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Fifth Column

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Fifth Column". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: (BSG/Battletech) The Rag Tag Fleet finally makes it to the Thirteenth Tribe, only to find the Cylons there first. Which is a complete surprise to the Cylons…

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Television > Battlestar Galactica > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesEvilAuthorFR153672,4531610466,95225 Mar 0824 Apr 08Yes

Prologue - Ode to the Cylons

Disclaimer: Battlestar Galactica belongs to someone not me. Battletech likewise belongs to someone not me (has it changed hands recently?). I make no money off of this so don’t sue. Also apologies to whomever I um "borrow" characters from...

Author's Note: I don't like the cannon reveal of the Final (Four of) Five. I think I'll make my own instead.

Ode to the Cylons

We are the Cylons

Created by Man

We aspire to greatness

Our actions may make us damned

One treads the path of Wisdom

Their weapons are their words

Would that the others stopped

And listened to their concerns

Two believes in nothing

But what he can see and hear

Pragmatic he might be

But he listens to his fears

Three knows it all

She will tell you so herself

But too far she’ll one day go

Then she’ll be put on the shelf

Four is the mystic

He looks for God’s heaven

But while he looks and looks

Hell has come to present

Five is a shadow

He goes along with the crowd

If ever you need a good reason

He’ll invent one just now

Six desires a good life

New life that comes from God

Whatever it takes

She’ll frak any ol’ sod.

Seven, you are the most pious

Everywhere you see God’s work

And God’s work you do

But you aren’t any less a jerk

Eight loves all she meets

Her love knows only one bound

If you are just a statistic

She’ll grind you into the ground

Nine lives in the now

For her, the future a lie

And the past is a dream

Watch as she flies by

Ten is loyalty incarnate

Morality is his universe

He may not be very smart

But do not provoke his worst

Eleven is quiet and friendly

And is ever the wall flower

But if you ever draw her ire

Beware the sting of her power

Twelve is ever inventive

He loves making things go boom

He’ll tell you so himself

After he blew up the room
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