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Colony L2: Xander Harris

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Gundam Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Harris goes to space to help with colony construction. During his years in space he and the council notice the fall of magic and the supernatural. The question is why and can they stop it?

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Anime > Gundam WingPlutronFR1532,931144,15626 Mar 081 Oct 08No

Arc 1: Fraud: Ch 2: Small Problems


Arc 1: Fraud: Chapter 2: Small Problems

Disclaimer: I don't own GW or BTVS. Also I don't own any of the pictures in the picture. This is my first time making a picture or putting one up I hope it worked right. I'll work on a better pic for the next chapter. I forget where I got the background, colony, and Xander pic, though they were all found online.

Log Entry 47 August 6th 020 AC

In the two months I’ve been stationed on colony project L1-S02256 accidents have become more and more frequent. As I’ve written, this seemed to be normal at first but now I can’t deny the truth. I have reason to believe that the colony has been sabotaged.

Log Entry 14 June 22nd 020 AC

Well Willow says I should date stuff in case something important happens out here and I want to reference it... so I guess I will. And if more fatal accidents happen out here it might be nice to be able to give families detailed information about what happened and when.

Yesterday we had a funeral for the men we lost. The bodies we could rescue we’re sending back to earth and there families. For the ones we couldn’t find we’re sending pieces of history… pieces of the colony.

June 11th 020 AC

Xander walked into the discussion room and glanced around before releasing a nervous breath into the air.

“I can do this.” He stated quietly.

‘It’ll be like leading the mini slayers; only instead of little girls its middle aged men.’ He thought and winced at the mental image it gave him of the men in the room wearing tight leather followed by his girls wearing greasy, baggy clothes. Needless to say they weren’t pretty pictures.

Taking one final calming breath Xander took his seat, clapped his hands together and started the meeting.

“Hey everyone. My name is Alexander Harris, feel free to call me sir or Xander, and I’m the leader of our little group for this term of work. We’ll be starting where the last group left off which is…” Xander looked down from the people gathered to his paper work and scanned the sheets. When he found what he was looking for he smiled and said;

“Ah… diagnostics of the life support systems in sectors 5b through 7c.” After he said that he heard a round of groaning from the men in the room. Smiling he nodded and said;

“Yeah not the most entertaining of tasks but it’s what our team was assigned to and on the bright side once we finish we get to work on part building. Any questions?” The next hour went like this with Xander answering questions and going over the project itinerary. Things in space seemed good even those who had come up as criminals had managed to start turning there lives around. Hope surrounded the colony projects like a heavy cloak and Xander had heard more then one person say;

‘The colonies will be the land for the peaceful. Land of hope.’ Xander wanted that to be true one day; when the colonies project was done and people could start really living among the stars. He was going to help realize the dreams of the colony workers and dedicate his life to the colonies.

As the group dispersed for lunch, after which they start work, Xander called Joe back to talk.

“Hey Joe, guess what? I get to choose my second in command.” Joe smiled companionably at Xander and said;

“Well, don’t leave meh hanging. Who’d ya choose?” Xander smiled before nodding his head seriously.

“Well he has been working on the project for the last ten years and knows his business really well. I couldn’t think of anyone better.” Joe rolled his eyes and laughed;

“Get on with it.” I was obvious he already knew what Xander was going to say but waited for Xander to say it anyway.

“You Joe. You have the best resume out of all the people on my team, plus I already know you and I think we’ll mesh well.” The two men laughed companionably as they left the room together; Joe then headed for the mess while Xander headed toward the communication center to get in touch with the council.


“Hey Giles! How are our girls doing?” On the screen in front of Xander was Giles who looked miffed and was playing around with knobs and buttons. Finally Giles stopped and said to some poor soul walking by him;

“Jackie, this… confounded machine isn’t working right. I can hear Xander yet I can’t see him.” Xander patiently waited for Jackie to help Giles and when it was obvious that he could be seen and heard Xander said;

“Good to be seen and heard eh Giles?”

“Yes quite. Ah and to answer your other question everyone is fine.” Xander sat down and nodded his head at the screen. Running a hand through his hair he leaned back in his chair and said;

“Good news on this end too. You are now looking at the foreman of sectors 5 through 10.” Giles froze for a second on the other end before his face broke out into a big and proud smile.

“Then I suppose congratulations are in order?” Xander smiled and nodded. Then he moved onto the topic he wanted to avoid but knew he couldn’t. Even though he hadn’t been gone long he knew the others were continuing to look into the event that happened before he left. The fact that there was a whole ritual that had every reason to work and didn’t was scaring a lot of people on both sides. He could only hope it was a fluke and things would soon get back to normal.

“Hey Giles, how goes the search? Had a eureka moment yet?” Giles frowned and started to clean his glasses; never a good sign.

“Hey don’t leave me hanging. You’re cleaning eye-wear something must be very apocalyptic.” Xander stopped and thought for a moment about what could be wrong before adding;

“Do I need to come back?” This was something he didn’t want to do; sure he missed everyone and he wanted to help them if he was needed, but he needed to live his own life too. It may be selfish on his part but he knew the colony project was important and not just to the world governments but to the average Joe too.

Here in space he felt like a major player and not a lackey to those in power.

“Oh no. Its just… Dawn’s getting married.” Xander was sure if he had been drinking he would have spit the contents of his drink all over the screen as it was he was sure he was catching flies; if there were flies in space. Blinking once he shook his head.

“Wait. I think I’m hearing things. Dawn’s doing what now?” Giles continued cleaning his glasses and said;

“No you heard right… that is to say if you heard the words ‘Dawn’s getting married’.” Xander stood up and started to answer when a huge explosion sounded in the distance followed by screams. Ignoring the concerned questions from Giles Xander got up and raced down the corridors. As he got closer to the area of the screams Xander experienced a shift in gravity much harsher then any of the previous expected glitches the whole system had been experiencing.

Now instead of running he was floating and the air was becoming exceptionally warmer the closer he got to his destination which to his horror was the mess hall. As he got in a few feet of the door he saw smoke come out of it followed by Joe. Xander took hold of him and asked;

“What happened? Are you ok?” Joe nodded and started coughing up smoke while Xander moved to check out the mess hall. Upon entering the room he sighed in momentary relief. The room was covered with smoke but for the most part it looked like there were no casualties. The worst injury he could see was a man with an extreme burn in his left arm. That would take a long time to heal and he would probably be replaced.

The smoke was coming from the ceiling and if Xander had to venture a guess he would say that the gravity unit for this sector just blew.

“Great, now we have to fix this. I see a lot of diagnostics in our future.” This comment received a resounding humorless laugh from the room’s occupants. Xander smiled while shaking his head and went to get started on fixing the problem.

He had a feeling it was going to be a long six months. If only he knew how right he was.

Log Entry 11

So far the small accidents we’ve been having haven’t hurt to many people but some have lost there jobs due to injuries. Upon looking over the injury benefits they receive I managed to talk Giles into hiring some of them to the council. I just hope I don’t regret it later and not because of something the workers might do but how they’ll handle learning the worlds darker truths.

AN: I don’t know what names like ‘L2-V08744’ designate or what meaning they may have. So I just guessed when creating my own with things that sounded and looked good.

AN2: Sorry for the long wait. I just want everything to go the way I want for the story but keep hitting snags with time-lines and terminology. I don't think either will be perfect in the end but I'm trying my best. So expect gaps between chapters. As for stories I've written not in this series... I don't know when I'll get back to them.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Colony L2: Xander Harris" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Oct 08.

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