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A New York State of Mind

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Sketches-verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: New York City's oldest detective has fathered many children over the centuries, including the one stolen by the Order of Dagon. BtVS/ New Amsterdam

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Knights of Chaos and Balance

Chapter 9- Knights of Chaos and Balance

I still do not own Buffy/Angel/Roswell/Wonderfalls/original Stargate movie except on DVD.  I don’t even have that for New Amsterdam only because they are not available but Hulu still has them. Please forgive me for the nearly 2 year break from all fic writing.  I will only say RL stinks frequently.- unbeta’d but submitted to the wonderful Duchess for her magic and will be revised as needed.


Jaye began working for the Dawn that next day.  She returned home that weekend to pack her trailer and so that Aaron and Mahandra could bring it down with them.  Strangely enough the job he had been testing for and earned was with the Council so it made life so much easier knowing she would have family very close by.  However she was thrilled that she was not forced to live with them.

Unfortunately, things were not going so well with Eric.  As the new male leader of his clan, they respected his right to select a mate of his own but she had to be at least half clan.  His ex-wife, the philandering scum, had had their approval.  Jaye did not.  As a tangential employee of the Council she had to respect that.  As herself, she thought it just sucked.


For Jaye the biggest ‘mind snap’ to working for Dawn and the Council was not working for the same company as her brother, Aaron.  Nor was it being taught enough stealth and evasion techniques to make her seriously start making fun of spy movies, not that she wouldn’t have anyway.   It wasn’t even visiting Lorne’s club to take him cupcakes for Dawn.

No, it was that someone trusted her with the care and protection of a child.  And they meant it.  She was given a Council credit card and cash, both of which were to be used to run with Danielle if she was given a special code on her phone.  Each code was a level of danger and corresponded to a couple of locations some of which only she knew.  There were twelve of the “bolt holes” or safe locations throughout the burrows and extending to the eastern half of North America.  If things went south for New York they wanted Danielle safe. 

And the kid was smart.  She apparently had her mom’s gift for languages.  Once every couple of weeks Dawn would pick a new well known fairy tale or story and read it to her in English, then again the following nights a different language.  Then a couple of days a week the translators took turns working with her on the conversational versions of French, Italian, Farsi, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin by asking her questions about the story in the language and allowing her to ask them back. 

They got strange looks from some of the patrons in the coffee shop they frequently used for the chat but it was close to the bookstore.  Plus they had fruit smoothies for Danielle and one of the waitresses liked to practice with them for her college conversational French class.  French was the only one of the several languages that Jaye could help with, having learned it from her house keeper at a young age, but it made it more fun for her to be able to participate some in this process.


When not on nanny duty Jaye had to take a basic spells and warding class to supplement the defense they taught her and then there were the classes to learn more about her calling as a shaman.  Xander because of his ability to see her gift tended to be one of her main instructors in this but sometimes the conversations just degenerated.

“Think of it like a chess board,” Xander had explained one evening, “All the other pieces have to move in a direct path.  Forwards, backwards, diagonal, yes, but only in one line at a time.  Knights have a different purpose, to move at an angle, to think outside the box while boxing others in.  Sure they will jump into the path of danger for those they protect, but they add a little chaos to the game.”

“Is that why they whisper about you being the ‘Slayers White Knight’ in demon circles?  Because you are frequently jumping into the path of danger to protect your friends,” Jaye asked with a smirk.

Xander groaned softly and winced at the hated nickname. “Damn Spike.  He spread that one first, then he heard the declaration that Caleb made when he took my eye about me being the ‘one who sees everything’ and tagged me with ‘One Who Sees,’ also.”

“And the fact that they’re both true,” Jaye asked her smirk turning to laughter.

“Doesn’t really matter, he still bugs me,” he said slowly beginning to grin. 

“He’s a British vampire who knows almost all the Scooby Gangs’ buttons, why wouldn’t he bug you?” she countered.  “I still can’t believe you guys used to let him babysit Dawn.”

