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Future/Past Lives

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Summary: He lives in the future, and I do in the past. Drabble. Hiro/Claire

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Television > Heroes > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesalizarinFR711320154726 Mar 0826 Mar 08Yes
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Future/Past Tense

He visits me, two days each year. That way, he said, he might last several centuries.
One day rest between each jump, for which he stays with me, in his present.

One year for him is ninety two years for me.

A funny couple, we are. I live in the past and he in the future.

I remembered his passing, his seventy-third birthday.
He still went to visit until his very last day.

His only request I cannot grant.

I have exactly one hundred and eighty years left until the end.

Adam didn’t regenerate when Hiro chopped his head off.



AN: Yes, I just had an overdose of heroes fanfic reading fest because everything is closed for easter in Milan. So figure I give it a try...

The End

You have reached the end of "Future/Past Lives". This story is complete.

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