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Investigating Bar Rumors

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Summary: Hearing rumors about a bar in the area SG-1 checks the place out.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredIndraLeighFR1354,23387748,43525 Mar 0828 Feb 10No

Sometimes friends just sit with ya.

Summary: A slow uneventful night doesn't stay uneventful.
Disclaimer: So don't own Buffy or Stargate SG-1
Warning (if any):not in this part.

Jack had been at the bar for a few hours, Carter left the mountain for a drink before some computer thing had finished, and now Danny and T were supposed to show up anytime. The bar was fairly empty this time of the evening with about fifteen regulars in the place as Jack went across the room to get a refill and drinks for the guys. Retaking his seat Jack didn’t notice the dangerous brunette perched on the backrest of one of the booths. Xander was working the bar tonight, someone in Robby’s family was sick and Robby had been out of town for a little over a week. Last night was busy and Jack helped Xander behind the bar.

Stinky had been allowed to return four days ago. He had been standing in the alley way waiting until the clock ticked over to a week since the fight and he would be allowed to come back in the bar. As soon as he came in photos of the new little stink were everywhere. Human baby face with squid like body, someone mentioned the little one looked like a character from the movie “Men in Black”, ‘he should that was my nephew in his first acting job’ Stinky explained proudly picking a photo to tack up on the bulletin board.

Stinky and Moose were on the end of the bar near the personal lockers, they were sharing a pitcher of lemonade and working on the massive crossword puzzle that the bar kept for people to work on. Moose’s nickname came from his large size and that he used to live in moose country and was sometimes thought to be a moose when spotted from a distance by tourists.

A pair of headphones on her head Vicky was watching a historical documentary for school on the tv with her notes spread over the couch. The pool table was clear and that was probably because Robby had hidden the balls and cues before he left because the felt was worn out and needed repairing.

The bar used to be a speakeasy many years ago and when alcohol became legal Robby’s uncle tried to used the place as a demon friendly singles social club. Between the singles club and council bar it was a gambling hall. After working for other people in their bars for years Robby wanted his own bar and after a lot of work he got the deed and control of the family bar in Colorado away from his slightly teetotaler cousin. Doing all the work when he had the funds and time Robby had made considerable progress toward opening. When Xander stumbled across Robby cutting some lumber in the alley one night they got to talking as Xander helped with the construction. The two men worked out a deal. The council would contribute the needed money to finish bar construction if Robby would allow the bar to be the local council contact spot. What Xander originally meant was to install a phone for council use, for slayers and watchers in the area or passing through to pick up the phone and with out dialing be contacted with the headquarters office. Showing up to the bar occasionally Xander eventually came in every day. Vicky was the only slayer assigned to the area, and with the low demon population it was a good fit for a still in school slayer. Council members or employees would stop by on the occasion they were in town. Xander had a house in town but came into the bar in the mid afternoon and Vicky would stop in after school before disappearing for a while and returning in the evening to work on her homework. Robby, Xander, Vicky, and some of the regulars had lockers, along with SG-1, in the bank of old school lockers bought from a surplus sale. The place was a bar lounge with an entertainment room from someone’s home.

Seeing Danny open the door with Teal’c behind him Jack waved his teammates over. “Hey T, Danny. I got your drinks.”

“Thank you O’Neil.” Teal’c took a seat next to Jack with their back to the wall. TV catching his eye Danny walked across the room curious to see what Vicky was studying.

Teal’c and Jack were contently enjoying their drinks when Moose and Stinky suddenly both dropped to the floor. The sudden movement had everyone’s attention, the bar was silent for a brief moment before Xander started to loudly curse, pull a keg loose, grab a baseball bat and proceed to beat the empty keg for almost fifteen minutes. Dropping the bat he panted, and after he caught his breath Xander picked up the battered keg and walked out the front door of the bar. Walking back into the bar Jack was able to see that Xander’s shirt was soaking wet and he smelled of beer. Xander walked up to the cash register, pulled out his wallet, and stuffed some money into the drawer before walking back out of the bar.

Intently watching Xander’s exit Jack jumped when suddenly a woman was standing next to him speaking. “Jack right?”

“Yeah, that’s me. Who’s asking?” Jack replied looking up at the serious looking woman.

“Faith. Could you help work the bar tonight?” Not waiting for an answer she turned toward Vicky to shout, “Vicky, go keep an eye on him.”

Vicky was walking across the room before Faith had called to her. Jack’s answer was to walk behind Faith as she grabbed a mop on her way behind the bar.

“What just happened?” Jack asked, Xander was normally passive, calm, and in a friendly mood.

“If he had gotten married this would have been his anniversary. It’s a tough week for him and his frustration and regret build until some tiny shit sets it off.” Faith said as she started to mop up a puddle of beer on the floor.

“What set him off tonight?” Jack asked watching Moose and Stinky slowly peek over the bar before slowly sitting back on their stools.

“Nearly empty keg sprayed beer everywhere. It’s a bar, there’s beer. He cursed and we knew it was a bad idea to get his attention when he was mad so we went for outa-sight-outa-mind.” Moose explained as Stinky nodded.

“Vicky’s going to keep an eye on him and we’re going to watch the bar tonight and then we’ll close it till Robby gets back.” Faith said fixing her self a drink.

“Do you work the same company that Xander does?” Jack asked refilling Moose’s drink.

“Yep, I’m a Faith of all trades. Ya ever have a friend hang out with you after a real sucky day? That’s my job later tonight. The bar will still be here when Robby gets back.”

“He’s a good kid. Thanks for looking out for him.” Jack raised his glass in thanks to Faith.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Investigating Bar Rumors" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Feb 10.

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