“What? And you’ve lived the angelic life? Don’t forget I can ask your brother for dirt if I need to,” Xander forced his grin into a mock glare that had them both breaking into fits of giggles.

“I give up,” she cried wiping away the tears of laughter and waving one hand in mock surrender.  “So are we both chaos or is one of us chaos and the other balance?” 

“You use minor shake ups and chaos to bring balance into things.  I wade in where the powers have their carefully laid plans and shake it up a bit because I don’t like the outcome they are predicting.  I like pawns, kings and queens to live. We both have our place,” he answered far more soberly than before.

She nodded liking the answer.


Two days before the gallery opening, Jaye took Danielle for a walk through the park. On the way they dropped off some papers at Mr. Ramirez’s office for Dawn since she and Faith were shopping for shoes to match the dress she was wearing to the opening. 

Jesse Ramirez’s office was a chaotic but comfortable place that Jaye didn’t mind visiting.  It looked nothing like a busy Manhattan firm should and everything like a Southwestern native country lawyer’s office should.  It suited him well.  And she got to pretend that she didn’t see the sadness in his eyes when he was in that environment.

The shaman in her knew something was out of balance in his life, but the animals hadn’t told her to act on anything yet so she kept quiet about her concerns.  She just chatted with him for a couple of minutes, gave him the envelope from the Council and left. 

Jaye had just finished maneuvering the stroller down the steps to the sidewalk and started to put Danielle in when the white van pulled up squealing tires and brakes.  Instantly she felt fear and confusion wash over her before her training with Xander and Faith kicked in.  “Hold on tight,” she whispered to Danielle who clung to her neck.  As she let go of the stroller and began to run, she broke off one of the magical danger alert tabs from the stroller.  It would only take a few minutes but the Watchers would be after them if they didn’t get free. 

And twenty seconds later she was down, shot by two tranquilizer darts.  She only had just enough strength to turn as she fell so that Danielle would not be crushed.  She clung to the girl thinking, ‘I’ve failed,’ while listening to her frightened cries as the world went gray.


A little later when she woke up to ugly gray walls of a prison type cell with two gray painted cinder block walls and 2 with metal bars, one shared with the next cell.  There was a privacy curtain hanging from the ceiling to give some modesty to the toilet area. 

As she glanced she was relieved to find her charge was in the cell with her playing with her Astronaut Curious George.  “Danielle, are you hurt?” Jaye asked in French, her mind was racing to remember whether they had brought the toy with them when they left that morning or if this was bigger than the side street kidnapping it appeared to be.  At the same time her eyes checked over the girl for any signs of harm.

“I got a boo-boo on my elbow, but the man with the shiny head put on a band-aid and gave me George out of our bag since I was good,” the young girl said moving to snuggle beside of Jaye on the cot in the small room.

The woman wrapped her arms around the girl in a relieved hug.

Opening her eyes again she realized they both still had their special homing beacon necklaces on. ‘What kind of moron kidnappers are these anyway?’ she wondered. ‘Still have jewelry, still have toys, keeps us together.  Why take us in the first place?’

Her hands began to move towards the two pendants to activate the homing device when she saw the damned monkey shake its head and say *not yet.*

Even if she did want to rip the stuffing out of it, she was grateful the little monkey was there.    

She checked Danielle more thoroughly while trying not to frighten the child.  There were actually 2 band-aids on the girl’s arm on the outside where she assumed her elbow had scraped the ground in the fall but the one on the inside looked like someone had drawn blood. 

Her own arm had a similar band-aid. Her thoughts began racing. Were they randomly selected or targeted kidnap victims? And if targeted, were they the right targets?  That was the scariest thought of all.


