ruled that on this summer’s ballot, candidates will be addressed only by their initials and surname, Hogwarts house and year. No notation of profession, no full names, no candidate’s statements… and no campaigning is permitted!”

“How is that a problem?” He asked, reaching for the ketchup. She winced; she could never stand the idea of ketchup on omelettes.

“Because… it’s a clear attempt to get people to vote for the family, not the person. Put a Malfoy or a Parkinson on the ballot…” She trailed off, speechless.

It was several minutes before her husband poked at the last bite of his omelette with a fork. “You know…”


“When I was in America… I saw this movie on cable one night, The Distinguished Gentleman. There was this special election, a Muggle congressman had died, and a lad with the same name ran… he won because of the doddering old fools who didn’t realize it wasn’t the same man, even though he was black and the old guy was white.”

“But what does…” The witch’s voice trailed off as understanding dawned in her eyes. Several moments later, she jumped up, ran around the table and hugged him. “You’re brilliant!”


“Minerva, I don’t see why you want me to withdraw my name from consideration. I thought we had agreed that a member of the Order of the Phoenix should run for Minister. And that based on my Ministry experience…”

“Yes, Arthur, I remember.” She showed him the Daily Prophet article about the Wizengamot’s decision. “But this changes everything.”

“People know who I am. We don’t really need to campaign.” Arthur whined.

“It’s not that. You’d make a great Minister. But with these rules and the letter I got this morning… well, let’s just say… the Order has a better candidate. And I know you’ll love it.” She handed over the letter. “It’s got one of those Muggle movies to do with it.”

Arthur skimmed the letter, and then grinned. “They won’t know what hit them!”


Election Results Released
- London, August 1, based upon an official release of the Ministry

The Minister of Magic election results are as follows (in the order shown on the ballot):
L. A. Malfoy, Slytherin ’68 – 425 votes
E. A. Parkinson, Slytherin ’69 – 415 votes
H. J. Potter, Griffindor ’98 – 1077 votes
X. Q. Lovegood, Ravenclaw '66 - 12 votes
A. P. King, Griffindor '32 - 117 votes

Therefore it is our pleasure to announce the election as Minister of Magic of Hermione Jane Potter. A recent graduate of Hogwarts, Mrs. Potter was heavily involved in the defeat of Lord Voldemort, having for such service been awared the Order of Merlin, first class. She is widely known for her activism in the treatment of magical creatures. She was recently wed to Harry James Potter, with whom she as yet has no children.

In a brief owled statement, Mrs. Potter expressed her pleasure that "the attempts of the Wizarding political establishment to design the election procedures in such a way as to favor a certain class of citizens appear not to have disenfranchised the general Wizarding public."

The Daily Prophet was unable to arrange an interview with the Potters before press time.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Distinguished Gentleman". This story is complete.

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