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Investigating Bar Rumors

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Summary: Hearing rumors about a bar in the area SG-1 checks the place out.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredIndraLeighFR1354,23387748,42325 Mar 0828 Feb 10No

Investigating Bar Rumors

Summary: After hearing rumors about a bar in the area SG-1 decided to look into the place.
Crossover: Stargate SG-1
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Stargate SG-1.
This is set at some point in SG-1 before season eight and after season seven for the buffy crowd.

Dressed in comfortable civilian clothing the four members of the Stargate Command’s primary first contact team tried not to gawk like tourists as they walked into the local watering hole. After hearing stories of strange and unusual creatures going in and out of the building they decided to go check the place out. Of the six barstools only one was occupied. Jack sat next to the dark haired man as his team got situated on their stools as they all looked over the bar’s interior and its occupants. The bartender approached the group ready to take their order. “What do you want?”

“What’s good?” Always the first one to talk, Daniel quickly and innocently asked.

A snort of laughter to Jack’s left caused SG-1 to look at the source of the sounds, the young man sitting on the stool. “First time here, huh?”

“What makes you think that?”

“You nearly let Robby pick your drink. Bad Idea. Give ‘em all a soda on my bill and I want a refill.”

As Robby walked away the man leaned over the top of the bar to retrieve a sack of lemons and baking soda.

The not so happy looking bartender spoke as he distributed glasses. “If you keep buying drinks for everyone you’ll go broke kid.”

“So the council will raise the prices or water the drinks a bit.”

“They’ll have my head for an appetizer if you do that. I don’t care if this is the council’s bar. I’m not about to serve watered down drinks. Willy may have severed watered down stuff, but I sure ain’t. For another reason I think some of this stuff is toxic when you mix it with water.” The complaining bartender noticed the lemons on the counter and set a rag and shallow bowl on the counter.

“Regular here?” Jack asked before he started to sip his drink.

“Nearly every night. Xander.” Introducing his self he stuck out his hand.

Jack returned the courtesy, “Daniel, Sam, and Murray.”

“Murray, sure. So why is SG-1 in my bar?”

“Who? We’re just looking for a fun night on the town.” Trying to downplay the fact that this unknown strangers knows more than they should Sam evaded.

“Try again, if you all wanted to relax you would have gone to O’Malley’s”

“Who are you Xander?” Daniel asked with his back to Teal’c, letting the big Jaffa over look the room covering his teammates backs in all circumstances.

Robby decided to answer this question as he walked by. “Not that bad of an employer and trust me I’ve had some real demons before.”

“Funny, real funny. I work for the company that owns this place and since I’m the most senior employee in the area he calls me boss. I really don’t do anything besides try to drink his soda dry. This is my town and I like to know what’s going on in my town. Since a lot of people work at the mountain, or under it, and we want to avoid the military we looked into what you all do.”

“Deep Space Radar Telemetry.”

“You need a better cover story Jack. Go through the Chappai to say hi and piss off the Goa’uld.”
Any response to Xander’s revelation was severed as a shiny, but dirty, sword was set on the bar.

“Hey Vicky.” Xander greeted the sword handler with out looking.

The full attention of three members of SG-1 was on the small girl as she announced, “Big and intimidating at the end. So not human.”

“Good guy alien from under the mountain.”

“So long as he don’t get munchy I won’t get stabby. Square?”

Unnerved Jack nodded, “Square.”

Intentions declared the pixie of a girl set to work cleaning her sword with the lemon juice and baking soda paste that Xander had mixed up.

Xander leaned back to look past Jack to Sam, “Hey Sam, a friend of mine asked me to give you her card if you ever stopped in. She wants to talk techno babble with you. Something about computers and controlled wormholes or something, She started to babble in really big words and I got lost.”
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