Daniel had been in the city all of 3 hours.  He’d checked in to his hotel and left the others unpacking in their rooms.  He decided to visit the corner coffee shop to get a good blend for the hotel coffee pot.  He would be here for 4 days and needed decent coffee to function properly.  If Jack knew he was stepping outside the hotel then Daniel would be bombarded with company and he wanted five blessed minutes to himself.  Not that he would begrudge Jack the time at all, but this exhibit was tough for him. Katherine had saved him from total apocalyptic career failure.  She had seen his potential and believed in him when no one else did.  This exhibit was a celebration of her life after a period of grieving. But he still missed her terribly. 

And she had encouraged him to keep pursuing his dreams.  Though he wondered what she would have thought of the ongoing dream he’d been having for months now of the young woman with the honey colored hair.  He was starting to question if she was dream or memory now though because there was a necklace in the dream and he’d found the necklace the night before.  He was wearing it now because she had said it held protections of some sort.  He sighed wished again in his heart that he could talk to Katherine.  It just wasn’t the sort of thing he would take to Jack or Sam.

Then suddenly he felt a pinch like a bee sting near his neck and the world went fuzzy.  His last thought was, ‘Forgot to check the calendar. What day was it again?’ Then the world went black.


When Daniel woke he was not alone. He was resting in on a bed in a cell with another man about 30 and in the cell next to them there was a woman about 25 and a small girl. 

He sat up holding his pounding head.  ‘It must have been a tranquilizer.  They always give me a migraine,’ he thought with a groan.  Then he looked at his arms. 

“Why did they take blood?” he asked out loud.   Not surprisingly the other two adults just shrugged.

The child had fallen asleep so the woman covered her with the blanket and stood to approach the other cell.  The only concession to the fear that she was apparently hiding from the girl was the stuffed monkey which she continued to cling to instead of tucking it in with the child.

“Hi, I’m Jaye Tyler.  Some lame brain thought it would be fun to kidnap the kid and the nanny today.  What’s your story?” she asked with forced bravado.

“Daniel. I was just going for coffee. And the world went black,” the man with glasses answered.

“I was grabbed from my mechanics shop,” the other man in the cell offered.

“Do you have a name?” she questioned.

“Several.  But the one I’m using right now is Carl,” he answered with several seconds of hesitation.

“Witness protection?” Daniel asked.

“Nothing quite so formal but I definitely fear for my life whenever I have to run,” he admitted.

“Do we have any reason to be afraid of you?” Jaye asked.

“Not as long as you leave my family alone,” he answered in a tone full honesty and the promise of keeping his word if necessary.

“Then we have no problems,” the other man promised with equal honesty.

Jaye nodded in agreement. “I have to ask this because I am confused and I really don’t want it to be different at this moment. But did they leave you with your personal items?  I mean we have ours including George here.  Well I don’t have my purse but I mean I still have my jewelry and my shoes with laces.  What the heck is going on?”

Daniel felt around his neck.  He still had his ID tags and the necklace with the pendant.  And he felt his pockets.  He even still had his wallet.  He looked back up at Jaye and nodded to her.

They turned to ‘Carl’.  He shook his head and said, “I didn’t have anything on me when they grabbed me, it was locked up in my tool box.”

Jaye nodded, looked back at the monkey and spoke once more, “I wonder if they will give me some crayons or sidewalk chalk. When she wakes up, George will only work for about 20 minutes of play time and I only know so many fairy tales.”

She said it out loud hoping there were microphones to record things at the moment.  She really needed either crayons, markers or chalk to bring help. The monkey told her to wait until she could put wards up on the cell before activating the homing beacon.  Too bad the wax lion wasn’t with her, or else she would have a nice candle tonight.  But she couldn’t burn George.  Danielle liked him too much.  True the message meanings had gotten clearer but they could still piss her off.  And the mould-a-rama was all the way back in Niagara.  Huh.  Maybe she should check the zoo, or Coney Island to see if they had one.  It wouldn’t hurt to have spares.

“Well we could help with stories until they have some, maybe,” Daniel offered.

“As long as I’m not singing ‘American Pie’ and trying to torch blue jello jellyfish, I’ll help,” the other man offered.

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