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Saving Grace

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Summary: When a virus decimates their world, Spike and several others make a jump to a new life and a completely new world.

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Anita Blake > General > ActiondirebansheeFR2156183,89633306139,52626 Mar 082 Nov 11No

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In the Beginning

DISCLAIMER: the buffyverse characters belong to Joss Whedon
the Anita Blake characters belong to Laurell K. Hamilton
the plot was inspired, in part, by 'I Am Legend' and Stephen King's 'The Stand'
anything you don't recognize is (probably) mine
Takes place after Not Fade Away and The Harlequin. The THEN portions are memories, explanations, and a bit of background that took place before the story. The NOW parts are, well, now.
Read, Review, and Enjoy

Chapter One


The world had fallen apart and surprisingly, or not so much, it hadn't been demons that had done it. No, not even the armies of hell rampaging about downtown Los Angeles was enough to cause to much concern among the populous. Once the dust and blood had settled the battle was passed off as a gang war, leaving the soul survivor to pick up the pieces and continue the good fight.

Several months after the big fight, he almost preferred the demons. They took a direct approach, using claws and fangs to rip and tear, but humans, they used something much more frightening. They used their intellect, the most dangerous thing in the world. They were always thinking, always trying to find new ways to slaughter each other and this time they'd succeeded. Magnificently so.

As far as Spike could discern from the info he'd overheard while trying to drink himself into oblivion was that some big wig scientist had been attempting to create a new 'miracle drug', an explanation that Spike hadn't bought for a moment (well, maybe a second or two), when it had turned into something else. Apparently some bloke had gotten infected with the new miracle drug, named 'Saving Grace' ironically enough, without realizing it, or not caring if he did (it was supposed to be a good thing, right?) and taken it home to the wife and kiddies, not to mention exposing everyone he'd encountered from the lab to his front door.

By the time anyone realized that what they'd thought was a flu outbreak was something else entirely, the entire East Coast was either dead or dying ... or becoming something else. Probably not everyone, the vampire reasoned. There had to be a few people running around with an immunity in their veins, like the ones that survived the Black Plague, while friends and neighbors dropped like flies or turned on each other. Even before the televised admission of a plague in the U.S. all of the 'End of the World' blighters who usually only came out during wars or New Years were crawling out of the woodwork. Spike hadn't even been able to get to the liquor store without being accosted to repent at least five times. After a week he was ready to start drinking humans again and sod the soul, but for the fact that vamps and demons who fed on the infected contracted it too.

About three years after the collapse of civilization, he was still in L.A. Spike wasn't sure why he stayed for as long as he did, what with Charlie and Blue gone, killed by Wolfram & Hart's army. Hell, he even would have stayed with Angel if the great pillock had survived, but they were all gone and he was left alone, drinking himself into a stupor every day, fighting the few demons that decided to stay during the night, always left with the feeling that he was only waiting, but for what, he didn't know.

Then, one night, he found the letter.

It was a normal night, or as normal a night as this new world could offer anyway. Spike was returning home with several bottles of Jack Daniel's from an abandoned liquor store he'd found, the flickering light in the distance telling him that there were still a few humans left in the city, disposing of the dead that seemed to be everywhere or keeping away the things that lived in the dark, when he realized where he was. The Wolfram & Hart Attorney's at Law sign stood untouched in front of the crumbled building. Various envelopes littered the ground, pulled from the dead mailman's bag by the wind or animals, Spike wasn't sure which. He'd avoided this bit of ground for a long time and couldn't figure out why he'd decided to take this particular route tonight. Shaking his head, the vampire had turned to leave when the wind blew a single envelope into his path. It was addressed to Angel but the purple of the envelope told Spike that it wasn't business correspondence.

Figuring that it was from Nina he scooped it up, wondering if he should try to find the werewolf, tell her that Angel was gone, if she was even alive ... but the letter wasn't from her.

'Angel, it's Dawn. I'm sure you probably know that that super flu is all over by now. Giles is dead, Willow and a lot of the girls are sick and we don't know where Xander is. Buffy has it too. I'm scared Angel. I need help.

Spike reread it several times.

"Bloody hell."

He needed a car.
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